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The Joyful Well-Being Series

The Collective's Joyful Well-Being series works actively to dissolve the obstacles that keep so many Light Bringers from living fully and Joyfully.

Full of practical guidance, wisdom, and potent energy work, it offers one substantial ebook and two MP3s (an Energy Activation and a Guided Visualization) for each of these four areas of life:

  • Manifesting Abundance

  • Joyful Healthy Eating

  • Positive Relationships

  • Self-Love & Inner Peace

Each chapter of the ebooks answers comments received in reply to a recent survey, in which hundreds of Light Bearers spoke about what was hardest for them about everyday life, including:

  • Not knowing which Abundance manifestation methods would work for them . . . 

  • Not knowing the best foods for them, how to love and accept their bodies, how to increase their vitality . . . 

  • Not knowing how to deal with painful family issues, singlehood, or a relationship that has run its course . . . 

  • Not knowing how to maintain inner Peace and self-Love while carrying the trauma of this and other Earth lives

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As always, the Collective answer individual comments and common themes in wise, loving, supportive ways.

Each ebook and the accompanying Energy Activation and Guided Visualization MP3s offer potent higher energies.

They work with your higher self and guides to assist you in dissolving the blocks that hold you back from being your most Joyful, fulfilled self.

Simply reading the ebooks can assist in lifting your vibration. 

The simple yet enlightening “Empowering Practice” methods guide your subconscious to release old forms of self-protection and fear, as you align with your higher self’s ease and empowerment.

The guided MP3 meditations also work with the ebooks to assist you in returning to your Peaceful, authentic self.

Module 1: Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting Abundance: The Collective Offer Practical Paths to Greater Prosperity

In this five-chapter ebook, the Collective offer a powerful dose of practical insight and Light-filled advice on areas including:

  • Releasing the scarcity and hard-work-and-struggle programming 

  • Manifesting through visualizing

  • Experiencing the energy of what you desire as part of your manifestation, not just the start of it

  • Weaving Thankfulness into your everyday thoughts and feelings

  • Dissolving subconscious training and beliefs that hold you back, despite your strong focus and intentions

As the energies of their words reach your heart-mind and subconscious, you can begin to move out of stress and worry, into a far more empowered state of awareness.