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In this short but powerful ebook embedded with higher energies, the Collective work to alleviate the inner pressures that millions of Light Bearers struggle with daily:

  • Dissatisfaction with everyday life and workday stresses — eating to feel calm or content
  • Dealing with food addictions and food cravings
  • Unconsciously clinging to unneeded weight for physical or emotional protection
  • Releasing the media images that entrain us to eat constantly, never be satisfied, yet desire to be young, thin, and healthy

Offering a higher perspective and loving support, the Collective guide us to dissolve these pressures, noting that no one diet works for everyone. 

They assist us in awakening our intuition and physical instincts to know which foods are best for us as individuals, in beautiful, simple ways. 

The Empowering Practice sections offer practical methods for telling which foods are positive and helpful for our particular body, mind, and spirit — and how to release the subconscious fear of being slim that can keep the extra weight on.

Read an excerpt here.

Joyful Healthy Eating Meditation MP3sThe first Joyful Healthy Eating MP3 is an energy activation that leads you to release self-sabotage and fear of being slim and healthy.

Music (“River of Love”) by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

The second Joyful Healthy Eating MP3 is a guided visualization that leads you to visualize yourself at your ideal weight, while experiencing your ideal Light-filled eating patterns, and optimal level of health.

Music (“Sea of Light”) by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

Module 2: Joyful Healthy Eating

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