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Self-Love & Inner Peace: The Collective Offer Guidance for Inner Healing


In this easy-read ebook, the Collective dive quickly into the issues that prevent most Lightworkers from fully knowing and celebrating their authentic self, including:

  • Releasing old pain and trauma from this and other lives, including family trauma
  • Letting the inner child tell their story, as we nurture and support them
  • Dissolving the false self created to survive early life experiences
  • Wanting to declare our freedom from all contracts, oaths, agreements holding us in a place of oppression or servitude to any group, person, belief, or entity
  • Visualizing our ideal life

Tools for establishing inner Peace and increased self-Love include tapping, writing to your past life selves, visualizing your ideal life, ending all soul contracts, imaging a symbol to activate your life work, and apologizing to yourself for all you have been through.

Read an excerpt here.

Self-Love & Inner Peace Meditation MP3s

The first Self-Love and Inner Peace MP3 is an energy activation that assists you in dissolving false selves, releasing energy interferences, and ending weighty soul contracts.

Music (“River of Love”) by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

The second Self-Love and Inner Peace MP3 is a guided visualization, assisting you in illuminating every part of your inner self with higher Light, grace, and calm, accepting the present moment as you celebrate and honor your authentic self.

Music (“Ever-Unfolding Expansion”) by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

Module 4: Self-Love & Inner Peace

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