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Lennon Speaks

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Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon
"The most unique, fun, juicy,
and poignant channeled book I have read.
Genuinely feels like an interview with John Lennon
in his highest expression.

The wisdom he shares is as relevant to our

current global climate as it is timeless and priceless.  

Run, don't walk, to read this book!"

Demetria Manuselis

Host of The Soul Freedom series -

Channeled from the spirit of John Lennon, Lennon Speaks brings us back into the company of one of the most influential musicians, artists, and activists of the 20th century.

Each chapter begins with a question from the channeler, who asks her long-time mentor for higher insights on issues affecting working people, creative people, the Earth life we knew him in, and personal and spiritual growth during times of adversity.

Lennon answers all with compassion, spiritual insight, humor, and practical support for these challenging times, offering the higher perspective of one who has lived many Earth lives.

Supported energetically by the group of higher beings known as the Collective,

Lennon offers encouragement and higher wisdom in areas such as:

  • Earth’s real history and the current Earth changes

  • Waking up from the hypnosis of modern life

  • Music as a portal to higher dimensional experience

  • How emotion helps determine what we create outwardly

  • Maintaining courage in the face of health or financial stress

  • The ET presence on the planet, and the UFO he encountered one evening in New York City

Higher vibrational guidance and encouragement,

with the Truth-seeking honesty Lennon was known for.

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Praise for Lennon Speaks

This is the most unique, fun, juicy, and poignant channeled book I have read. (And I have read many.)
It genuinely felt like an interview with John Lennon in his highest expression.

The wisdom he shares comes with the same blend of compassion and fervor as his artistic genius. It is as relevant to our current global climate as it is timeless and priceless.  
It calls forth his insights on everything from manifestation, education, social justice, climate change, and money. There are also many personal details shared about his life on Earth.  

Run, don’t walk, to read this book. A fast read, and a wise investment in elevating your vibration and gaining a broader perspective so needed at this time.  

Thank you, Caroline Oceana Ryan, for this precious gem!!”

Demetria Manuselis, Host of The Soul Freedom series and Founder,

From Chapter 4, "No Victims, No Saviors"

COR: You’ve made clear we’re here to be our true selves, and to overcome the mass programming. To wake up finally.

Yet how do we wake up from the manipulation, and from energy interferences of all kinds, when that’s the only “us” we know? 

The old power structure has infiltrated and is controlling so many “enlightenment” teachings—particular modes of thought, spiritual teachers,  spiritual movements. 

So we might think we’re awake, when lo and behold, we’ve simply fallen for the old tricks in a new guise. Another form of programming and control.

Where’s the awakening there?

LENNON: Actually, the whole human race is in an awakening process. It’s just not obvious to everyone yet.

This is why there are so many strange and unhappy events occurring around the world at one time.

All the unrest and disturbance is happening in such steep and extreme degrees because, as I say, the old elite have never been more terrified in all their thousands of years upon the Earth. 

This time, it’s not a political movement motivating them to increase the fear quotient, to keep their control over hearts and minds. It’s not even the astrological alignments, which point to renewal and reformation.

It’s all of you who are terrifying them, with your energies and awareness!


You’re expanding and rising so exponentially that those in the higher realms

can barely keep up with your progress!


What’s awkward about the awakening process, is that most will realize they’ve been duped for centuries—brainwashed, manipulated, enslaved.

So that upon awakening, they feel a very real anger coming up. That anger is rooted in every single Earth life they’ve ever lived, in which they witnessed injustices and inequalities. Most these they were either powerless to stop, or punished for even noticing.

The anger phase won’t carry on indefinitely if you’re willing to move out of it. And as we said earlier, I’d suggest moving out of it as soon as possible.

Anger is a lower vibrational emotional frequency that pulls people down, even while it motivates them to speak up about things they feel shouldn’t be happening.

It’s not the vibration from which much better, more equitable realities are built. It’s just helpful in pointing out the madness of the current ones.

Don’t waste your life energy on reaction. Let’s move out of that, and into positive moments. Carry images of complete equality for all persons, a peaceful end to all violence, food and homes and medical care for everyone. Positive outcomes for all. Positive ways of living for all peoples.

Starting from that vision, we can move to the practical. How do we create communities where everyone is fed, housed, clothed, educated? Where their health needs are seen to in natural ways? Where their spiritual life is one of joy and adventure, not stiff rules?

How do we create nations where no one cultural viewpoint impinges on another?

That’s what I envisioned on Earth. That’s the sort of community I wanted to help build, or at least help others envision. Then when my second son was born, he became the central focus of my life.

And I was moving then into a time of introspection and healing of old wounds from this and other lives. So my focus was taken off those areas for a while, and moved to the personal.


Then I began to realize there’s no separation between the two. And that there’s a bigger word—consciousness—that involves both.

COR: Is that the biggest part of our Awakening—the realization that we have to free ourselves first, you might say?


I’d say it is, though many political activists would call that short-sighted and insufficient. They would prefer to see it all as a matter of outer action.

Changing the system by shifting who is in what role, what laws are passed, what unjust laws are dissolved, seeing how many marches and petitions can be created. 


All of that is brilliant and powerful. It’s an expression of the kind of growth humans are going through now.

Yet it’s not the whole journey. It’s an outer indication of what is happening in people’s heart-minds, as you call them. 

That’s a great term, heart-minds. Because the mind and the heart are finally meeting up again.

That’s one very big reason why it’s getting increasingly harder for politicians and religious leaders to pass laws and edicts that assist them in getting away with every crime in the book. 


People are becoming increasingly aware of their own inner voice. And that’s powerfully influencing and inspiring their outer voice. And as they speak up, they’re giving notice to every part of the old power structure that this is not business as usual.

Great change is happening that can’t be stopped, by anyone.

COR: And yet you point to a list of ongoing crimes that are too many to mention, and seem to be getting worse! It’s crazy, the things they’re doing now, particularly to induce more fear, shock, and trauma in women and children. In families.


I know they use our denser emotional energy for their etheric power grid, and to keep our consciousness in the lower frequencies. Even our “moral outrage” about corruption they manage to use, in some ways.


And yet, the outrage at their crimes wasn’t planned by them. It’s not their preference. They prefer a quiet, complacent crowd of sheep who react with shock, then look for safety, and unquestioningly do as they’re told. 

That’s what they prefer. Not thousands or millions of people who are up in arms about the unchecked situations creating climate change and the toxins in food, soil, and water.

People pouring onto the streets with placards and banners and chanting that change must come, that Black Lives Matter or that Native Lives Matter, or pointing to the real sources of illness, the toxicity of some vaccines. That is not their preference, though they do try to harness some of that emotion, yes. 

Yet at base that emotion is powerfully interwoven with the Light coming to the planet right now. And I spell “Light” with a capital L, as you do, because you are correct that these are not unconscious photonic rays coming in, but highly conscious lifeforms assisting humanity in the biggest leap it’s ever taken.

Who ever heard of a planet moving from the third to the fifth dimension?
When third dimensional vibration is so low that it resonates with chaos, violence, general “lost”-ness and confusion?


There are third dimensional planets that are less mad than this one, but they too suffer the results of living in so little higher Light and awareness.

And now Earth stands to well surpass them as she moves up into the next higher dimension, which is the fifth. (In the fourth dimension, Time collapses into All Times, so that only Present Time exists. So the next move up for daily life is the fifth dimension, or fifth level density.)

This is why so many are celebrating now—more likely, those of us who are not

in the madness of this astounding Ascension you’re experiencing,

which can be taxing and demanding many days.

COR: Are you also in the Ascension process, even though you’re in spirit? 


Of course I am. We all are. I’m still an Earth being, at least in part. Many are part Earthling and part other-worlds. Nearly all are a huge mix of DNA from this planet or that star, and sometimes, other Universes. 

Soul origin is a fascinating thing. But you’ll note that your friends the Collective are slow to give people labels regarding where they originated from. People raised in 3D will tend to take on cultural associations and alliances, and attach to them, in the ego-mind. 

There’s no progress to be had there! No different from saying, “I’m a Northerner, therefore I have these characteristics that are lower/higher or better/worse than you Southerners.”

That’s all an ego construct. People tend to enjoy defining themselves with outer labels, and taking refuge in that. That’s just more duality. More Us and Them . . .


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan 

from Lennon Speaks: Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon

Ascension Times Publishing – All rights reserved.

Image by Nick Fewings
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