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Messages from the Spirits of Abundance

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Channeled Guidance from the
Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth

"Mind-blowing perspectives on Wealth that can change your current comprehension and attitude on how to access your financial freedom and peace of mind.

A must-read!”

Sandra Belen Thomas

Soul Blueprint Codes Illuminator, Alchemist and Ascension Guide,


Inspirational Events Host

Messages from the Spirits of Abundance offers potent higher energies as it answers vital questions on how we can dissolve the energy blockages, dense beliefs, and stumbling blocks that humanity has experienced around money and Abundance for thousands of years. 

Each chapter begins with a powerfully relevant question that comes from the heart of humanity's desire to shift from lack to Abundance consciousness:

"Siblings are usually raised with the same beliefs and principles concerning abundance or lack. So why are some siblings needy, while others end up rich?"

"Why is it so hard for good, kind people to draw you [Money] in at times, when you flow in so easily other times?"

"How can I create a consistent flow of abundance from multiple sources?"

"How do I move from a survival-based persona to one that thrives, and finds happiness—or at least peace?"

Join the Spirits of Abundance and Prosperity as they take us on an illuminating journey of self-discovery

Learn how Abundance flows, manifests, and responds to your energies, as the Spirits of Abundance guide you to fully claim your co-Creative power, including:

  • The Spirit of Money's guidance on relaxing to receive, including how the Divine Feminine is healing humanity's wounded Masculine, "hard work" beliefs

  • The Spirit of Abundance's simple method for connecting your frequency to the flow of Divine Abundance and Divine Solutions

  • Abundance goddesses Lakshmi and Fortuna's insights on how to thrive, not just survive

  • The Lord of Gold's wisdom on how we can heal and empower our souls to release trauma imprints, and reintegrate soul fragments

  • Empowering insights on co-Creation from the group of higher beings known as the Collective 

Tap into the portals to greater Abundance that are right inside your spirit.

It's time we walked through the portals to greater Abundance, instead of trying to earn our way to heaven.

Praise for Messages from the Spirits of Abundance 

Abundance has been knocking at your door for years, but will you answer?

Caroline Oceana Ryan’s channeled words from the Masters will help you hear the knocking and throw wide the door.

Abundance is here for you. Now.


Buy this book, for it’s a must-read!

Cathy A. Corn, RN, RM, MT, author of the Lilith and The Fairies Supernatural Romantic Suspense series,

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