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In this quick-read, empowering ebook, the Collective shed higher Light on the relationship issues raised by numerous Light Bringers:

  • Being on a conscious spiritual path that their partner or spouse was not comfortable with
  • Experiencing anger from a spouse or grown child instead of calm communication
  • The loss of a loved one, including furry family members
  • Enjoying the freedom of singlehood, yet dealing with feelings of being alone at times

Add to these the weight of unfinished soul contracts, in which so many return to the Earth over and over, never quite resolving an unhappy connection to another, and you have the perfect recipe for frustration and unanswered questions.

With the Empowered Practices offered in each chapter, the Collective guide you to release the need to carry on with imprisoning energy patterns and unhealed soul imprints.

You are given simple but powerful exercises that lead you to understand the role you play in relation to others, and to dissolve fruitless, unhealthy connections, for good.

Tools for finding your Truth include muscle testing, automatic writing, visualization, and statements of decree to end old soul contracts.

Read an excerpt here.

Positive Connections Meditation MP3s

The first Positive Connections MP3 is an energy activation that assists you in blessing and releasing all persons who have harmed you in this or any life, so you can move to a higher level of self-esteem regarding your connections to others.

Music (“Ever-Unfolding Expansion”) by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

The second Positive Connections MP3 is a visualization in which you are guided to image and co-Create only positive moments and connections with loved ones.

Music (“Ascent to Heaven”) by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.

Module 3: Positive Connections

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