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Earth Life Challenges

The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Changes
"If there was ever a 'bible' on handling and understanding the spiritual, physical, or mental processes of our lives, it has arrived.

True, brilliant, honest . . . This is awareness at your fingertips."

Shirley Bolstok, Medium, Metaphysical Worker, and Author 

The third book in the Collective’s Fifth Dimensional Life series, each chapter in Earth Life Challenges begins with a question from a Lightworker who is dealing with a difficult life issue — often a painful or traumatic one.

The Collective’s thoughtful answers address each issue thoroughly.

Their guidance also connects us to our life purpose, and helps us to view the events of our lives from a much higher perspective.

With loving encouragement, this group of higher beings offer empowering energies and practical wisdom on areas such as:

  • Dealing with Intergenerational Trauma

  • Dealing with Being Shut Out by a Loved One

  • Facing Earth Troubles and Disasters

  • Supporting a Romantic Partner in the Ascension Process

  • Discovering Your Life Purpose

  • Living Through a Dark Night of the Soul

  • Overcoming Food Addictions

  • Dealing with Grief

  • Dealing Positively with Illness and Disability

  • Trusting Intuitive Guidance 

This is the higher guidance so needed now, full of the magic and healing Light of the higher realms, delivered in down-to-Earth terms . . .


Open to the power of your soul, and the intuitive knowing of your higher self

Praise for Earth Life Challenges . . . 

"Very powerful insights on the hard questions of life and spirituality.
The level of spirituality embodied in the channeling of the Collective is profound, and from a very high level, while being understandable and having many applications in our lives."

David Barnett, Healer/Intuitive, and Host of BlogTalkRadio show Dave the Mystic

Earth Life Challenges

From Chapter 7
“On Releasing an Attachment to a Loved One”

QUESTION: As I watch everything fall apart around me—people dying, going away, marriages ending in a lot of brutal painful ways, I still feel such an attachment to someone who was a catalyst for much of the pain I carry.

Is it necessary for my advancement? 

After years of trying, I am wondering, how do I let go and accept that this person is not a part of my future, and truly be free to start a new path?

THE COLLECTIVE: We would say, that it is important to remember that your life experience is based on many things—and that many of the energies, ideas, preferences, and feelings you carry are not you, exactly.

As we note in other chapters, each person carries a powerful legacy behind them of ancestral energies, patterns, belief structures, experiences, traditions, tendencies—a long list of influences that most people mistakenly believe themselves to be free of, because “that’s all in the past. And I’m the progressive one in my family.”

Indeed, you may be a progressive thinker, yet still be burdened by the trauma experienced by those in your family.

That suffered by the children in the family, or by the women, or the men. Those tendencies will pass on to you uninterrupted if allowed to.

You are not yet so far out of the third dimension that its many traps and patterns are beyond your experience.


Your immediate family likewise handed on to you certain tendencies, mental and emotional traps, addictions (these come in a wide range of guises), and beliefs about the nature of reality.

These are so natural to you, having been taken on by you from the womb onward, that you are rarely even aware that they are there.

They tend to determine the shape of your day by deciding what you believe to be possible—about work, health, relationships, and other areas—because they shape your beliefs and self-concepts.


You exist in the world as a bundle of influences and presences.

Your culture and all its various forms of programming are another source of patterning. The media is a programming tool, and used for little else, though certainly, other higher and more positive messaging and energy codes do get through to the masses.

Yet far more influential has been the programming to “do as you are told” and “view the Universe this way.”

Though that is now on the wane, that was still the case as you were a child and evolving into an adult.

Past life experiences, and past life associations with certain persons whom you have met again in this life, are another area of influence regarding how you feel about life, and how you view anyone you love in this lifetime.

Chances are great that you are also not the only presence inhabiting your body.

It is the rare human being who does not have entity attachments or interferences of one kind or another—an ancestor or deceased family member, a lower entity or deceased person seeking an energy source and physical body to inhabit.

Other interferences include energy forms—thoughts and emotions which may not have an individual consciousness, yet still inhabit whole parts of your energies, whether you created them or not.

Earth-based and ET implants and interferences are also still a part of the human experience at present.


And so, due to upbringing and family influence, as well as media, government, education, and their various energy transmissions, your culture and ancestors, your past life experiences, old soul contracts, and energetic interferences of different kinds, you exist in the world as a bundle of influences and presences.

Most of these are not your own. You would never choose to carry them if you were fully aware of them.

Human beings are rarely aware of all that is working on them and stealing their energy each day, each hour they are on the Earth, and these beings and programs are aware of that unawareness.

It gives them all the more room to inhabit as they please, and to direct your actions, thoughts, feelings, reactions, beliefs, and inner ethics.

Yet all is not lost, regarding how you feel about life, whether in relationships, physical death, loss and abandonment, lost love, or any other topic that is pulling your energy down to where you feel lost, except for those times when you anchor yourself in the presence and loving attention of another.

You chose to come forward at this time not to feel bad about life, but to feel joyful about it.

As we have noted elsewhere, there is no pain that is necessary for your evolvement, though many have chosen to learn in that way.

We would, if we were in human form, take active steps to release the idea that pain and struggle are necessary for advancement of any kind.

Even tough physical exercise, grueling academic study, and the rigors of raising children can have their own kind of joy, in the perseverance and focus they require.


They can also be motivated by Love, not merely self-discipline or duty . . . .

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

Earth Life Challenges: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Challenges

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