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New Earth Journeys

The Collective Speak on Dealing with Personal and Global Crises

New Earth Journeys is an on-the-edge-of-your-seat page turner!


I was absolutely mesmerized. Truly a guide for living!

I will reference it often for its life-enhancing inner world practices, as well as its tips  for interacting with the outer world.

I am so very grateful! Bravo!

Kimberly Trefz - Creator & Host,
The Happiness Retreat

“When will the truth be told to the misled brainwashed masses?"


“I have to try so hard to stay in touch with Love and joy. If I’m not continually putting effort in, life feels hard and dark and scary.”


“The old forms of calming and centering ourselves don’t seem to be enough anymore.”


"I feel as if I am on a giant pendulum, swinging wildly from Love to fear, with no relief in sight."


"What are your thoughts on the virus, natural immunity, a mandatory Jab?"


"How do we help our friends and families when we are not to be rescuers, but turned more towards healing and helping ourselves?"

"Has NESARA been tabled indefinitely?"


"Approximately how long will this incredibly challenging time last? Will my 8-year-old daughter live to see the New Earth and a peaceful humanity?"

"Why is there so much division over the Jab, and how can we bring people together?"


"Does kindness and caring for each other mean we’re being pulled into vibrations we need to stay out of?"


Channeled from the Collective, the fourth book in the Fifth Dimensional Life series, New Earth Journeys, answers crucial and timely questions, sent in from Light Bringers all over the world.

Offering the energies and Wisdom of higher Love and reassurance, the Collective lend us the courage and clarity required in these times of great shift. 

Each chapter begins with a powerfully pointed question, requesting guidance and higher insights.

The Collective then offer compassion, supportive energies, and practical guidance, leading us to view our current Earth life challenges from the calmer, wiser perspective of our higher selves.

With loving encouragement, this group of higher beings speak to immediate issues of concern, such as: 


  • Feeling numb during times of crisis and accelerated inner growth

  • Moving from fear to love

  • Waiting to hear the truth from the mainstream media

  • Viruses, jabs, and coming into your power

  • Staying in love, joy, and wonder

  • The power of your presence

  • Stepping up in a time of crisis

  • Collective consciousness and assisting others on their path

  • Galactic assistance with healing Lady Gaia

  • Raising children in tumultuous times

  • Respecting another’s path and staying calm around their energies


You are on a sacred journey, and you are never alone.

Dive into the higher guidance so needed now, and absorb the magic and healing of the higher realms

Praise for New Earth Journeys

New Earth Journeys is a beacon of light and a ray of hope for all of us, as we walk through what seem to be very dark days. 

The Collective offers insights and practical information that are applicable for all of us in one way or another. 

It is a book to be read cover to cover, savored, and returned to again and again

Sally Schramp, Light Bringer

Image by David Marcu

From New Earth Journeys

Chapter 1

“On Feeling Numb During Times of Crisis and Accelerated Inner Growth”


QUESTION: Lately I have experienced an onslaught of inner growth and realization, which is probably a good thing, yet tiring. It leaves you feeling a bit overstretched at times. 

In addition to that, we now hear of plans to restrict the public movements of those of us who will not take “the jab,” alongside news of violence and unrest in countries such as Afghanistan, a failing economy, and personal issues such as the loss of loved ones. 

Suddenly everything is being rewritten, and the old forms of calming and centering ourselves don’t seem to be enough anymore. 

I give up. How do we do this? I need to stay on keel, not only for the workday, but for my relationships, and my own well-being. And it’s not pleasant, all this happening at once.

I zone out and detach emotionally, and find it hard to meditate or even just talk to my guides and higher self, even when I really need to.

THE COLLECTIVE: We are glad you have asked this! How to continue to progress in one’s personal growth while handling what is happening in the world is one of the bigger issues of the day. We will speak of outer Earth issues throughout this book, but let us look first at what is happening to humanity. 

Relatively few people on the planet have a conscious understanding of what is taking place in their own cellular structure, or in their own heart-mind now. This is so, though the current forms of Transformation are the most miraculous thing that could happen to humanity.

One of the things you are releasing in this moment of unyielding shift and change, is the instinct to use mainly your mind—your left-brain rational thought—to funnel understanding of a situation to the rest of your being.

This involves not only your mental survival instincts, which are already highly alerted and exhausting most of you, including disturbing your sleep. It also includes the physical and emotional survival instincts that say, “This is too much newness at once! Get me off this boat—it might be sinking!”


Yet the human construct is not sinking. It is transforming. 

The old construct, based on a two-strand DNA and fight-for-survival instinct, was sinking. But humanity’s ongoing integration of the higher Light flowing onto your planet now has put you in a whole new vessel. 

The ways that vessel operates are strange and new to you, and will not make sense many days. Yet they are far superior to the form humanity has been in for thousands of years. By the time the New Earth is in full bloom, old and New will not even be comparable. 

You have heard of highly advanced technologies which are part organic and therefore sentient, and that work in symbiotic connection with the one directing them. 

Now, this is an interesting issue, for several reasons. You live in an era in which nanoparticles are a part of your everyday life. They have been placed in your food, air, and water, as well as medical treatments, or what are touted as medical treatments. As many of you know, those metal fragments are not there to improve your quality of life. 

The nanoparticles are part of a plan to control and manipulate humanity on a more complete level. So that increasingly, more and more of your inner thoughts and outer life would be spurred on not by your true inner self, but by the direction transmitted to the “operating system” in your cells, which you would then respond to as any computerized system would. 

We will not go into great detail regarding this agenda, as it is a dark one. And it is failing, despite much careful preparation.

The low-vibrational transmissions do not so easily affect the New Human, such as you are all becoming.


For one, the nanoparticles are being energetically deactivated, in part by your higher selves and souls, and in part by the cleansing and healing Light particles pouring in from your Sun.


And by your galactic families, whose technology far exceeds that of the old Earth power structure, both in intricacy and in strength.


The low-vibrational transmissions do not so easily affect the

New Human, such as you are all becoming.


Does that make the situation less dangerous and precarious? Yes, yet it will not feel to be so, some days.

This is because Earth’s and humanity’s emotional atmosphere has been calibrated to fear and panic. So that even if someone follows the latest channelings, meditates regularly, speaks with their Spirit team regularly, seeks a Divinely guided path, and so on, they can still feel threatened or isolated at times. 

This is part of what you are experiencing when you say you feel numb and detached. Your survival instinct pushes you to detach from a situation that feels overwhelming to your logical mind.


This was a large part of the reason for isolating people from one another in the many “lockdown” scenarios over the last few years. When in isolation, people tend to panic far more, as their usual social/emotional supports and activities, which stabilize human emotion to a good degree, were suddenly not there. 

During that time, the dial was pushed up as far as possible on the human emotional spectrum, via energetic transmissions and media manipulations intended to put people into a deep-seated panic.


A supposed solution to the prevailing illness was then presented as a kind of savior to rescue humanity from perceived danger. And millions have gratefully leapt for it, without asking questions or using inner discernment. 

Yet much of what the old power structure has been working hard to enact addresses the old human construct. More and more now, those plans do not apply to the increasingly fifth dimensional beings that millions of people are becoming.


The low-vibrational transmissions put out to discourage Ascension (or any positive vibration) mainly address the old Earth systems. They do not so easily affect the New Human, such as you are all becoming.

Nor can they block the positive effects of the higher Light flowing to Earth. Or the effects of the many galactic and Angelic interventions and dispensations reaching you now. All very real, and very powerful. 

And so the technology of the old ruling structure is based on a human construct that is increasingly defunct. Their entire global intent is out of place now, and falling off the current timeline. 


Likewise, much of your left-brain reasoning, as it views your life and current Earth challenges, no longer applies. In its place is the increasingly higher intelligence of your cellular structure, your more integrated left- and right-brain thought processes, and your increasingly evolved spirit. 


So that similar to the advanced technologies that are energetically (and benevolently) in touch with a user’s inner intuitive commands, your body and spirit-mind are taking on a whole new way of sorting through the complexities of life. 

You speak with others via energy transmission while visiting the higher dimensions, and as you travel etherically via space-time portals.


You will increasingly have less use for purely left-brain language, for one. Though words and their limited expressions will still have a place in human life, the spirit-mind is reaching beyond them into symbolic and even Angelic language, which is purely energetic in nature.


You have heard people speaking in Light language. This will become more common, particularly among children . . . 

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

from New Earth Journeys: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Personal and Global Crises

Ascension Times Publishing – All rights reserved.

Image by Aaron Burden
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