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Ascension Times

Caroline Oceana Ryan

You are here at this powerful time of Transition
for beautiful & amazing reasons . . . 

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Time to discover your higher path

And start solving the mysteries of your inner life

As a psychic channeler and spiritual life coach, I speak with people nearly every day about the things that trouble or perplex them the most about their life path.

All of us desire to know the truth of who we are -- where we have come from, who we've been in other lives, what our soul contracts are in this life, why we incarnated at this particular time . . . 

Sometimes we need a bit of help to tap into why we're here, including:

What our life work is . . .  why certain relationships and situations have been so hard for us . . . .
 what our larger Earth mission is.  

I channel from a group of higher beings that call themselves the Collective.

They include the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, Angelic legions, the Faery elders, Star Nations family, the spirits of the Earth elements, and numerous powerful Light Beings. 

Their books and the group and individual channeling sessions offer wisdom and energetic support to help you finally realize:

  • Where you travel to etherically in your sleep state, and what work you are doing in awakening this planet and humanity to its higher path

  • Why some things have always felt hard for you, whether that's money, family, relationships, work, finding your life purpose, or other areas 

  • Who you have known in other lives (as well as now) -- and what your soul contract is with them

  • Why it's so hard for you to be an Earth being

  • How you can heal your subconscious -- and release the false, survival-based self created in this and many other lives

  • You can release the interferences -- discarnate entities, ancestral interference, and past and current life trauma that have plagued you for so long

  • How you can recover your true, amazing, Joyful, authentic self

The offerings here are designed to support, encourage, and assist you on your path now, whatever your challenges may be. 

We offer written channelings in the Messages to Lightworkers, plus meditation MP3s, and individual and group channeling sessions.


The Collective and I (and your Spirit team) are honored to assist you on your path! 

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Latest Book 

Messages from the Spirits of Abundance

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Channeled Guidance from the
Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth

"Mind-blowing perspectives on Wealth that can change your current comprehension and attitude on how to access your financial freedom and peace of mind.

A must-read!”

Sandra Belen Thomas

Soul Blueprint Codes Illuminator, Alchemist and Ascension Guide

All content here is offered in a spirit of  Truth and openness,

with complete respect for your individual path.

Please take with you only what resonates

as being true for your path at this time.

I hope what you find here will add Light, community,

and encouragement to your journey. Namaste!

All donations to this work

are greatly appreciated!

If you don't prefer PayPal, you can also send

donations via, to: Caroline-Ryan-35

Thank you so much for your kind

and generous support of this work!

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