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The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship
“A must-read. 
The section on twin flames was incredibly insightful. 
I have already noticed shifts in my own life.

Can’t wait to see what additional miracles unfold!”

Carrie Jolie Dale, Author, The 2 Choices

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There's also an Italian version of the book -- Connessioni

Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship is the second book in the Collective’s Fifth Dimensional Life series.

Each chapter answers a question from a Lightworker on how to navigate a challenge they are having with a spouse, friend, or romantic partner — or with relationships in general.

With each answer, the Collective guide us to see ourselves and our connections with others in a whole new, much higher Light.

This is guidance grounded in both the realities of everyday life, and the higher energies that connect us to the wisdom of our higher self.

With loving encouragement, the Collective offer much-needed insights and higher wisdom on areas such as:

  • Understanding What Twin Flames Are — and How to Contact Your Twin Flame

  • Desire in the Fifth Dimension

  • Dealing With Unrequited Love and Lost Friendships

  • How to Find Friends Who Are on Your Wavelength

  • Creating True and Authentic Partnerships

  • Singlehood and Being on Your Own

  • Breakups, Divorce, and Releasing Those You Love

  • The Co-Creative Power of Sexuality 

Now is the perfect time to start seeing our loved ones in fifth dimensional ways.


Time to move relationships into a whole new dimension.

Praise for Connections

“The energy in Connections is so uplifting and the information so freeing!  
The part about how to connect with your twin flame is powerful.”

Bernadette Wulf, Celtic Mystery-School Teacher and Visionary Artist

From Connections

Chapter 1
“On Understanding What Twin Flames Are”

QUESTION: Does everyone have a twin flame? How do we know?

When does a created soul split into twin flames? And how do we find our twin flame?

THE COLLECTIVE: We note that when you say “everyone,” dear one, you are referring to human beings, and so we shall answer your questions as concerns human beings.

For millions of years in Earth time, human souls in this Universe have existed in a Feminine/Masculine construct.

And so, though each soul is a united being consisting of both of those aspects, they are not so fully integrated as the oldest of souls were upon creation.


The flame of a single soul consists of two joined flames.

In a sense, the two reflect one another. Some of the Masculine aspect exists in the twin that is mainly Feminine in essence, as the Feminine also exists in the flame that is mainly Masculine.

Their dominant aspect is the main vibrational charge they carry.

One flame or the other then manifests as a human being with a predominantly Feminine or Masculine energy, regardless of that person’s physical gender.

You have a twin flame because you are a human soul.

You are currently in a human body, but that outer Earth existence does not define your full consciousness, let alone describe your entire soul essence.

In this increasingly enlightened era, more and more people are coming to understand that.

If a male identifies as Feminine in his Earth life—if that is his predominant energy—then there is strong probability that he is the Feminine flame, and his twin is the Masculine.

Likewise, a woman who identifies as mainly Masculine in nature may well be the Masculine twin on a soul level.

Whatever your sexual orientation or identity may be, know that your twin flame is always your perfect match; the one you have always connected with and loved on a higher level.

The Feminine/Masculine “split” you refer to occurred many eons ago, when Creator God/Goddess permitted the Male/Female aspects to express in separate-yet-joined terms.

The human soul is a single entity with two aspects.

This is not viewed as a “lower” state per se, though the ideal, expressed on higher levels of consciousness and beingness, is a perfect and complete integration of these two aspects, that no longer need to be expressed in separate forms.


A soul learns and grows and expresses in its highest terms when its Masculine and Feminine aspects are evenly balanced and perfectly integrated.

You can see, as humankind Ascends further into fifth dimensional frequencies, how the soul-based desire for balance and integration—expressed as the concept of equality on Earth—is being expressed in human life on every level.

This balanced integration is far more even than what you see developing as socioeconomic or political gender rights.

It is greater than human rights on any level. It is no less than a powerful soul expression.

The Earth’s own soul, part of interplanetary consciousness, is also requiring now that all of human life be a matter of soul expression, and not merely a trained reaction to the stimuli of social mind control (mental programming) and vibrational entrainment.

This soul expression is no less than the integration of the two flames.

Because of this, people are now increasingly aware that they have a twin flame, and that he or she is their “one true love” in the sense of their being two interconnected aspects of one whole.

Many are confused by the term “twin flame,” because so many assume that their current partner, or whoever they are currently in love with, must be their twin flame incarnated.

Generally, these persons are soul mates, or as we prefer to call them, kindred spirits, which is not the same as a twin flame.

These persons may be in your life for many reasons, such as for the wisdom and understanding they will gain from knowing you, or that you will gain from knowing them.

Or for the opportunity to learn how to love unconditionally, or for one or both of you to learn how to love, respect, and honor yourself (or men or women, in general ) more fully and deeply.

Or to heal the pains of past lives or childhoods.

Or perhaps, because you or they decided on a soul level that in this life, you would learn to love certain traits that in other lifetimes you or they had termed “unlovable.”

There are nearly endless reasons why you have met certain people at certain times in any one Earth life.

Sometimes people have work to do together, which they may not be even slightly aware of on a conscious level.

The vibration created by the joining of their two individual energies, even in conversation, as well as during the sexual act, can create a wave of vibration that travels round the world etherically.

That vibration can be one focused on qualities that the human race is currently badly in need of, such as forgiveness, kindness, compassion, open-minded or open-hearted beliefs, free self-expression, or soul expression.


We would say, that the vast majority of human beings have not yet met their twin flame face-to-face while in a not-yet-Ascended Earth life.

This does not mean that you cannot or never will meet your twin flame face-to-face. Far from it.


You have been together for eons. Etherically, you are never apart.

You can speak with your twin flame at any time of the day or night . . .


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan 

from Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship

Ascension Times Publishing – All rights reserved.

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