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A Video Message to Lightworkers – June 2, 2021

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Go here for the video version of this Message.

“Well greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased, of course, to have this time with you again.

And so, we see many of you feeling very edgy as you look at the news, as you look at the alternative media.

You see things that are very difficult for you. This is understandable.

You don’t get reports on what is [positive that is] happening behind the scenes, and what is happening galactically, except for these dear ones [Faction Three White Knights] at

You don’t really hear much about what is happening out in the world [to assist with NESARA’s unfolding], and with the galactic councils, and the councils of higher Light. So you only see the negative. You only see the density, and this can be very difficult.

So you somewhat have to rely on your own inner sense of what is happening.

You have to rely on your intuition to assure you that the Earth is going through such tremendous vibrational shifts that very soon, and increasingly right now, there is much [density] that would have taken place in the old days that cannot any longer take place, because vibrationally Earth is not resonating with that particular kind of reality.

So the outpicturing has changed.

And the more you yourself resonate with Well-Being, with calm, with Peace, the more you yourself will experience such.

Can you imagine, if even 10 or 20 percent of the world’s people decided to concentrate on Well-Being? There would be a tremendous shift!

And there is that increasingly, dear ones, and all of the Earth is ringing with that.

So just take a moment now where you are breathing calmly, quietly. You’re just concentrating on your breathing.

And you are breathing out any frustration, any sadness, any feelings of passivity—feelings that the Earth is in trouble, and you can’t quite change that.

[Feeling] that you can’t get to where the decisions are being made on behalf of humanity, that you’re separate from it.

Just go into that feeling for a moment. Bring that out, and breathe it out. Pull that out from deep inside you. Any feelings of passivity or victimhood, of not being in control.

We’re going to call forth now the higher selves, to assist everyone. And as well, call forth a higher guide if you wish, who is specifically going to assist you in these times. You can call forth an Archangel if you like, or an Ascended Master—it’s up to you. Or a just a higher Being of Light. But this is specifically to work on being at Peace right now, and not reacting. Not reacting to what you think is going on around you. Because what you think is a bit different actually, from what is happening. What is happening is far more Light-filled, and far more determined to support the forces of Light on the Earth. Just breathe out, and hand over to that beautiful guide and higher self—whoever you’ve chosen—breathe out that pain and frustration and sadness.

Hand it over to them. Hand it over to us. And close your eyes and just concentrate on your breathing. And if you wish, take your awareness up out of the room where you’re sitting. Up out of the building or the house you’re in.

All the way up into the sky. Very far up, until you realize you’re not just going up physically. You’re going up vibrationally.

And come up to a beautiful place of calm. If you want to imagine yourself in a Temple of Healing, or sitting by the sea, as our writer is doing, but in the higher realms, then do that. Whatever will be Peaceful for you. Or in a crystal garden. Different people enjoy different images.

Whatever you imagine here, you create around you.

And this is true of the Earth as well!

You will find that increasingly, your manifestations come more quickly, and are much closer to what you are speaking of, concentrating on, expecting. Even joking about. And of course, what you unconsciously expect.

But as you come to this beautiful place of calm and Peacefulness, put your hand down for a moment onto the marble floor of the temple where you are sitting, or onto the marble bench. Or on the rock by the sea, or on a crystal near where you’re sitting—wherever you are—and ground yourself in the higher vibration of that place.

You can do this out in Nature if you wish, particularly since Earth’s vibration is raising so quickly.

And have a moment where you equalize—you resonate your vibration with this beautiful high vibration of where you are at that moment.

And just concentrate on your breathing. And affirm for yourself, “I AM.”

You can elaborate if you would like: “I AM higher Light . . . I AM higher Love . . . I AM Divinity Itself, in one of its more beautiful expressions,” if you would like to put it that way.

And you’re going to image all this old training you’ve taken on over the many, many decades and many centuries that you’ve spent in Earth life—you’re just going to image yourself being released from all of that.

See that old structure dissolving, crumbling, disintegrating. If you want to use the Violet Flame to transmute any heavier emotions, just do that—put yourself inside this Transmuting Violet Flame of Saint Germain.

And know that as you do this dear ones, you are shifting the energies of where you live, of all the people you speak with.

Anyone who comes into contact with you now will get a bit of the lovely pure scent, one might say, of the higher realms.

And just breathe in that beautiful air, which is so fresh and pure.

It’s very important to spend time in Nature now, and away from information sources, because they are still tinged with the density of Earth as She used to be . . .

So when you are ready dear ones, come back down fully into the room, fully into your body, still paying attention to your breathing.

If you want to spend time each day just concentrating on your breathing, that is wonderful.

Just have a few moments where you do just that . . . And tell this beautiful guide or your higher self whatever it is that you need to tell them. Just pour that out now.

When you’re ready, just hand that over to them. Ask that it be transmuted. Or just put yourself back into that beautiful Violet Flame . . .

And obviously, you can do this at any time, dear ones. And so we send much Love and many blessings, and as always, we are so thrilled that your powerful, beautiful, brilliant Light is anchoring so much beauty upon the Earth at this time.


Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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