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A Message to Lightworkers - October 29, 2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective: Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time with you today.

This week, our writer speaks with Mary Magdalene regarding the changes you are seeing, as the Divine Feminine energies are re-instilled into Lady Gaia and human consciousness . . . COR: Greetings, Lady Master Mary the Magdalene! I am honored to speak with you today.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: Greetings, dear one! I am honored to speak with all of you.

COR: My questions have to do with the Divine Feminine energies coming to Earth now.

We are regaining the other half of life. Regaining the other half of our spirit and psyche—those Divine aspects that have been suppressed, ignored, or violated for thousands of years.

That should all be wonderfully good news, yet look what is happening! There is a great effort to downgrade our DNA, to enslave us with one last angry act of desperation on the part of the old power structure. I hardly know where to look some days.

Yet these energies, and our capacity to open to them, seem to be getting more powerful and more transformative by the day.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: It is important to recall that all who are aware of the transformation that Earth is currently experiencing will have come in with a particular set of interests, whatever their intentions.

And so it cannot be a coincidence that so many have arrived on the planet at this time with a powerful mission to assist in Earth's and humanity's Ascension.

Nor can it be a coincidence that so many have chosen now to speak on matters that affect consciousness in general. The great lift in frequency can be felt in the air around one, and in the trees, the plants and soil, the water, the animals. In human hearts and minds.

This is not so much a matter of the meaning of words, as you know. It concerns the energies expressed in them.

This is why words are sacred. They carry great Creative power. The physicality of sound calls forth certain vibrations, enacting them to call waves or beams of energy into action, for a particular purpose.

This then translates to energetic presence, and often, outer form.

Most of you have been discovering this for a number of years now.

Millions are realizing the power of their own voice, thoughts, and physical presence, to act as a transmitter and communicator of a particular form of experience.

Though this would be called fanciful nonsense by some, millions are experiencing the reality of it.

So that when you comment on what is coming from the shadows, where fear is engaged as a control measure, you are noticing one part of Earth's vibrational reality, and that is the lower vibrational aspect of human life at the moment.

As the media airwaves are full of those low vibrations, it feels that those energies are predominating on the planet.

Yet we can tell you: They are not. The Light consciousness has now rooted into Gaia and into human consciousness to where it cannot be uprooted. Currently it is muted in some respects, but even that will not last much longer.

COR: Yet what is difficult, is that we have been trained via centuries of trauma-based control to feel that we are in constant danger, even when we are not.

For some, this has not been very noticeable until now, in this time when illness and extreme weather and armed conflict happening in so many places, as well as all the economic disruption and hardship those can bring.

So that we are more easily falling into sync with the low-grade fear vibration that rings through the air, particularly where there are large populations. That’s where the media proliferates anxiety and density and divisiveness so powerfully, and never more so than now.

I am wondering if we are better off ignoring the dense messages, or admitting that these are the shadows of our own experience, coming up for us to finally face, full-on?

Mary Magdalene: In a sense, it is best to ignore them.

Steeping yourself in dark images and warnings of a dismal future is not why you have come in at this time.

And yet, knowing that that density is there does indicate to you that so much has come to the surface asking to be healed, or entirely dissolved, yes!

And this can only be a good thing! People are upset when a physical or emotional symptom shows up, yet if it indicates a problem that needs to be healed, that is something that one can be thankful for.

You would otherwise far more easily ignore the issue, or not be conscious of it. And so it is, for humanity as well.

Much has come forward now to finally be healed not only in the context of a human healing construct, but in the transformative, transfiguring Light that is flowing to everyone now, without exception.

One might say, quite happily, that there is no escaping it. That is the era which humanity has now entered.

COR: How do we keep from being overwhelmed by either the news or our own innate need to heal the pain and density of hundreds of incarnations?

I agree that it is energy healing that we need now, which far outweighs the older forms of what we call therapeutics or spiritual practice.

This is the environment of Earth Herself we are healing—and humanity, en masse.

Mary Magdalene: Yes. You have come in for nothing less!

Just be aware that you are not the ones experiencing all that is occurring now in your inner lives and on the planet.

Your higher selves, your star families, your own souls—these are powerfully activated now, and highly involved in all of this.

As you connect with them in moments of quiet, you connect to an entire network of Light work and healing that you once could have only dreamt of encountering on a conscious level.

Now it is open to you on increasingly higher and more discernible levels of experience.

You will need to be ready to connect with these, yet remember: most of this is just you in higher form. These beautiful resources are an oasis, a healing place of respite and rest from the demands of Earth life, and they are always there for you.

You may not always feel an immediate lift in your energies, yet that will be provided as you openly seek and open to receive it.

COR: Could you offer us a process by which we can access these, Lady Master? That would be quite helpful.

Mary Magdalene: I am honored to assist.

Begin by breathing deeply yet comfortably, concentrating only on your breath, as you release all thoughts. If it helps you to concentrate on silence—to reach for the silence behind all sounds, then do that for a moment, as a point of focus that quiets the mind.

Or you may wish to have music playing that is high vibrational in frequency, or a recording of Sanskrit chanting, such as “Om.”

These will remind you that you are not so much a physical vehicle with brain and emotions, as pure energy that has currently manifested itself into outer form.

Image before you a brilliant ray of Light, a great wave of sparkling, aware, sentient energy moving through the Universe. See that Light or energy also flowing through you, and through all of your Earth, lifting all to a beautiful resonance that returns you and your Earth to your highest dreams of what is possible for you—a transfiguration.

See it lifting you into new and accelerated forms of healing and renewal—a transformation into higher outer forms, as you resonate with and acclimate to these frequencies.

Many use the Rose Ray in this image, as it is felt to be the predominant ray of the Divine Feminine.

This Light ray is powerful. It holds an energy of active openness. You have been taught that the Feminine is a weak or passive state. It is not.

It is a Creational flow of intent, and it has created worlds, whole races of beings, star constellations, galaxies, universes.

Consider that far from being separate from this beautiful energetic flow and this powerful Intelligence that is an expression of higher Love, you are actually One with it.

Consider that what you feel is your brokenness, your weakened human state, your pain and losses, are only colors on a canvas that is so masterfully painted that you come to realize, as you see the full masterwork: “Nothing of my Earth lives has been accidental. “All is well, as I live in the Light of this Divine Radiance, and Her Love for me.

"I Am One with Her, and all Her Creation.”

Offer up all that which you feel is too heavy to carry, to understand, to solve or heal.

For you are correct, those who feel that Earth and Her people have traveled too far into this great experiment that you call duality.

Strangely, yet perfectly, the rejoining of those two halves of shadow and Light is forming a more perfect Whole than you have yet experienced in any Universe.

And so now, as you see the presence of Divine Mother coming to you on this wave—and you will see her in whatever way most resonates for you—

See her coming onto the planet, and into your own energies, with all Her glory and empowering presence and compassion, and ability to renew, to release, to remake that which had forgotten it is part of the Whole, of the All That Is. Yes, part of your own essence was forced to forget about Her, yet instinctively, all of Her Creation knows to remember, and to rejoin with Her now.

So call in every fractured part of your existence to assist, and to be a part of the full integration of every fragment of your life energies.

You are joining that which resides on Earth in your current body, and that which is still elsewhere in the Universe.

And as you see these individual aspects coming forward and integrating with your current Earth self, realize fully: “I AM whole now. I AM Divine Mother’s Creation of beauty, wholeness, brilliance, and creative power. "I AM more than powerful enough to assist the re-Creating of Earth at this time. "My mission is clear. My path is full of Light. My Joy is complete. I Give Thanks.” See Divine Mother reach out as if to touch your heartspace, yet note that she is sending Her powerful essence into your energies.

Not to overcome or control your essence, but to remind you of that Universal Sun from which you came, from which your Earth consciousness was birthed.

When you are ready, come back fully into the room, thanking Divine Mother and any other beautiful Beings you sense assisting Her in blessing you, in reminding you of your own magnificence.

For this we see, always, even though it has long been hidden from you.

COR: Thank you, dear Lady Master! I feel that even just reading these words will uplift many.

Mary Magdalene: They have the Mother’s essence in them. So drink of that water that is meant for you! As always, all of us here, of the Collective, of the Ashtar Command, of the Company of Heaven, as many call it—we are with you, at every moment.

COR: Namaste, Lady Master!

Mary Magdalene: Namaste, dear one! My Love and blessings to all.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this post, at Thank you.

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