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A Message to Lightworkers – February 28, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And so, we speak today on the issue of feeling Divine Protected, Divinely Provided for—feeling to be at Peace.

And developing practices for those times when you are not entirely sure that you are being provided for or being protected.

And the protection might be from dense thoughts or old energy patterns that have plagued you over time, and that you would like to dissolve now, or from outer situations that are difficult. You may feel that your income is not as strong as it should be, and you would like to increase it.

Or you might feel that way about your health—that things are just not quite what you would like them to be.

So let’s be quiet for a moment . . . If you would like to just close your eyes while you are listening to these beautiful ocean waves, that is fine. Or if you just want to look out at them and feel the eternal presence that they represent—the inner and outer flow . . .

You notice how there’s a current under the waves that pulls the water back, and then in releasing, it allows the next wave to come forward.

So there’s nothing about the ocean that is fearful of the peak and the trough, the in-come and out-go—it welcomes both!

It knows that deep inside, it is always provided for, because by its very essence, it flows perfectly with the energy that it not only represents, but that it demonstrates.

It can’t be out of sync with its higher self, because it doesn’t sit around thinking and stewing in a mess of negative and dense and difficult thoughts—“What if this happens, and what if that happens?”

We’ve been speaking lately about coming away from the outer sources—the outer information sources—that could plant worry or fear or stress into your energies, so that you much more easily come into this time feeling that “No matter what, everything is flowing perfectly in my life. Most people have experienced trauma, whether in this or another life.

So it can be a bit trying, in a way, to establish this feeling that the Universe always has your back, as they say.

It’s always there for you. It’s always calm. It’s always steady, no matter how you might be feeling.

And that there is some aspect of you that completely understands that, and never argues with it; never doubts it. Never has a moment of unsureness.

That beautiful higher aspect can come in at any time, but you need to get quiet and ask your Divine Wisdom to flow in to you.

So do that right now . . .

Let’s say you’re a little bit stressed, as far as health or financial income or family [goes]—whatever it is, just breathe in deeply and slowly, then breathe out slowly . . .

Come fully into your body, and fully into the present moment, and we’ll work with you on this. Because we are seeing blocks of density in all of your energies.

And that comes from self-protectiveness due to trauma in this and other lives.

As you’re breathing deeply and slowly, and calming all of your energies, say to your higher self: “Please flow your beautiful Divine Wisdom through me now. I’m on this Earth to experience my Divinity as well as my humanity. “So what I AM calling you to do, higher self and Universe—I’m calling you to lift me out of staring at apparent circumstances.

Staring at apparent lack, whether it’s lack of finances, or health, or Love or support—whatever it is that I feel that I lack.” It might just be some stability in the outer world that you would Love to see that you’re not seeing right now.

You’re calling in your higher self, and you’re saying, “Release that out of my energies now, so that I look at the bigger picture, and I realize, the Universe is constantly there for me.”

Now, you can speak to the energies of Health, the energies of Love, whether in family or friend or romantic relationships.

You can speak to the energies of Money—our writer has channeled directly from Money. And directly from Love.

Put them in front of you right now as if they were a person, whatever it is.

Whatever area of life is making you feel unsure at the minute, because of the appearance that you’ve been staring at that you don’t feel very good about.

Everything is Appearance in your world.

It’s actually not static and unchanging. It can absolutely revolutionize, in the blink of an eye, but only once you have reached the point at which that [thing you desire] is the energetic frequency that you are living in.

And that’s actually bigger than the Law of Attraction, because what most of you are doing is creating new [higher vibrational outer] forms!

This is a Creational law, that in your outer world, when you hold a particular vibration [long enough or often enough], it’s going to live itself out physically.

It’s going to demonstrate for you. Yes, you are that powerful!

So if you were to wake up every morning thankful for all the incredible, wonderful health that you have—or Love, or money, or whatever it is that you’re thinking of—a beautiful place to live, fulfilling work.

Just choose one of those, and wake up with that feeling that it’s there, and there powerfully, and you’re just giving Thanks—

As you’re giving Thanks, you’re going to be shifting your energies from unsureness, maybe even fear or stress, into a place of realizing, “I have been provided for many, many times over,” and the flow of that, the place from which that comes, is not going away.

You may be able to see the surfers in the distance [in the video].

And what’s interesting, is that they come to the sea not for the steady calm, but for the waves! And you see how they’re caught up in the waves at times.

Yet they’re so in love with the excitement of finding the right wave and flowing forward with it that nothing could pull them away from the challenge.

You too came in for the thrill of the ride, dear ones!

You too came in for the affirmation and confirmation of your co-Creative power.

So let’s just be quiet for a moment . . .

Think of what it is you would like to create for yourself right now—hold that in one hand, and then the longer-term issue in the other hand.

You don’t only want to bring in money or health for today; you want to bring them in every day!

Set that into the Circle of Light, and we’re going to magnify that intention many thousands of times over.

Get a feeling in your heart-space of illness or low energy or some disorder, just dissolving . . . debts, the stress of bills—just dissolving.

The feeling that you’re alone or abandoned by loved ones—just dissolving.

Again, whatever it is you’re going through, feel Light coming in . . .

If you don’t feel anything, that’s all right. Just accept the Light coming in, and say, “Yes, I accept!”

Open your hands to release fear and stress about this issue.

And now see a special Light in front of you, in this beautiful Circle of Light in the higher realms, and it’s full of sparkling gold energy—sparkling pinpoints of Light.

And rejoice in it so much, so that it’s as if you are that Light!

And then notice that you’ve got identical sparkling bits of Light in your energy.

You are Light itself—it’s as if you were purely made of these sparkling bits of Light.

Then draw this lovely grouping of Light, which is all together, as if it were solid now, then flow into it, or bring it into you.

What you’re doing in that moment, is that you’re drawing in the energy of what you want to create, so that now you’re carrying it, and [once you fully carry that vibration], it has to manifest outwardly.

We would do this exercise as often as possible—in addition to the tapping [Emotional Freedom Technique] to move beyond the fear and stress. In addition to writing out the affirmation, “I AM always perfectly Abundantly healed” or “[I AM always] perfectly Abundantly provided for financially.” Or “[I AM always] enjoying the most beautifully fulfilling relationships (or work).”

Whatever it is you want to create. You want to write out that affirmation many times, and let yourself react on the right, to the right on the page.

Go back and keep writing the affirmation and reacting [to it emotionally], until you see that that reaction on the right is positive.

That will lift your energies.

Then if you do this process we’ve just given you, of seeing what you desire as pure sparkling Light, and drawing it into your being—this is very empowering!

And you’ll find not only a lift in your mind and spirit and your heart-space, but that your whole day will flow more easily.

We suggest you do this every morning. It doesn’t have to take long, but it’s important.

So you’ve laid what you wish to heal or change [or create] into the Circle of Light, and we will continue to work with you on it, dear ones.

You can come back to this process, and this video, at any time.

And know that it’s here for you not only to help you feel better in the moment, but to help you learn ways in which you can lift your energies overall in an ongoing way.

Wonderful! So we send much Love and many blessings, dear ones.

And please know that you have not been abandoned on this planet.

Not in your life, and not in your country or city or town, and not on the planet.

You are fully supported!

Call in all of us now here in the Collective, including the Ashtar Command, to assist in NESARA’s enactment, and to assist in the beauty of your entire planet reclaiming her sovereignty.

Namaste, dear ones!

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post:

Thank you.

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