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A Message to Lightworkers - December 2, 2020

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Today’s Message is an excerpt from the new book Lennon Speaks: Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon. The Collective add their beautiful energies to this and all chapters in the book.

Now available for preorder, Lennon Speaks releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

Excerpt from Lennon Speaks From Chapter 6 – “The Power to Re-Create” Caroline Oceana Ryan: I hardly recognize my own country anymore. Middle class life is all but gone in the United States. Half the households in the country go without some basic every month, like adequate food or medical care, or paying the electric bill. Homelessness is on the rise, especially now that millions have been further impoverished during the pandemic. College loan debts are out of control. If you were on the Earth right now, mired in debt with barely a middle income or a lower income, and just lost your health insurance or some other vital service, what would you do to keep yourself from falling into ongoing anger or despair? How would you use your ingenuity to pull yourself out of this ridiculous system? To rise above it somehow? LENNON: Nearly anyone can rise above it. I’m no guru there. The most vital thing, and the hardest thing, is to avoid the ongoing anger and despair you speak of. That’s what pulls you under the rising waters—not the amount of money owed, or the basic necessities that have to be done without half the time. People can survive a lot. But despair is a killer beyond most. There’s no great breakthroughs of thought and invention—the kind you need to get yourself out of a tough situation—till you come out of emotional upset.

Though sometimes a complete low point morphs into a moment of awakening. So then you refuse to stay on the track you’re on, and deliberately set out to create a far higher one. When you’re ready—when you declare and announce to your guides that you’re ready for Solutions and nothing less, the right idea will arrive. Usually, you have to call out for higher forms of help to come to you. They can’t intervene otherwise, unless your guardians see you’re about to fall off your path. The one you carved out for yourself before being born on Earth again. They’re always right there with you, ready to help. If you ask for their input every day, you don’t need to wait till things go upside down before you make a shift.

Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

Every human being carries a certain amount of weight on their back as they move through life. The question is, how is it carried?

It’s not about the situation. It’s about how you view it. How you feel about it. What you conclude about it. And whether you feel the Universe is on your side or not. So the first step isn’t changing things outwardly. It’s realizing, I’m not owned by this situation—not by debt, or high cost of living, or competition for a home or a job, or being turned down for a loan or a raise. This does not define me. I’m far bigger than that. I revel in my strength, and my independence from outer situations. I deal with those situations, but I don’t source my outlook from them. I keep the Light burning within, always. That’s how a prisoner keeps their energy calm and positive, even when surrounded by cement blocks and barbed wire. That’s how the war refugee manages to get by on the slightest scraps of food, without losing hope. And that’s how the mother raising her children on her own manages to keep her perspective fresh, and her energy strong. They have their moments of shock and dismay. But those who stay positive know their outer situation no more owns them than the egg owns the hen. The next step, I would say—not a happy one—is realizing that you’ve been a part of the situation you’re in, whether you realize it or not. Part of this is your own unspoken, deeply held expectation or unconscious pattern. Most likely, these are buried in your DNA from your culture and ancestors, and all the subconscious conditioning you’ve been prey to all your life.

They’re almost always a powerful part of what you’re experiencing. Past lives also weigh in as a powerful influence. And the majority of people write setbacks and challenges into their life plan, before incarnating, to finally iron out some old issue, or to learn from it. None of it’s an accident, though it will feel that way some days. No need to blame yourself. But there is a great need to move on from despair, or just feeling like you always come up empty. Don’t ever let it become a habit.

The next step, and it’s a happier one, is realizing you can very consciously awaken to what you have unconsciously helped to create, without self-blame. (Yes, even humanity’s decision to live in duality for eons.)

From there, you can start to realize that you are absolutely able to create something much better than that. Most people despise hearing that they had anything to do with how things have worked out for them. They want to believe that nothing of what they’re suffering now is connected to their energies or ideas, or influences they can’t even see. They want to believe that it just happened. That life just happens to people. But I’m not talking about it being someone’s “fault.” No one is blaming them or anyone. I’m saying, start looking at your situation as something you have the power to not only create but to re-create. To remedy and revise. Start looking at it as something you can mold with your own thought, feeling, intent. The right ideas applied at the right time.

Photo by Meta Cerar

Expectations and images of what you want, instead of running on and on about what you don’t want. Because in that moment that you complain and feel defeated, you’re only creating more of the same. You’ve all heard it many times: All the Universe can do is create what you express as being true—what you project and feel to be true in the present moment. So yes, you’re seeing injustice happening on a broad scale. You’re lucky if you’re only out of money, and not one of the several million in prison in the US, for having done little to nothing, most of them. Born black, red, or brown, mainly—that’s their only “crime.” Or caught with marijuana one too many times. And yes, it is a kind of prison sentence to be in debt, and to stress daily over making ends meet. Or to be ill, or see a loved one ill. I wouldn’t say otherwise. It’s just that if you are in that situation, you’re both the prisoner and the guard. The minute your emotions and descriptions of that situation begin to metamorphosize into something more positive—the more you accept the situation and bless it, as some would say, instead of cursing it, find a reason to give thanks for whatever you do have—that’s the minute things start to change. You begin to step into mastery. Mastering your circumstances instead of feeling crushed by them. And your situation finds room to move to a much higher level. Yes, it hears you and responds.

At that point, you’re no longer trapped and troubled by your circumstances. You wake up. You realize you’re being put through your paces, in terms of co-Creating a better life. You’re calling out to the Spirit of Transformation. You can transform a situation, just by saying to it, “Thank you, friend. I see you’re crying out for my Love and attention. So I’m going to start taking better care of you.

“Thank you for allowing me to create a situation that shows me how you’re doing. Which is not great, going by outer appearances. So I’m going to spend more time appreciating you and sending you Love, not criticism.” That could be about anything—your physical shape or health, your finances, your home, your relationship.

You’re telling it, “I’m going to start seeing all the things going right with you, and praising them to the skies. “And if I get the urge to complain, I’ll stop myself, and say, I’m glad for what I have. And everything good here is increasing, many times over. You really have to kind of proclaim it. Because the kind of carefully constructed degradation of the working person that you describe is obviously not accidental.

Photo by Meta Cerar

And it’s only partly about money and power and control. It’s mainly about distracting you from what’s really happening in the world, and even more than that, putting you into such a state of helplessness, despair, and passivity, that that becomes your overriding vibration. Let me tell you, I have seen the human race and what it has become—what it is still becoming—over these past 40 years of Earth time, and it not helpless or weak.

It may be at times resentful or feel to be at a loss.

But goldmines of ingenuity and creativity remain powerfully within you, and are rising to the surface.

You’ve all got deeply buried memories of the ancient and pre-ancient mystery schools, and their manifestation teachings, their metaphysical teachings that explain the Universal laws. You still remember on some level who you were and what roles you played in the great societies of Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria, and similarly advanced cultures on your home planets. You’ve all come here to remember and reclaim all that, at the most demanding of times.

I say this, knowing that the human race has suffered tremendously over thousands of years of enslavement and unconsciousness, during which time humans were told that the gods were displeased with them. That they were being punished with cruel weather and illness and injury and hunger and death.

You have now surpassed those ancestors on nearly every level . . . "

Lennon Speaks is now available for preorder on Amazon. Go here to see the special Preorder Giveaway Bonus Gifts you receive when you preorder the book and forward your Amazon receipt to, between now and midnight ET on December 15.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

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