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A Message to Light Bringers – February 17, 2023

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased as always to have this time to speak with all of you again.

And so, amidst the snow and the ice, the beauty of Sedona [Arizona] still shines through! Even the Sun desires to come forward. You can see it there—it came out a moment ago, from behind the clouds.

Now, we will say that the Sun, even though it loves to show off, and loves to share its beautiful warmth (or his beautiful warmth, if you prefer), is not afraid of the clouds, and not impressed by them, one might say!

So even though you as a human being have been taught that difficult moments—dense moments, cloudy or shadowy moments are to be avoided or to be cured as soon as possible, the Sun understands that “this is all part of the mix.”

“This is all part of the Earth life that I am engaged in, and I am flowing these powerful solar rays down into the Earth right now. "Because not only is this the time of my own Transfiguration into a beautiful, far more evolved being, but it’s time for all of you to do the same.”

And so the Sun is not afraid! The Sun is not afraid of change. The Sun is not afraid of seeing things differently, and neither must you be. Now we’re going to look for just a moment, just for a little bit, at all these issues our writer has mentioned. And they are difficult, yes. And we would point out, when you see someone going through something horribly difficult—they’ve been bullied at school to where they feel their life is not worth living. Or they’ve been beaten or killed by people in authority. Or they have been in situations of domestic abuse. Or perhaps been trafficked.

Or just your average tax-paying person who’s been lied to from cradle to grave—lied to, about where their hard work is going, where their money is going. Who is really running things, in their country and on the planet—

And you’re looking at all this, and you’re saying, “This is complete injustice, and I’m very tired of it! I want the 5th dimension to be here, and all this nonsense to stop!” And that is completely understandable. Absolutely understandable.

And it is coming to an end, dear ones!

And yet, who has stirred up all that mud, except all of you with your beautiful Light-filled presence! It isn’t that you are reacting to the density of what you’re seeing.

What is happening, is that the density is being created out of reaction to all the tremendous Light that you—all of you—are holding.

And you are beautifully planting all the Light into the Earth so as to change Her for good!

So as to make Her a place of miracles. A place in which the beautiful citizens of other cultures—non-terrestrial cultures—may come by and land and speak with everyone, and not be afraid that someone’s going to try to blow them up and in the process, kill many innocent people.

And the only way to get from this place where you are at the moment to where you desire to be, which is a Peace-filled Earth full of Joy and pure food and water, pure air—safety for your children and elders, etc.—the only way to do that, is for all of you to carry on holding this Light that you came in to anchor, and that you’re transmitting very, very powerfully and very beautifully.

And this old structure that calls itself a power structure and thinks it has the right to manipulate and the use—as they continue with their desperate behavior, the best thing you can do is to hold within yourself a place of Peace as soon as you’re able to reach it again.

It may take a little while. You may be in a position where something happens and you’re just shocked, and you have to cry, and let out the tears of unhappiness about it, and that’s all right. It’s perfectly find to do that, dear ones.

And then two things have to happen.

For one, you need to realize that you have had your lifetimes of contributing to that structure that calls itself powerful—which some calls “the powers that were”—they very wisely call it that.

And you have also had your lives in which you were crushed by it.

And in this life, by far, even though many of you have suffered—you’ve come in to realize, “All right—I’ve played on both sides of that street. “I’ve been the one that others go to for comfort and assistance, and I’ve been the one that others ran from—needing assistance away from me.

“And in this life, even though things have been rough at times, I’ve burnt off an awful lot of the density that I came in with, that I collected in other lives, and now I’m going to hold the Light, and celebrate this New Earth that I came in to experience.

“And not only experience, but help to create.”

And you cannot help create it, dear ones, without understanding that your inner life is always going to be reflected back to you in outer circumstance.

This isn’t to say that all the mayhem happening in the world is your fault! It’s simply to say, what you see, and what troubles you—that is what you need to clear.

As you clear it within you, you clear it for many thousands of others—maybe millions, depending on how deep the work goes.

So let’s be quiet for a moment. Think of something that has been very difficult for you. Perhaps over the past month or two, perhaps in your life in general . . .

Go into your breathing again . . .

And so sit with hands open, palms up. As you breathe out, you’re going to release both victim and savior role. If you feel you need to release the abuser role as well, go ahead and do that.

We would just breathe out, and let all of that flow from you . . . As if it were flying into the air and being carried by a very great current of Light, far away from you.

We’re going to assist in this process, and your Spirit teams are here assisting as well . . .

This means releasing all of the labels—the ego identifications. [Releasing] the feeling that you’re here to do great things, when in fact, it’s the smaller things [small acts of Love and kindness] that are the more miraculous ones every time.

Just keep breathing in deeply through the nose . . . slowly, deeply . . . and breathing out through pursed lips or the open mouth.

Even if you’re not sure what you’re releasing, this is fine. This is completely fine, dear ones. Trust that your higher self is drawing out of you those associations, those vibrations, those memories, those old beliefs—which of course are not natural to you. They’re something that was taught. That’s what a belief is—sort of a social attitude or a philosophical attitude—[just trust] that all that’s being drawn out of you.

Just put it into that beautiful stream of Light, and let it flow away . . . Keep breathing out . . . each time, open your hands a bit more . . .

And all this is flowing out from the center of your being—not so much from the mind, which is highly limited, for the most part—but all of this is flowing out from the heart-space and from the spirit.

And now think of another area of your life which you would love to release something from.

This may have to do with something such as fear. This may have to do with guilt.

This may have to do with a feeling of loss. Of being locked out, of not ever belonging.

Now, many of you come here as Starseed, and that’s understandable, if you feel that you don’t belong—that is not surprising! In a sense, you don’t! Can you stop fighting that?

Can you just smile at this strange planet you’ve landed on, and say, “This is an interesting trip I’ve taken! What an interesting journey. I’ll have to tell them about it back home.”

Quite naturally, you’ll have moments where you miss your loved ones, and miss being in your home culture.

Perhaps the water of the seas there is a different color than what you see on Earth.

That’s all right. It’s understandable that you would feel a bit lost and alone at times.

But you’re not lost, because you know what Universe you’re in, and you absolutely chose to be here at this time. No one could hold you back, dear ones!

So now, breathe out that feeling, whatever it is—that other heavy feeling you’ve been carrying. And you can do this as many times as you need to. We’re all working with you, all of us in the Collective, and your Spirit team.

We’re all very much desiring that you come to a place where you release struggle. You release resistance.

And not only in the mind, but in the sense that you understand that there is no resistance as you are coming in to your higher self.

Your higher self does not live in resistance!

They’re just this beautiful Light in the Universe, knowing entirely who they are. Celebrating that. Laughing with Joy!

There’s no sense of, “Well, I made a wrong turn here, and I shouldn’t have done that . . . and that was a complete mistake, that relationship . . . “ That relationship that has cost you the most mentally and emotionally, and maybe physically, was the one you were most meant to have in this life. And think of a few others that were difficult.

One might say, in a crude sort of way, that these were old scores that you needed to settle. And that is not to say that you needed to get back at someone, or they needed to get back at you, although it may certainly look that way!

It more has to do with the idea that you needed to see yourself triumphant in exactly those situations that have been hardest for you in hundreds of other lives . . .

If you don’t feel terribly triumphant, we would say, that’s all right! Your gains, your wins as far as the realizations and the growth you came in to achieve does depend on your emotions.

And yet, these too can lighten up when again, you cease to resist what it is you have experienced, or are experiencing right now.

What’s interesting, is how the human spirit will desire things to shift as quickly as they have in other dimensions.

So we would say, as you’re looking at this great, red, mountainous summit—this beautiful huge rock, ask yourself, Was it 70 or 80 years in the making?

Probably thousands of years! And you are far more magnificent as anything you see here, as beautiful and brilliant as this is.

So here amongst the trees and the rocks of Sedona, we bless and thank you, dear ones, for being so powerful. So full of bravery, to come here as these incredibly sentient, aware, sensitive, empathic healers, and to face what you have faced, both in your own life, and in many other people’s lives—those you’ve known, and those you hear about.

And do things need to keep getting harder and to feel more and more difficult? No, of course not, dear ones! No, they needn’t.

The more you accept with Love what is happening in the world, the more you will see your Earth calm.

All of Earth life. Not only the Earth Herself, but all of Earth life.

As you anchor Peace, as you anchor acceptance of even the suffering and the apparent losses, you help your Earth and all of humanity immeasurably.

And we wish to say those who have left recently, in whatever country, due to whatever has happened to them, whether it was thousands who left in one day, or just one or two here or there—many are of the same soul group.

And they specifically came in to elicit the response of release, of grace, of acceptance.

Once you accept, you don’t have to forgive, because you understand: there’s no up or down. There’s no real duality, except that it was created in Form, for people to learn from, for a little while.

As you release the need to judge others, you release the feeling that they’re wrong, or you’re wrong, and this is bad—just bless everything, in other words.

Bless your debts, as well as the money that comes in.

Bless those who love you, as well as those who behave as if you take a special sort of patience to deal with.

Yes! Bless the one who was shot or who was beaten, and also the one who was the perpetrator. Who was named as the predator or the assailant.

Some are soul family; they’ve just come in with a very special purpose, and each has taken up a different role, but they are not separate.

And so as we leave you, the Sun is beginning to show, even in this lovely snow shower that is happening now . . .

Like you, the sky knows that really there is nothing but Light, everywhere!

And so again, we thank you dear ones, and send much Love, and many blessings.


Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at

Thank you.

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