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A Message to Light Bringers - December 14, 2021

Today's message is an excerpt from the Collective's new book, New Earth Journeys: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Personal and Global Crises.

The book releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, and is now available for preorder.

As with all the Collective's books, each chapter begins with a question from a Light Bringer, sent in from people from all walks of life, from all around the world. This excerpt is from Chapter 3 - "On Finally Hearing the Truth from the Mainstream Media."

QUESTION: When will the truth be told to the misled brainwashed masses? When will the mainstream media (currently known as the lame-stream media) become uncontrolled, so that the truth may be told?

This is absolutely vital for any chance at moving forward and constructing a positive future. In my opinion, this has been held back for far too long. The longer people are kept in the dark, the harder the revelations will hit.

And have you heard any more from my buddy, Johnny Rhythm [John Lennon]? His words interweave with my question: “All I want is the truth / Just gimme some truth.”

THE COLLECTIVE: They do indeed! And the energies embedded in those lines of music have been a Light on the path of many.

The one you knew as Lennon wishes now to say:

“Truth is coming down the line so fast and hard, it will feel like a freight train hitting the world when it finally happens in the fullest sense.

“On that day, everyone who has chosen to experience this New Earth reality will open their eyes, many for the first time, to understand who and what has been running the planet on their own terms, for their own shadowy purposes.

“Finally, there will be nowhere for that group to hide. Even now they are unable to hide from the Light, though they delude themselves daily that they are ‘winning.’ "So many who once loyally served those beings have broken rank now, as they increasingly see that their false overlords are not winning. Not even close.

“You could almost feel sorry for those former overlords, yet they chose this dark path for their own reasons. They may follow it as they wish, but Earth is no longer their playground and their headquarters. "She is hereby returned to Her own sovereignty, and to the stewardship of all who Love and honor Her.

“Yes! So much breaking through now. Don’t even ask ‘when’—say to yourselves every day, ‘We are there! The Time is Now!’

“Of course, that’s the only Time anyone ever has, and it turns out, that is enough.”

* * * * *

Well said! And so we would also say, regarding when the mainstream media will be in a position to finally speak the truth, that there are many already amongst them who are assisting the Light Forces and the White Knights of the Ashtar Command in speaking the truth whenever possible.

Understand that mainstream media editors and managers have been warned to never allow their journalists to announce what many of them know to be true. Which is that each country and the planet as a whole has long lived under the tyrannical control you speak of.

They are warned that they cannot speak of NESARA. Nor relay the underlying truth of what is really happening in any political or economic situation.

Situations such as covert weather manipulation and the disasters within Nature that result from it, large-scale arson in the Western states and provinces, biological weaponry, false flags being used as a rationale for armed invasions—these and other crimes are well known to many working in news media and entertainment, and anyone willing to look beneath the surface.

Still they remain mum, as even mentally planning to speak out via a mainstream platform can prove fatal, as many have found out.

Yet you are aware that these obvious channels of information (and disinformation) are not the only way humanity could ever learn the truth of what the Earth has been experiencing.

Alternative media has grown stronger and found many new outlets over the last decade.

While you would love for the media to shake off its corporate chains and speak Truth on a daily basis, that is not where true freedom lies.

Beyond that, human beings are increasingly connecting etherically now, via what some call “the inner-net.”

They are connecting telepathically and intuitively with people and events around the world and with the Earth Herself, increasingly sensing when something significant is happening or about to happen.

Feelings, words, or images will pop up in their heart-mind that inform them of events before the news does—or before the mainstream news can cover it up.

The current generation of children and youth are particularly empathic. Hiding things from them is getting increasingly harder to do.

This is one reason why the AI [artificial intelligence] agenda is more pronounced now, though much of its presence is being mitigated or deactivated by higher dimensional beings who are assisting humanity, as well as the sentient Light particles reaching the Earth now.

Motivation for increasing their AI schema has been high amongst the old controllers.

They have for many years concentrated on being able to artificially implant false ideas that do not spring naturally from a particular group or individual, yet which feel to be their own thoughts and impulses.

If you are wondering which is stronger—the increased intuitive knowing humanity is experiencing now, or the AI implants—we would say, you know this already!

You are aware that the nanoparticles and the computerized forms of control behind them are failing even as we speak.

Meanwhile, humanity’s evolvement and expanded experience in this Universe continues to Ascend higher at every moment.

You have also entered the new era, known by its Hindu name of the Sat Yuga. And so the Light coming in to the planet is not only a support to your Ascension journey. It is literally assisting in healing you of those intentional blockages thrown in your way for millennia. In doing so, it is expanding your mental and physical capability, consciousness, and social development.

When you speak of the Peace and prosperity of this new era you are now entering, think of it as beginning within.

It is a Joyful thing indeed for all to have a home, and nutritious food that is pure and fresh, medical care that is holistic and free of charge, equal say in matters of community and nation, and a truly free, honest, and independent press. Yet those outer situations, as positive as they are, are not the crux of the matter.

It is central to each of your journeys now, to know who you are at this time of accelerated development.

So that while you would love for the media to fully awaken, shake off its corporate chains, and speak Truth on a daily basis, that is not where true freedom lies.

True freedom for every child, woman, and man lies in their own inner Knowing and intuitive, high-heart ability. That includes their ability to tap into any large-scale situation happening anywhere in the world that is relevant to their path, without creating an energetic intrusion. Some call that kind of knowing psychic ability—an understanding that takes place on a deep level, where Truth can only be experienced and known inwardly.

Your own beautiful, brilliant Light shines far stronger and speaks far louder than any newscast you are likely to hear.

This trait does not belong solely to those with “unusual gifts and abilities.” We speak of something far greater.

And that is the kind of evolvement, and the kind of planetary atmosphere, that make it increasingly harder for anyone to lie about anything.

It is the form of inner connection that pulls humanity out of duality and into unity consciousness . . .

New Earth Journeys is now available for preorder on Amazon.

For information on how to claim your Preorder Bonus Gifts, go here

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this excerpt by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at Thank you.

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