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A Message to Light Bringers – December 1, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

Today we answer a question from a Light Bringer, who asks: As a lightworker, I wish I were not here. I wish I was never born. I do not realize why I have to be doing this. I am sick and tired of dealing with constant energies being bestowed upon us. I do not want someone telling me to rest, recharge and regroup, to only have to go through more. I am alone here, and I am always helping someone else, but I have no one to help me. I am told I volunteered for all this, but c’mon, really?

I put up with so much pain on a daily basis, that I do not know how much longer I can go on. I know I can’t be the only one in the same shoes. Any advice for people like me? We would say, dear one, that what you travel through now is indeed part of what you came in for. Yet suffering and isolation are never the entire story of why you or anyone is here now.

It is not your discomfort that solidifies your reason for being here.

It is not the ongoing flow of energies—the "onslaught" of higher Light that require the shifts of inner change—that is at the center of your experience now.

Certainly it will feel that way many days.

One of the great journeys you have come in for is to release the need to wrestle with Life and with these energies flowing in, and to allow them, while being as kind and nurturing of yourself as possible as you navigate this moment on Earth.

A poet has said, there are no paths in the sea, and that is where you find yourself now—in a great sea of energy, without a discernible path forward.

Yet in this power-filled flow of Light and higher consciousness pouring out onto the Earth and Her people now, as if it will never end—in that powerful current, is the calm you seek.

There is a whole aspect of your consciousness that is blocked off from you at present, which we are assisting you in accessing as you read these words (and also after that, if you wish that support to continue).

The blocks in consciousness that you encounter have less to do with this new era, and more to do with the fact that in the current Light stream, all that is unhealed within you has come forward, demanding to be healed, finally. You are also increasingly aware of interferences in your energies that are not you, yet are disguising themselves as your own emotions and thoughts.

Please reread those last two sentences, as this is the crux of what you are experiencing now.

Your past life selves are demanding healing.

All the entity and energy intrusions in your energies (which everyone has) are crying out for healing, though often terrified of it.

Your higher self is desiring to flow more easily into your daily consciousness.

Your physical body is desiring to Ascend to where it is free of all toxins, all illness, tiredness, the aging process, and all other third dimensional burdens.

And your soul is desiring to express through you in more Joyful ways than you can even imagine.

Yet the old, unresolved trauma within you, and those shadow presences that have drawn to you because of that old pain, are holding you back from experiencing your true self, even if your true self would also be exhausted by the current energies some days.

You note that you are always helping others, yet you are alone, and have no one to help you—this is one part of what those carrying PTSD (which is most people) often deal with daily.

A sense of isolation, and a compulsion to assist others who might be in pain, so as to save them from their struggle, and in a way, save yourself from feeling lost inside of anger, grief, and feelings of abandonment.

At some point, someone who should have helped, nurtured, supported, or protected you, did none of that.

You learned in time that the best way to get your own needs met was to do for yourself, and to be of help to another.

And so you have sought that, and found that rather than feeling helped by helping others, you have come to feel all the more isolated.

In truth, there are many ways in which others could help you.

The difficulty comes when someone who is suffering as you are cannot push themselves to ask for that kind of support. Or cannot accept that help once it is offered.

With feelings of low self-worth, you may unconsciously push away those who might assist and support you.

For one, you have always stood independent from others, taking care of yourself, as there was no one else to do that for you.

And for another, you will feel that that assistance should go to someone else who needs it more than you do.

All of these are utterly recognizable responses to trauma, held for years, even many lifetimes, in the heart-mind and the spirit.

We do not say any of this to “blame” you for not behaving or thinking differently.

We wish to point out that over time, the person who suffers long-term PTSD will find so many alternate forms of coping, that they do not see the point of seeking support for their pain, whether through counseling, Emotional Freedom Technique (known as Tapping), energy healings, energy clearings, or other forms of healing.

To answer your question—did you volunteer for all this—we would say, yes and no.

You did not volunteer to come forward and live a life of unending pain and discomfort, with little to no experience of Joy.

You came to know Joy, the Love of others, creative expression, the beauty of Nature, good health, a positive outlook, and both your individuality and the support of family and community.

All that is awaits you, dear one. It calls to you now.

Yet it will be difficult to allow your heart to fully allow or feel any of those Present Moment experiences, if it is closed from so much pain that it does not dare open up to experience anything that comes from a higher Light.

We will not go into the specifics of your particular past life and etheric experiences here, as that information is private to you.

We will only say that as so many have now, you have come in to finally dissolve the old pain, and release the long-held etheric influences that have dogged you for centuries, in one Earth life after another.

This is why you feel them so keenly now.

And so as you have asked for our advice, we will offer that until you come to realize that you are the very first person you must take care of in your life, you will continue to feel isolated and abandoned.

Until you are able to seek out support for that within you which cries out to be healed, you will continue to blame the energies, as if they are the crux of the matter, instead of simply being the knock on the door.

Most assuredly, humankind is evolving at a rapid rate now.

Yet more than that, all of humanity is awakening to that which sits in each person’s energies that is not them.

You are not simply the sum total of all the trauma and energetic burdens you have experienced in this and other lives.

You are far greater than that.

In your sleep state, as your travel in your energy bodies, you are a powerful warrior who, though you have faced many battles on land, sea, and in space, is never put off by a great challenge, and in fact dived into your current challenge (at least to begin with) with even more motivation and courage than you have in hundreds of other lives.

The difference this time, is that with your greater, more expanded, higher self now merging more often with your Earth self, the vulnerabilities and wounds of your Earth aspect show up in your awareness like a glaring bright Light suddenly flowing into a dark room.

If you wish to explore energy healings and clearings, there is much online that is free or low in cost.

Do not allow the entities sitting in your energies (whether spirits of those who have passed, or dark entities) to tell you, “That won’t work,” or “I tried that and it didn’t help.” These are two of their most favorite excuses, offered up as your own thoughts.

Do not believe their lies.

Why do they lie to you? Because once you are healed or have intentionally released them, they can no longer inhabit your energies.

Likewise, the dark thought entrainment and mental programming that all of humanity has undergone for centuries—you have been hypnotized into thinking, “That won’t work,” or that you’re not someone who could benefit from energy healings, Tapping, or any other therapies, such as energy clearings.

Is this so? No, it is not.

You will most assuredly benefit from any assistance that you decide inwardly is going to work for you.

It will do so, on one level or another, because that is your firm decision.

Note how you are the only one in power here.

This is your journey. It does not belong to the energies flowing in.

It does not belong to any body of elders, galactic presences, Angelic presences, or your fellow Light Bringers.

You are the only one to decide that you will take steps to be released of that which currently has gripped you, and which lies to you each day, saying you are not worth that effort. You are beyond worthy, dear one!

We say that to all who suffer now, and invite you to move into those actions and strong inner claim of your rights to the full beauty and power of your spirit and your humanity.

That will show the child within, “Yes, I am here, little one! I will never abandon you. Your soul is here, and I am here. We will walk this path of healing together! For this we came.”

Namaste, dear one! We are glad you were born.

You are more precious than we can say. We are honored to know you. And you are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Thank you.

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