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LIVE Group Q&A Calls
with the Collective
Answers & Energy Work for Your Life Issues

Join us for

Live Q&A Call
with the Collective

Sunday, December 17, 2023
12 PM Pacific / 3 PM Eastern Time

(US & Canada)

(Not part of the Abundant Living Program -- this is a completely separate offering!)

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Integrate the Transformative power of the current energies with greater ease -- and claim healing and empowerment in the area of your life

that needs it most!

Bring one question for the Collective and your Spirit team (your Spirit guides, Angels, and higher self) to this live group Call.

After a brief meditation to open our heart-space to receive higher wisdom and energies, Caroline will go into channeling mode, and the Collective and your Spirit team will address your question with insights and energy work.

Your question can be on any topic you like.

You will receive guidance on that issue, often with info on the root of the issue, whether past life experiences, soul contracts with others, old oaths or vows, your life chart, your Earth Mission, or other influences.

You will also receive energy work to assist you in moving to a higher level in that area and all areas of your life path.

Your question might be about:

- A family member, friendship, or romantic relationship

Your job or life work

- Feeling sad, anxious, or other dense emotions

Soul contracts

- Past life experiences 

- Your Earth mission

- Your Soul mission

- Energy, entity, and ancestral interferences

- Money and other Abundance issues- Any other issue you would like clarity and energy work for


Reserve your spot below, then email in your question

before the live Zoom Call, or ask it live, on the Call.

If you prefer to remain anonymous and not have your or a loved one's name mentioned, just let Caroline know ("No names please!") when you email in your question.

To hear how Q&A Calls work, go here to watch the video below.

But please note: These Q&A Calls will not be posted as YouTube videos. All questions and answers will be shared only among group members.

Answers and Energy Work  . . . 

Live Q&A

Join us on the next Live Q&A Call!

The next Live Call will be held on Sunday,

December 17, 2023 on a live Zoom meeting.

Join us by internet or phone from anywhere

in the world.

All participants will receive reminder emails before their Call, with the Zoom link (and phone numbers) and any other needed info.

Everyone will also receive the MP3 recording afterwards.

Listening to the recording several times will help you to reap maximum benefit from the energy work.

There will be a maximum of 7 participants

on any one Call.

Each month, we will add a second Call if needed.

Each participant's question will receive an answer ranging from 10 to 15 minutes or more in length, depending on the complexity and severity of the issue.

If you cannot be present on your Call, your question will still be answered, so long as you email a detailed question to Caroline no later than the day before your Call.

Image by Melissa Askew

Group Calls are powerful and far-reaching in effects.

The energetic assistance flowing to any one person is always extended to all!

Everyone benefits from the energy work and wisdom offered each individual. 

This creates a magnified effect -- you will receive more energy work in this Call than if you were only receiving the answer to your own question.  

Live Q&A with the Collective

Channeled Answer to One Question


December 17, 2023
12 PM Pacific / 3 PM Eastern Time

What people are saying about group Q&A Calls with the Collective . . . 

* Though these are mainly Abundant Living Program testimonials, the Live Q&A Calls are not part of the ALP.

"I can’t imagine life now without our healing meetings, and having my questions answered by the Collective . . . 

It's turned out to be the most loving, healing and life-changing investment I could have made for myself, my loved ones and humanity.

So much has shifted for me, so much has healed. I have learned so much and continue to grow each week.

Nothing I’ve ever done spiritually or metaphysically for the past decade has brought me the real life changes I was looking for as my work has in our group with Caroline and the Collective. 

I just have so much gratitude in my heart for Caroline’s work.

Once you join even one meeting, you’ll know what I mean when I say, 'Thank you, Caroline, the work you do for us all at such an affordable price is truly a gift to humanity!'"

Valerie, Abundant Living Program Platinum Member , California

Image by Lili Popper
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