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A Message to Light Bringers – March 30, 2023

This week’s channeled guidance is from Ascended Master Lord Saint Germain.

Greetings, friends! I am Saint Germain, and I speak to you both from my place upon the Earth in physical form, and from my vibrational resonance with the higher realms. And from my connection with the Ashtar Command, and all benevolent ET parties assisting Earth at this time.

And in this, you know you are never alone, as the Collective will often remind you! And I speak with them as well—as they speak, I am a part of that voice.

So many of you now are feeling not only the changes of your Ascension path—physical shifts. The ringing in the ear, or the rough throat. Exhaustion. Anger and other emotions coming up—sadness. Feelings of loss.

A great deal coming up now. Aches in the joints, etc.

And as you are feeling this, you may be ascribing it to this or that.

Or you may be understanding, “This is because my heart-mind and my Spirit body are shifting to a far higher frequency.

“This is because every cell in my body is being revised and lifted to a higher level.” You may have heard as well, from White Knight Reports, that the particular, highly sentient Light particles—the monoatomic gold dust—flowing to the Earth now carries the essence of Lightbody activation. And this is what is occurring for you now.

You are indeed, all of you, activating the Lightbody! And this can be a bit intimidating at times; this can feel very strange.

The subconscious may be struggling.

It may be saying, “Why do you want to change? What’s going on? We were never this way before!” And it may try to hold you back—self-protectively, it may try to hold you back, thinking that, “Well, if I’m doing my job, I’ll stop this! I’ll refuse it, or at least I’ll struggle against it.”

And so you have these moments where you prefer things go back to how they were, however dark, however shadowy that may have been.

And we assure you, things can never go back to how they were.

Your planet is already moving fully into the fifth dimension, and all of you, now desiring to keep up.

And doing great work! Great work energetically, to assist the planet and to assist humanity, and your own climb forward and upward. In order for things to flow more easily for you, we wish for you to come to a place where you are open to what is happening, and not struggling against it.

Again—it is the human instinct to question change, and to ask, “Can’t things just stay as they are? Because that feels safer, and familiar, and “It’s what we know, isn’t it?”

And we would say, Yes, that is the human instinct, but it is one that you must, in a sense, embrace, send love to, reassurance to, and in a sense also, go well beyond!

The resistance is there to remind you that you have been programmed [to live] in fear, for eons.

And many people will say, “But my soul has gone beyond that!”

And “I’m not in fear. I understand what, as they say, the dark ones, the old control figures, were wanting to put upon us. And I absolutely refuse that. “I live in the Light, and I don’t want to think that I’m stuck in this feeling of, ‘It’s too hard! It’s too difficult.' “Can’t I just Ascend without struggle? Can’t I just Ascend without all this old, painful emotion coming up? “Without my body changing in ways that are just strange to me. My eating habits. I seem to need more water. I need a lot more rest. I don’t seem to be sleeping in the same way.

“I can’t figure out if I’m getting younger or suddenly getting much older!"

And on and on.

We would just say, work with the subconscious!

You have all heard of the Emotional Freedom Technique [Tapping], and also guided meditation, which carries the images, the metaphors, the pictures that the subconscious will be able to trust without going into a panic and feeling it has to fight what’s happening.

This is what the subconscious will understand, dear ones! It understands the metaphors and the pictures, the analogies.

Just affirming, “I love change, and all is well!” does not necessarily bring it to you!

Now we wish to carry a message from the Star Nations. And so what they are offering at the moment, and have been speaking to all of you about in your sleep state, is that with the earthquakes and the floods, and the war and other forms of conflict—the mass shootings, etc.—you are going to feel at times as if you have been left behind, and as if the world is getting worse.

They wish to assure you that they fully expected that the old figures of “authority”—false authority—would be throwing out great resistance.

Not only to people waking up, but to the energies themselves coming into the Earth now.

In order to resist that, what they [the dark ones] decided to do at one point, was to provoke as much anxiety, upset, disruption, and of course, outright fear and rage, as possible.

To provoke that, in part, in the animal species, but particularly in humanity.

And the reason for that, of course, is that their old web of dark deceit and intent has long depended on human response—low vibrational human response—in order to keep running.

They thought perhaps as well, that they could separate a few people from their bodies, as many as possible. And they’ve done this in a number of ways, so as to reap as much human life as possible—[supposedly] to pull [humanity] out of the Ascension path, and to assure themselves that they were still in control.

And of course, no one can be pulled out of the Ascension path! Unless they absolutely give their permission for that.

You’re all still in it! We wouldn’t say, “Don’t worry about meditating or connecting with your team of guides and Angels and higher self.” We would encourage you to do that, but we would say, You’re on the path, whatever happens now.

And your planet is likewise on the path to a beautiful Light, and a beautiful higher frequency existence.

If you can ease the subconscious a bit, and love and welcome even these heavy emotions that come up some days—even the fatigue, the dizziness, the headaches—whatever it is—the ringing in the ear, the achiness in the joints, the rough throat, and on and on. Whatever it is that seems to be besieging you. If you can give thanks for it, and say, “I know you come in the name of positive change, friend! I know I am releasing all that is no longer for my higher good and perhaps never was.

"I know that I am releasing all that is not my true self. And I know I AM Ascending!"

We encourage you, if you can, dear friends, to stand and look into the Sun at least once a day—if it hurts your eyes, do this at sunset or sunrise. Do what’s good for you.

Look into that Sun, and say, “I AM Ascending, and I give thanks!” More than that, say “I AM Thanks! I AM the vibration of Thankfulness! And all is well.”

Now, we are aware that there is some nervousness regarding the banks, regarding jobs. Regarding high cost of living for mortgages and rents, etc.

You will not be abandoned on this front. Likewise with food, in terms of accessibility, ready availability—you will not be abandoned, dear ones!

You do not need to drift into some version of your own individual reality which holds you back from that which is needed to live fully and healthfully, or from that which gives you Joy. Likewise, your loved ones.

And we greatly desire to encourage you to see yourselves now on a very great journey.

Not only as people fulfilling different requirements throughout the day. Not only as people taking care of others, or being cared for.

And not only as people who are confused, wondering, Where are these ships are that were supposed to show up? We assure you, they are everywhere.

They are landed! They are in your skies, directly over your homes. And all benevolent galactic Star Nations are speaking with you often.

They may choose to speak to you through Nature, such as you see here. They may choose to speak with you in your sleep state. And certainly you may speak with them while conscious in meditation.

But it’s important to quiet your energies. To move out of reaction to what is going on in your world, and to come to a place where you are full of calm, still within—very still—and paying attention only to your breathing. Perhaps listening only to high vibrational music, as they call it, or a guided meditation.

And then enter into the depths of what is happening in your spirit.

There is a brilliant, brilliant spark of Light deep inside you, as there is within all beings. Go within until you see that brilliant spark of Light.

Then go into the Light, and you will find at that point, that you are in a Universal space of great expanse, and that nothing is being denied you.

You are truly the god or goddess—the creator of your life!

And so choose that version of your reality, dear ones, in which you are calm, in which you do not fall for the lies that say, “Oh, panic, panic! Get upset! Get frightened! Get angry!”

You are truly the creator, and there is no need to go to the lower emotional vibrations.

And so we thank you, dear ones, and we will speak more on this.

You have other messages coming, such as from Mother Sekhmet, and from the Archangels.

Listen also to the messages from your own higher selves! These beautiful beings so desire to connect with you in a far more conscious way. So go up in your imagination, into the higher realms, and call to you this beautiful Light Being who is you in the higher realms. And begin speaking with them, and express who you are, and what is happening with you now, dear ones.

And know that they will answer you. Even if you don’t discern words in that moment, know that they will answer you.

We give thanks! For you, and for this astounding moment on Lady Gaia. All is in motion! All is moving forward!


Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023

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Thank you.

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