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A Message to Light Bringers - December 17, 2021

Today's message is an excerpt from the Collective's new book, New Earth Journeys: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Personal and Global Crises.

The book releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. The Kindle version is now available for preorder on Kindle. [Print version available soon!]

As with all the Collective's books, each chapter begins with a question from a Light Bringer, sent in from people from all walks of life, from all around the world. This excerpt is from Chapter 11 - "On Raising Children in Tumultuous Times."

QUESTION: Approximately, how long will this incredibly challenging time last? Will my 8-year-old daughter live to see the New Earth and a peaceful humanity?

I ask, because all the spiritual sources I follow, including you, are gradually making all of us aware of the hard times ahead (and they get harder every time I read), and how brave we are to be born at this time.

But they seldom mention how long we’ll endure this transition.

Are we talking 100 years, or one generation?

THE COLLECTIVE: We will say that for Earth’s people, “When?” is one of your most pressing questions.

You have been trained to exist on a third dimensional linear timeline, so that the future feels to hold potential difficulty one moment, and potential fulfillment the next.

The Present, your only real point of co-Creative power, is often ignored as you focus on what happened in the past or what might happen next.

This is enough to create a roller coaster effect on anyone’s emotions, particularly in this powerful time of transition!

It is indeed challenging to be on the Earth now. Understandably, you desire that all children come to know a planet that is finally at Peace, with all weapons rendered useless, and humanity sovereign and free.

Your information sources do not mention how long humanity must travel the rough road of this transition, because they do not know, exactly.

We can see the timeline unfolding, as some of them do as well. Yet it is not our role to tell you “when” or even “how.”

We do not say that the hard times you see now will only get harder.

We always make a point of encouraging Earth beings to actively notice all the good occurring now, in your own lives and in Earth life in general.

All we and others can offer, on this free will planet, is a list of potentials we see unfolding. Clear predictions, especially regarding timing, are unwise at best.

For one, the timeline can shift in a split second.

And for another, it would never be our role to tell you, “This will happen on or around this particular date.”

That statement would then build expectation that would actually help to create that event or something similar in human life.

Expectation holds great power. This is why we ask you to employ beautiful and empowering images of what is occurring and what can occur, for your own well-being and higher good, and to do it more often!

We do indeed see the fog you refer to, and understand your impatience to be free of it. Yet can you not see that fog lifting in significant ways, even now?

Decide now to look at the world in terms of, “What new signs are there today, that everything is shifting into greater levels of freedom, and Light consciousness?”

This can shift your experience from one of uncertainty and anxiety to one of quiet certainty and calm.

Your negatively slanted news media is one of the first distractions to unplug from, as well as social media.

Be aware that watching news broadcasts and judging the state of the Earth by those dire reports and predictions will undermine your efforts to spot positive change. Many people are addicted to gathering new information in an ongoing way throughout their day, and feel to have lost a support system without those reports ringing in their ear. This is so, even if that information feeds a sense of hopelessness in them that lurks constantly below the surface, and threatens to swallow them some days.

It seems to promise exciting revelation, and that you will be “in the know.” Yet too often it only delivers more shadow intent.

You have heard the expression “unplug from all distractions.” We would say, your negatively slanted news media is one of the first distractions to unplug from, as well as social media. We understand that many use social media as a way to tell others about their products and services. We would simply caution all those going anywhere near these apps and websites to realize the power of their lure. Stay alert to all shifts in your energies while connected to them.

If you feel your energies lower while on the internet or hearing any kind of news report, it is possible to turn away from them and to reaffirm for yourself, “The Light has won! I AM a free and independent being. I choose my own reality of Peace, Unity, and Abundant Well-Being for all!”

Regarding your daughter, you are understandably concerned for her quality of life. Yet realize (though it may sound cold and unfeeling) that this young one chose to come to Earth at this time, not in spite of the chaos occurring now, but because of it.

She intended this, on a soul level. As with all Light Bringers, she wrote out her life chart with great detail, working on it with great care and high intent. Along the way, she was assisted by those she had chosen as guides, as well as beloved soul family members. (You are one of these.) She then conferred with the Councils of the higher realms, to gain their insights.

Upon receiving approval of her life chart, and having created her network of helps for this Earth life in spirit and in body, at the chosen moment, she incarnated into a fully preplanned arrival, including location, parents, family, culture, and moment on the timeline.

None of it accidental. All of it beautifully intended.

Now, you will naturally point to her young years, in Earth time, and explain that as her mother, you see her as a vulnerable child who ought to enjoy living on a planet that is safe, Peaceful, and Abundant. And we agree with you, wholeheartedly.

Yet look at the evidence of this young one’s empowerment! You no doubt sense her resilience, and the ongoing support of not only her Earth family, but also her soul family, which you know is there if you will take a moment in a quiet meditative state, to key into their presence. You are able to speak with her higher self, guides, and Angelic guardians—her Spirit team—and let them know your concerns for her.

Even if you do not inwardly hear the voice of your own Spirit team or your daughter’s, you can still receive an energetic download of answers from these presences that will answer your questions, and flow into your conscious thoughts.

Know that the answers are there, and that they will not be withheld from you.

And know that you are able to call in Angelic support and protection for your daughter in all ways.

You cannot take away the path she came in to walk. Yet you can call in Divine Protection for her each day that will keep her on that path in ways that are as calm and positive as possible. And you can demonstrate for her each day how that sort of life can be lived.

We do not see your daughter losing her vibrancy, even in these times.

Regarding timing, we can give no clear dates. Yet we can assure you that though much good will unfold over the next 100 years of Earth time, humanity will not need to wait that long for NESARA’s unfolding. Earth Herself cannot carry on being exploited and harmed for that long, despite what the powers-that-were would prefer. Even now, that path is being powerfully rerouted, and their plans rendered null and void.

Are we doing all this for you? No, dear one. Light Bearers such as yourself and your daughter are rendering this a fait accompli. It is simply unfolding in its own time and way.

Consider that the sentient Light particles and solar tonal vibrations coming in to the planet now are lifting all causes and outcomes to a far higher level than would have been possible even a year ago . . .

The Kindle version of New Earth Journeys is now available for preorder on Amazon. (Print version available soon!)

For information on how to claim your Preorder Bonus Gifts, go here to the book's page.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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