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Free Gift + Special Offer

Exclusively for those who sign up for

"The Healthy Love Show

How to Get Ready Emotionally, Physically, & Spiritually for

Juicy, Connected Love"

Free Interview Series

Offering higher guidance and energy work from leading edge

spiritual teachers and relationship coaches

Your Free Gift

"Galactic Healing Chamber: A Star Journey" - A Channeled, Energy-Embedded MP3

In this channeled meditation journey, you are guided to experience being in a healing chamber of a great star ship.


Each time you listen, request one specific issue that you would like them to work on.

Then lie quietly and relax, as benevolent galactic healers and beautiful Light Beings work on your energies to assist you in healing whatever issue you have requested assistance for.

This can include healing the wounding or energy blocks that have prevented you from creating the fulfilling romantic partnership you envision. 

Experience renewal
 and a release of energy blockages, as you open to receive your higher good in this area!






Galactic Healing Chamber - A Star JourneyThe Collective - Caroline Oceana Ryan, channeler
00:00 / 14:49

Special Offer - for Healthy Love Show participants

Special Lower Pricing

Now through Saturday, December 23, 2023

for Membership in

The Abundant Living Program

Go here for info on the Abundant Living Program and the empowering benefits it offers, which so many have benefited from. 

This popular membership program can enrich your life and clarify your path, offering ongoing energy work and channeled wisdom from the higher beings of the Collective and your own Spirit team. 

The work has assisted many in an ongoing way, offering: 

  • Energy work to clear mental / emotional / energetic blockages 

  • Vibrational lifts to help you feel more empowered and supported

  • Clarity and calming insights from your Spirit team, with channeled guidance that explains tough situations

  • Clearings of old 3D vows, oaths, and soul contracts from this and other lives

  • Clearings of ancestral and other interferences, including dark entities 

  • Practical tools for dissolving subconscious fears and "stuckness"

  • A beautifully supportive Light community, and more





And learn more about what

Silver, Gold, and Platinum Membership offer

And see below to take advantage of the

Special Pricing Av
ailable only for Healthy Love Show Participants!

Now through Saturday, December 23 at 11:00 PM Eastern Time



- Best Value - 


[Total Value: $1,267/month]

Ideal for highly personalized, laser channeled guidance, transformative energy work, and advanced prosperity teachings 


Save 10% with a 3-month

Platinum subscription


[Total Value: $3,801]

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Save 10% with a 6-month

Platinum subscription


[Total Value: $3,801]

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[Total Value: $1,267/month]


Ideal for extensive energy work,

weekly live channeled answers, and proven prosperity methods

Save 10% with a 3-month

Gold subscription


[Total Value: $1,650]

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Save 10% with a 6-month

Gold subscription


[Total Value: $1,650]

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[Total Value: $1,267/month]


Ideal for beginning your Abundance journey with monthly channeled answers, energy work, and Abundance teachings

Save 10% with a 3-month

Silver subscription


[Total Value: $603]

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Save 10% with a 6-month

Silver subscription


[Total Value: $603]

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What People are Saying about the Abundant Living Program . . . 

"I can’t imagine life without our weekly healing meetings, and having my questions answered by the Collective. 

I started as a Gold member, then found how invaluable our weekly work was, both personally and as a group, for changing our lives in practical, positive and abundant ways. 

Next I signed up for a year as a Gold member. 

It turned out to be the most loving, healing and life-changing investment I could have made for myself, my loved ones and humanity.

So much has shifted for me, so much has healed. I have learned so much and continue to grow each week.

I then signed up for a year as a Platinum Member, because nothing I’ve ever done spiritually or metaphysically for the past decade has brought me the real life changes I was looking for as my work has in our group with Caroline and the Collective. ​

I just have so much gratitude in my heart for Caroline’s work.

Once you join even one meeting, you’ll know what I mean when I say, 'Thank you, Caroline, the work you do for us all at such an affordable price is truly a gift to humanity!' "

- Valerie, Platinum Member, California


"For me, the group has been a life saver . . . 

[Silver Members] get to ask a question every month, and I always enjoy listening to the questions and answers. 

Most of the time the answers can apply to us all, being that we are all going through similar things.

It has helped me to understand how you can live an abundant life. It's a very positive atmosphere."

- Shareen, Silver Member, California


"I cannot adequately express my deep Appreciation and immense Gratitude to Caroline and her Team.

I consider it an absolute Blessing and saving Grace to be in the energy of the Gold group.

Every session is filled with Healing Energy, and I cannot say enough about Caroline's generosity sharing her incredible Gifts during the Q&A calls.

It feels as if I AM personally receiving a direct healing as she is working on each member of the Group individually. 

This is an incredible group of people who I feel a special connection to, whether I AM able to be live on the call or listen to the replay. 

This is a safe Sacred space where you are free to express vulnerability and nothing is off limits.

Thank you, Caroline, for your Dedication and Devotion to our Ascension. You are truly a Blessing in my Life!"

- Wilma, Gold Member, Canada


"The Group has been a lighthouse in a storm for me, providing much-needed guidance and valuable real-world tools. 

Caroline and the Collective have consistently provided me with “spot on,” loving guidance from the higher realms.

They have helped me accelerate my growth exponentially with compassionate weekly guidance delivered right to my soul, bringing greater clarity and understanding to many difficult situations.

I wait with bated breath to learn what feedback I will receive each week for my highest and best good.

Becoming a Gold Member was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. What a gift! 

I am forever grateful."

- Rebecca, Platinum Member, Italy


"Joining the Membership of the group has been a vital part of my developing self-care routine.

Caroline is incredibly supportive, generous and kind, and is there whenever I reach out. 

I really recommend being part of this programme.

The Q&As are a fantastic way to get a steer on things, or perhaps confirmation for what you already suspected. 

Caroline and the Collective cut through many layers to shine the light on what's really going on with abundance for me.  

I cannot recommend this highly enough. I hope you decide to receive this for yourself."​

- Patricia, Silver Member, England

“You are offering tremendous value with this Members group, and I love the work you are doing.
It has been amazing spending time with this group over the last 2 years plus. ​​

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to gain clarity on so many subjects, asking questions of a Collective who have a higher perspective on things. 

I highly recommend . . . a wonderful outlet of inspiration and empowerment.”

- Harry, Silver Member, Canada

"My heartfelt gratitude to you for the wonderful changes in my life since I joined the Group. 

Over a 40 year period, I've endured difficult challenges. The most recent began three years ago and only recently began to resolve, and I'm immensely grateful for that. 

I've been doing energy clearings almost daily, as well as listening to your wonderful meditations.

My relationship with my partner has improved beyond measure. Truly miraculous.

And I've grown immensely strong both emotionally and mentally. I'm daily claiming sovereignty over my person and my property.

I hope this progress may help others to know they too can see a brighter tomorrow."

- Sheila, Silver Member, Ireland

Go here and scroll down, for more testimonials

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