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A Message to Light Bringers - January 18, 2023

Today's Message is an excerpt from the new book channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan, Messages from the Spirits of Abundance.

This excerpt is from Chapter 2, “On Calling in Money to Fulfill Need.”

A Light Bringer asks: I have commanded myself to revise any soul contract for lack to a contract to experience abundance—to share! I have visualized myself drawing money abundance to myself through winning it, not by hard slave-work. I have entered many small to big sweepstakes and lotteries (with small money amounts), have tracked the draw dates, spoken my will to win. I have visualized sharing abundance with many. I have written lists annually, adding [the names of] those in lack situations that I have come to know. I have said affirmations daily. I have done these efforts for 13-plus years. I have kept positive, despite not attaining abundance with ease. What do you have to say on this? Fortuna, Goddess of Fortune, answers: We would say, dear one, that despite your very beautiful intentions to share what you create, you carry within your energies a measure of guilt and unease about having money that has withheld it from you. Your pursuit of fortune in ways other than through “hard work” is admirable, as indeed there is much to be received in this world without hard effort. Yet we speak of unconscious guilt and unease about having money, as you stress in your message that you are calling in winnings not simply for yourself, but for others. In so doing, you accidentally confirm two things: The inner container you have for money is already releasing energy, even before the money has arrived. You have also decided that these others you care about are “in need.” The money cannot come to you, so long as you are mainly a channel to receive so as to give. It is hard for anyone to receive, if they have consciously stepped aside from large portions of any sum. And unconsciously decided that their Giving is mainly to fulfill Need. An attempt to rescue anyone is a strong confirmation of lack and loss. It confirms that there is only so much Abundance for humanity to experience, and you wish to make up for that lack outwardly—by giving part of what you receive. Though that is a kind and generous impulse, and we would say that Giving is a beautiful thing to do, the impulse to help those in need is often a fear-based one. It badly confuses the Abundance energies you are welcoming in, and diffuses your co-Creational actions. And so the money energy you desire is already diffused—it is already flowing out and away from you into multiple channels, even before it arrives.

​We are glad that you have revised your soul contract with money from lack to Abundance. Yet your intention is to somewhat diffuse or legitimate your desire for large sums, by having a list of others you wish to share with. We would say again that to give is a beautiful impulse, full of Love and kindness. Yet it often masks a fear of having money, which many equate with comfort, an easier life, or power. These ideas clash with many lifetimes of hearing “it is better to give than to receive,” and the notion that poverty and struggle are closer to “godliness” than comfort and plenty are. And so it often becomes a greater path to walk, to release the notion that one must suffer to move forward spiritually. And to realize that the first person you are here to be loving and generous toward is yourself. All who follow the way of the Light Warrior—a path of Peaceful intent, yet fraught with challenges and demands—will often insist that all those around them must eat, rest, or be encouraged and loved, before they themselves will partake of such. Your many selfless lifetimes of service to community, family, and spiritual groups all attest to your giving spirit, which we greatly respect. Yet let us look at the phrase, “your many selfless lifetimes.” Most of you have spent lives as a contemplative, a monk, a nun, or something similar, in constant service to the community. Many of you have been a spiritual teacher who lived on practically nothing, or a healer or shaman who had to hide their gifts and practices for fear of being found out by the “authorities.” Or perhaps you decided out of humility that you would only accept donations rather than payment for your life work. All of you have also had lives as a woman, in which you were made to subsist at times in the most degrading and poverty-stricken circumstances. For centuries, lower income women were raised to ensure that if there is any food, it goes mainly to the man of the family, then to the children and domestic animals, and then if there is any left, to her. At times she was expected to put all forms of self-care aside and sell herself as prostitute, slave, or servant, or whatever would bring money into the household. In those and other third dimensional circumstances, “selfless” became literally true—you lived as if you were a non-person, without a Self. This is over-giving, whether due to a misdirected humility or sheer need for survival. In those lives, you no longer experienced yourself as a whole and separate being, but merely a form of function. Many of you have also had lives in which you were treated merely as a tool of a religious or philosophical construct, or a tool of the state and family—a servant or a slave to a slaveholder, employer, religious community, husband, or other forms of ownership—at different times in Earth’s history. You took vows and oaths of poverty and self-denial, which our subconscious reads as still viable and applicable in that and all lives following.

Most of you now desire to break out of this very old mold, without realizing that your desire to disappear inside large acts of generosity is a form of self-negation, and one of the things you came into this life to heal yourself of. While some suffer from a worship of the self, in these above cases, self-Love, self-care, and self-respect, based on kind and generous acceptance of oneself, is the path forward out of lack. You will not find it by saying, “But what I call in is also for others. It’s not as if I were only asking for myself!” Certainly that kind of generosity can be laudable, yet what if the kind gift you offer is an affirmation that those you are giving to are “in need”? That vibration of need will persist, till they pull themselves out of it. Merely treating outer circumstances is never enough. Consider as well that they may have chosen those circumstances to learn from them. That may be their chosen, sacred path, and not the accident or “unfortunate” situation you and others assume it is. The Universe follows the commands of your heart-mind, not only the left-brain aspect of thought. And so, have you got a large and open container, ready to receive? One without blockages and too many channels of out-go ready, before you receive? Take a moment now, dear ones, and let your thought and feeling fully absorb the importance of this message. To give to another is a great blessing to both you and them. Yet you cannot give to all who appear to be “in need” now, as so many have chosen that path, or unconsciously fallen into it. If you did not give away all that your inner training says you should give, would you suffer some guilt? Do you feel in some way responsible for those in need? And so now we see a great issue with that word “need”! And so, let us look at the root of the issue, which is always a matter of energetic frequency. To say that someone is in Need affirms that their situation can only be remedied (or temporarily assisted) by some form of outside help. And that living in lack is typical of their lives in some way. Far from lifting anyone out of lack, it unconsciously consigns them to it indefinitely. This is a very great issue in human life. Yet all are worthy of Abundance. And so you assist both your own growth and those you wish to assist, by taking everyone off the “Lack” list. In truth, no such thing as lack exists—only blockages to forms of Abundance. One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone, is to affirm that they are moving into such an Abundance and prosperity feeling and mindset, that their Abundance “pours forth now in ways that are perfect for them.” Image them opening their hearts joyfully to receive it! This is a far greater gift than money itself. But first and more importantly, dear one, focus upon yourself, and your own growth and expansion . . .

Copyright 2023, Caroline Oceana Ryan ​​ from Messages from the Spirits of Abundance: Channeled Guidance from the Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth ​​ Ascension Times Publishing – All rights reserved.

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