A Message to Lightworkers - October 8, 2021

This week’s guidance is offered from the Spirit of Money as we know it on this planet, which is part of the overall Spirit of Abundance:

COR: Greetings, Abundance friend! I've got a few questions for you.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Greetings! I am happy to assist.

And I am glad you are willing to speak to me individually. So many feel I cannot hear any of you, but as with all energy, I hear very well!

COR: So you hear us when we whine that you are "not enough"?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes. Not a happy moment, because by the laws of this Universe, that resistance to the appearances of the present moment slows or stops the flow of my energies to you. That is a preset law of quantum physics.

COR: I feel that many people feel a real closeness and Thankfulness for you. Yet they also feel unheard at times, as they call in more of you.

Why is it so hard for good, kind people to draw you in at times, when you flow in so easily other times?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: I love that so many of you give so freely and so often! I love that you are Thankful to me and for me, and Thankful for so much in life. And so ready to meet life with all its demands!

And yet, that is part of the problem.

Kind-hearted folk will often concentrate almost completely on the demands of life, as they give so much to others. They reflect on how tiring the demands of the day are, and how hard they are. How much more energy and focus they must eternally give to meet all the demands put upon them, in the correct time and way.

Yet how can this be living? How can this be Joy?

Your energies too often empty themselves out, and that includes my energy, which relates to yours in an ongoing way.

The life energy reserves of the over-giver flow out without boundaries, without a stopping point. So that you are in essence, saying to the Universe, “I don’t really exist. No need to send me anything. I’ll just give it away as soon as I get it. Flow it to those who really need it!”

Then you are sad, and say that I do not come to you all often enough. Which is ridiculous, friends!

How can you not count in this equation! Does that sound like Abundance to you?

I am, as with all Abundance and prosperity, made of the Joy of flowing, forward movement.

If you wish me to flow easily to you, by the laws of your Universe, I require that those who are ready to receive me into both their essence and their outer life (accounts, wallet, etc.) do so with JOY, and purely for the Joy of Receiving!

Not just because they have bills to pay! And not just because they wish to give to others.

What so many are concentrating on is what they “NEED money FOR."

What I call you to, is to take JOY in your money forms, as with all Abundance, for its own sake.

If you met someone wonderful and decided what they were "good for,” and told them so, they would be sad that you didn’t just Love and appreciate them for who and what they are, in essence.

That you didn't fully see and Love their presence, beauty, intelligence, kindness, humor. A presence you enjoy and appreciate, and want to keep around.

Understandably, many of you are troubled at the thought of having me with you out of enjoyment of my presence.

You have been taught that money is low and evil, and that to be spiritually aware and pure, you must despise me. And yet, this guarantees a very low flow of my energies in your life, and it cuts off other forms of your Abundance as well.

This is one of the very great chasms between the poor and the wealthy. And I do use that term “poor,” though it is as inaccurately used as the term “wealthy.” Usually, neither term is understood by humanity! “Poor” actually means poverty of consciousness, and “Wealthy” actually means “well-being." So let us look at the terms as they are commonly used, shall we?

You are taught that “poor” means “perpetually out of money,” though in actual fact, many who rank themselves as being "poor" do earn decently enough. Just as many who call themselves wealthy are, in actual fact, “not exactly millionaires,” as you say.

The trouble is, those who feel poor live in an ongoing panic.

Look at that phrase—they FEEL poor, therefore they are, regardless of income level.

The money comes in, and instead of reveling in that amount, full of Joy that they have been given that, greeting me as a dear friend (whatever the amount), and enjoying my presence for a moment, they immediately decide that unfortunately, it is “not enough.” They then shoo that amount out the door for this situation or that.

Now, if someone were to say to you over and over again, “I want you, but you are never enough for me!” you would realize, "This is no friend to me!" and walk away, with all your self-respect in place.

It is the same with how I feel many days.

Not because I do not desire to flow to you, but because your emotional upset, anxiety, and underlying resistance and fear of your own judgment shoves me away.

It is not necessary to receive a large sum of money each week or month in order to feel truly wealthy, in terms of finances or otherwise.

What is necessary, is that you Love and give Thanks for what you have received, even if your logical side yells, "Not enough!" And if you can, keep at least 10% of what you receive for yourself.

Keeping even just 1% is a huge help, because your subconscious will begin to understand then, that “Money comes to me so I can accumulate and enjoy it. " Just as I keep getting healthier, keep loving life more and more, and keep believing in myself more and more—likewise, my money keeps adding up more and more. All good things are flowing to me!”

It is also vital that you revel in the sum you receive, whether it is $2 (or £2 or €2, etc.) or $20,000.

Believe me, I do not count the difference in those sums. What I notice is the way you receive my presence—my energy—and if you love having me around!

If you turn around and immediately spend all of me, without taking time to actually feel and resonate with the financial wealth (of any amount) in your hand, I feel as if you have said that we are not friends! You are announcing to the Universe, and to my energies, that you do not really want me to be with you.

Because you did not take any time with me, giving thanks for ALL the good in your life, including me, treating me as a friend, and sharing some part of that energy with yourself and others, purely for the Joy of it, the channel through which you receive me begins to narrow or fade.

What can you spend your money on that brings you Joy, even if you use a very small part of it?

Does it all go to pay bills or food or rent? Or can you take at least a small sum and buy something that gives you a smile?

If saving that $3 or $5 will give you an even bigger smile—and it can—then do that!

I will say that it is hard for me when you quickly spend, either impulsively or compulsively on some store or online item you do not need, and soon will not value. Or when you spend money paying bills that are utterly necessary, yet with a feeling of resentment at that giving. For where is the Joy in that, my friends? Your Joy is an open door to me! Can you give, whether to yourself or a friend or a homeless person, or the electric company, freely and happily, without resentment or guilt or regret?

Can you balance the giving with the receiving, and ask for Wisdom to know where that balance is? When I am not flowing in your life, that is a sign that there is an energetic imbalance somewhere, often leading you to make money decisions that are not for your higher good.

Perhaps you are not commanding a high enough rate for the work you do, or not trusting that I can come to you in many ways.

Or reacting with shock, and wondering "what the payback will be" from the Universe each time I come in some unexpected way, instead of rejoicing over that.

Yes, I Am a presence on this planet that has been badly mishandled and misaligned.

Yet as with most of you, I also wish to move up in vibrational form, and in my role upon the Earth. We are alike in that and many other ways.

Rather than “working hard,” have you thought of giving Thanks for all you already have, and feeling the reality of that wealth—that well-being—then being clear and stating to me what amount you desire to come to you now (no need to put it off—all times are Now!)? And then learning to RELAX so as to be open to receive it?

When do you relax, so as to concentrate on the miracle of your breath—the in-flow and out-flow? Or the sway of the leaves in the trees, or the flow of water in a stream?

You are in a beautiful season upon the Earth now, whether autumn or springtime.

Take time for the beauty of it! Note how, as one sacred text would say, the lilies of the field do not spin and toil. Yet a great king who lived long ago, famous for his material wealth, was not clothed so well as these.

COR: Are you asking that we slow down in our outer behavior? Or mainly in our inner energies? It seems like you are telling us to be still inwardly, as well as to be physically quiet at a particular time each day, with no “agenda,” so we can open up to your flow of energies.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Ah, now you are following! The inner will take its cue from the outer. So in being physically quiet, your attention will naturally flow to how you are feeling about me inwardly.

From there you can gauge how your energy is flowing regarding your finances, whether that is positive or on edge, flowing with ease or locked into stress, anxiety, or worry. The latter creates a very great constriction in your ability to receive. So do whatever is needed in those moments, whether it is yoga stretches, meditation, listening to inspiring music of a high vibration, so as to move into Calm, and the inner Knowing that All is Well.

You will notice that the very wealthy, and even the somewhat well-to-do, do not work hard, generally, unless they were trained to do so from childhood. And what you term as “old money” rarely works hard, if they work at all.