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A Message to Lightworkers - October 1, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

This week, a wonderful Light Bringer has written in with a series of questions we are happy to assist with:

QUESTION: What can we expect life to be as we Ascend? I’ve wondered if we will all realize it at the same moment, or if it is a gradual experience.

We would say, that everyone's experience of becoming a fifth dimensional being will be utterly unique to them, though there are some common points. For one, many are feeling exhausted at present, and going back and forth between moments of utter calm and the emotional turbulence that comes with releasing their old life.

This may involve releasing old friends or partners, or jobs or interests.

Perhaps their eating patterns have changed. Or they may begin exercising more, though that never used to be the case. Or they may feel the need to be in a sort of cocoon for while, getting far more sleep. Or desiring to spend more time in Nature.

Dreams will also be more vivid -- or impossible to remember, though upon awakening, many feel something significant was experienced in the sleep state.

Many are asking their Spirit team to let them see more of what they do in their sleep state, as they travel etherically at night. Many wish to integrate that higher dimensional experience with their everyday life, and that is one of the bigger signs of Ascension -- the integration of the higher vibrational reality with that of everyday Earth life.

We would say in general (though again -- experiences will be unique to each person), that in fifth dimensional life, there will be far more speaking of one's Truth, yet in a way that also allows the other person or group to say what they feel is their own Truth.

And even if the two would have seemed, in third dimensional life, to have clashed or be too different to meet, they shall meet. In these moments, a bridge is extended that offers compassion for another's journey. And in some cases, a memory will arise of a life in which one person realizes, "I have been here before. I know this person's path of growth, and I understand at least in part why they must travel that journey." Rather than resorting to violence, individuals and groups will develop healthy boundaries between varying traditions and forms of living, until the time when all can meet on an increasingly level field -- a place beyond dogma, beyond culture, beyond points of view and their egoic assertions. You have seen a wide-ranging concern for the Earth increase now, across cultures, ages, and distance.

This has to do with the increasingly symbiotic relationship that humanity, as it Ascends, is developing in relation to the Earth Herself.

Concern for her well-being, and for the well-being of all, will only increase now, to outweigh the divisiveness and third dimensional density of exploiting the Earth for short-term "benefit" that is short-sighted and ill-intended, and in reality, "benefits" only the elite.

There will be a full revealing of the extraterrestrial presence and its history with this Earth, and an end to the suppression of higher technologies that heal, and that build, and that provide energy in utterly clean and sustainable ways.

There is far more, but we will leave you with those ideas for now. Certainly your own imagination, led by your intuition (the presence of your higher self) is already giving you beautiful visions of a humanity joined in Unity spirit, living in Peaceful, self-sustaining communities, and upholding the sanctity of all life, in all ways.

QUESTION: There are those dogmatic thinkers who believe they are adopted children of God. Are they going to Ascend, and gradually understand? Or will there still be a third dimension for them, just not on this planet?

We would say, that similar to what we have noted above, it is vital to allow all others the path they have chosen for this or any time in any Earth journey. You would ask for the same leeway to be granted to you, and most assuredly, that is your right and your choice.

You too have lived lives in which you missed the point spiritually, one might say, as have most.

Many have experimented with dogma, asking to know how they might react and what they might learn, living in a culture that espouses dogma, and feeling that they had no choice, quite often, but to accept it, or else be without family and community.

Others experiment with it for a time, then break free, whether easily or not so easily.

And yet—the soul bends toward the Light, always.

Rest easy in the realization that even those who stray far into darkness will need to move back into the Light at some moment, as this Universe, and not only this planet, is indeed Ascending.

Divine Light is becoming the order of the day. Not all at once, but that is the flow of energies that you are witnessing now.

QUESTION: Is there to be a written version of our descent into matter, so that others may learn from it without incarnating [into the physical]? There is already a written version of all that has occurred, and that is the Akashic records. One may read these in a state of deep meditation, or with the help of an Akashic records “reader” or intuitive who is able to see the particular scrolls of information you seek.

Others have learned from it, yet you will note that the idea that “Experience is a great teacher” is not only true for Earth life, but for all life. This is a demonstrative Universe—it has sought out experience in defined forms for millions of years, and will continue to do so.

QUESTION: Would it help us to know more about our life in the fifth dimension? Or would it distract our re-creation of the Garden of Eden on our planet? Do they [3D and 5D] blend? We do not feel that it would distract you to know more about life in the fifth dimension, yet we will say, you will (and are) as a race of beings, be creating that form of living increasingly as you Ascend.

The third and fifth dimensions are already blending, dear one! You see it all around you now, hence the strange clashes between the old and the new. And the desperate last-minute attempts by the old power structure to keep what little control it has left. You may take that as a positive sign, despite the density of their efforts, that all is moving forward.

Each day, more Light descends upon your planet and all who live and breathe upon her. It likewise flows beautifully into your own consciousness.

And rather than conform to some abstract 5D ideal, you are as Earthlings deciding now what your particular interpretation of those beautiful higher energies will mean for humanity, and their planet.

QUESTION: Looking forward has always helped me, so I wonder if it would help others too . . . or was I wrong to work this way?

We would say, yes—look forward.

Yet it is the beauty and the power of the Present Moment that is the true miracle! There is no need to "escape" the Present. Imagine only beautiful things happening, right now. Revel in the beauty of this moment! The poet Max Ehrmann put it, "With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world." And we would say, For all its birth pains, amidst the Divine Chaos of Creation, it is still a beautiful Earth life.

Namaste, dear ones!

Even amidst all you see now, you are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Thank you.

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