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A Message to Lightworkers - November 5, 2021

From the higher beings known as the Collective: Greetings, dear ones!

Once more, this week’s guidance is again channeled from the Spirit of Money, part of the overall Spirit of Abundance, this time in video form:

Money speaks on several issues, including:

  • The return of the energies of the Divine Feminine in terms of how Money is expressed on this planet

  • How energy needs to flow easily in every area of our lives, as air and water flow in Nature, in order for each area of life to work well for us

  • NESARA Law and NESARA rainbow currency

  • The importance of opening up to hear our higher self and spirit guides

  • The prospering power of offering your daily work as a loving service to others

  • How the old economic system, in which the elite have hoarded wealth, cannot stand in the Light now coming to the planet

  • That Money desires to flow to ALL, though some have written into their life's blueprint that they will not have much money, or that they will create what's needed "in the moment," and how that life chart can be revised

  • How to handle that moment when you're saying, "I don't have enough money!"

  • How the way you treat any Money you receive affects how more comes in -- the importance of taking time to Appreciate money before using it

  • How to tap into your higher self's wisdom on how to increase your income, when you are already working a tiring, full-time job

Money wishes to say to All: We are not difficult to experience at joyful levels! We desire to flow to All. Spend far more time feeling Joyful about the Good you have already created, feeling full of Appreciation for all you already have created and drawn in. When you feel sad or frustrated, and bereft of a steady flow of Abundance, know that we desire to come to you. Speak to us as an old friend, and bring up your sadness or frustration, and feelings of loss. These must come forward in order to be healed fully. Do not suppress those emotions when you feel them. Let them come forward and pour them out, releasing them as merely Appearance of lack, and not the reality of it.

Then affirm that:

"There is no lack. That is only appearance and illusion. "The only reality is that I AM Always full of Abundance in all forms, including Money.

"I AM the power of Creator God/Goddess in all areas of my life. I AM the presence and power of Divine Love Itself!

"I demonstrate Abundance in all ways. I AM Abundance, now and always!"

We send you great blessings of prosperity in all its most beautiful forms. Image us in the form of NESARA rainbow currency, for we desire that all shall enjoy our most Joyful energies. Namaste, friends! All shall be most well.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and without revision, and including the link to this post, at

Thank you.


If you would like to ask the Spirit of Money questions about your Abundance situation in a channeling session or a "Just One (or Two or Three) Question" recorded channeling, just let Caroline know before the start of the session, or as you send in your question(s).

Go here to book. Namaste!

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