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A Message to Lightworkers - May 24, 2024

This week's guidance from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Nations families, Earth elements, Fae elders, Angelic legions, and other Light Beings known as the Collective:


THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. This week our writer wishes to speak with Mother Sekhmet, who is amongst us always. CAROLINE: Mother Sekhmet, I have been feeling very strongly that the time for humanity to learn from extreme density—violence, and all kinds of trauma such as created by war and other atrocities—is well over. What is the point of our suffering in this way any longer?

It's not the only way for our souls to grow and evolve!

We see so many suffering in ways that I feel strongly are no longer needed in human life. The Earth is Ascending! We're in the fifth dimension now! Why are we still mired in all this madness?


MOTHER SEKHMET: Greetings, dear ones! We are pleased to speak with you now. You refer to the last parts of third dimensional Earth life.

This is, as some would say, very bad medicine!

The hardest way to learn—suffering and feeling losses, rage, grief. Other very dark emotions. Physical pain and shock. The human response to these must shift, and you are capable of assisting with that—all of you! As you see others suffering, whether on your streets or in your homes, on your devices—do not decide that they are in dire straits! That their souls are no longer powerful. We do not view only what the human vessel is experiencing!

Aurora borealis - Mont Saint Michel, France - from

You are in a body. And so to you, that is the main aspect of what many are experiencing. Their Earth selves, trapped in a small space, with a small outlook. A narrow concept of what is truly happening.

All of us would say, Remember! Remember that you did not come here only to know Joy, but to plant into the Earth ways that Earth life might permanently move out of suffering!

In some cases, children, this means there will indeed be suffering in many a person’s life, even in whole populations, regardless of where those events fall on your timeline. Though Earth has now moved to 5D, the story is still being written! For great evil to finally leave for good, it must be exposed. And some have volunteered to come forth and to allow themselves to experience the annihilation of culture, or personhood, or wellness, so as to remove the rocks under which these ones lie—these ones who steal and kill for their own pleasure and profit. You have sensed that religion and politics are not the main source of the mayhem. They are tools only. There are intergalactic forces at work here, as there have been for thousands of years. Many thousands of years. They have come from different galactic cultures, in fleets of ships and motherships, to steal from Earth, a beautiful living being, that which She requires in order to maintain Her balance and wellness. To them, they are as some say, “valuable resources” or “payload.” A very old story, as is the manipulation of human consciousness into slavery and dark forms of unconsciousness. The using of human life energy, so as to fuel their machinery, the machinations of their dark lords. You and millions of others did not come in at this time only to view the fifth dimension coming into view, and to celebrate such, though this is a thing of great beauty! You came in to cleanse! To usher these ones who manipulate and destroy OUT of your planet and your galaxy. And to call upon Universal justice. A rebalancing of what is known as “power” so that even the smallest and most innocent child is revered in all situations—valued, and kept well and safe from all dark intent. And so yes, there is great movement regarding the growth and expansion of souls, as you say. Suffering need not be the vehicle for this—no! You are all of you capable of growth in Joy and in Peaceful co-existence with all there is. You are right to call upon that now. To expect it and celebrate it and require it to be so! And yet, you are missing important moments, when you require that all move into Joy before their self-chosen assignment for this Earth life is completed. You do indeed see young ones, even very tiny Earth humans, suffering and dying inside war and famine.

A plasma ship - from

You would presume to say, “They ought to be well and healthy, and never troubled by homelessness, invasion, the madness of war.” This is a stance born from the desire that none shall suffer any longer. And yet, given the history of your fine planet, this would be nearly impossible, until the causes of those wars, invasions, and starvations be removed! That is what millions have come in for at this time, though they bear no conscious memory of such. You may weep for those who suffer and their travails, and yet we ask—have they wept for yours? You would say to them, “Please do not feel troubled! I have come in for this! "These issues have troubled me for many Earth lives. "I am releasing them now, through these very sufferings that you see no sense in. “And as I do so, I am helping all of Earth life to release these causes, and their results.” Were they to see the power of your and your fellow Light Bearers’ souls, they would bow with respect, and cheer you on, no matter the steepness of the climb! They would never think to say, “Can you not choose a simpler route? Must you suffer to get your work here completed?” And that is similar to saying to the law enforcement worker, “Must you go after the crooks? Can’t you wait till they give themselves up?” Or saying to the healer, “Can’t you just encourage the infection to leave this person’s body? Must you attack it with medicine?” They would laugh! They would say you do not know their work, and they would be correct! You have seen and have yourself ushered dark beings out of someone’s home or energies, and are aware that these would never leave out of their own volition. It takes an energetic source such as the ones willing to hold the issue, and the ones willing to chase it into higher Light, to rid Earth of that intrusion. And so, you are seeing the same in many places! Rather than refer to these ones as those who suffer, thank them for assisting in clearing and cleansing! They are establishing a whole new order of living, and it is not any “order” planned by those who live in shadow. They are aware that their day is ended. They see all the signs. This is another reason why they are acting out so viciously, so much intending to bring down as many people’s vibrations as possible. Because if all continue to rise as they have been, the reign of shadow is shortened even further!

A time-space portal - from Sherwood Forest to Glastonbury Tor, England - From

And so yes—you see the suffering, yet you do not see the powerful Light arising as so many send their Love and compassion, and their demands that THIS END NOW. Not your usual goings on, on this planet! Even those who are not writing to their representatives, or demonstrating, are sending their requirement energetically to the so-called governments. They are requiring that the shipping of weapons and money to those who desire war and other mayhem STOP NOW. Do not despair, as you see those who suffer! Hold them in the Light of your own soul, and remind them in that heart-space of the power of their own souls. Thank them for their beautiful work—that even as Earth is rebirthed and Ascending, they were willing to come forth and release all physical safety, as a way to assist in routing out the dark ones in their last days. And to hasten the time when these ones are held accountable, and to therefore bring forth the Light you have all cried out for all the more quickly. We do not blame you for asking these questions, and it is so—growth through Joy awaits all who desire it. Yet do not attempt to negate the power and presence of a soul determined to assist in the cleanup! The arrests, the dismantling of the old structure, both on Earth’s surface and in the hollows of Inner Earth, some of it too long used for dark purposes. Your day dawns, young ones! Note the increasing Light on the horizon. You all have seen such! Be thankful to those who have had the courage to come and release not only their own karma, but that of many millions!

They come not to be saviors, nor victims, but avatars for the cleansing Light of renewal. All Good, all Grace, are yours now, and ever shall be. Namaste! We are with you. Do not doubt! 



Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2024

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