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A Message to Lightworkers – May 21, 2021

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today our writer asks a question, which we are happy to answer:

COR: My friends, many Light Bringers in these times are feeling that the higher forces of Light are not hearing our request for intervention.

As we look out onto the world now, we see more density—more violence, more illness, a seemingly greater amount of authoritarian control—not less.

Some are feeling that we have been, perhaps not entirely abandoned to an increasingly bad situation on this planet, but that the wheels of change are turning so slowly that there are increasingly fewer choices for those desire humanity to free itself.

You have spoken to this before now, but I bring it up again in case you have anything else to add to those other Messages. And your energy work is greatly appreciated at this time!

The Collective: And we are more than honored to assist, dear one.

For one, the disappointment and increasing sense that you have been “abandoned to your fate” as they say is not only due to the outer circumstances you see around you now.

It is part of an ongoing form of withdrawal from the drug of illusion.

Humankind is also awakening to the sleight of hand tricks , long employed to entrain parts of your brain activity and much of your spirit, so as to keep you all small, passive, and ready to serve interests that were never your own, though appeared to be.

So that yes, you will many days feel as if there is no safety net beneath you, and that you are battling the elements of Earth’s current crises on your own.

Yet we would ask, Was there ever a safety net?

All of those centuries in which people had to battle the elements, capture or grow their own food or scrounge for it . . . all those thousands of years in which women had little to no control over their lives in most cultures—

All of the centuries in which to deny local authorities whatever they required from the masses was to risk severe punishment or death—

Were you safe and secure in those times? We would say, there was no safety net beneath you then.

No one to catch you should there be a plague, a terrible storm, a drought, crops ruined, battles raging, ships sinking, enslavement, too many children to feed, too many illnesses that seemed to have no cure.

There were of course times on the Earth when certain advanced cultures flourished, without the intrusion of a dark agenda.

And there were many centuries in which indigenous ways provided for a people, including natural cures for illnesses, ingenious forms of food production, solid housing, joyful creative expression, and matriarchal governance, amongst other provisions.

Humanity was not lost in those times. And yet, they did not last.

After the fall of the great civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria, the “long arm of Sauron” managed to spread its shadow across all lands, exterminating the indigenous and outlawing their traditions and teachings, and cutting humanity off from its cosmic origins, so as to disempower humanity on as many levels as possible.

Of course, since the annihilation and assimilation of the indigenous in most parts of the world, new “solutions” and systems have been introduced, supposedly to support the masses. Yet clearly, these have mainly succeeded in supporting the elite who created them, and their descendants, while exploiting humanity and Earth’s natural elements.

And so now you are in an era in which those “supports” are badly failing, and no longer can you bear to hear the disingenuous speech-making and false reassurances from the old crowd, that this solution or that will rectify matters.

Or that those parts of the world that seem to be perpetually locked into war are destined to suffer, as people are told, “There is no easy solution.”

Your growing discomfort now is only partly due to what you see happening outwardly. The rest of the discomfort, as we say, has to do with your emerging from the anesthetized state of not quite knowing why you are here, or where you have come from.

It will indeed feel to be a cold and insecure place to be, that sort of awakening.

Not for the faint at heart, and not anything you would desire to journey through, were your ego-mind and personality to have their choice.

Yet your life does not consist now of what your ego-mind would prefer.

It mainly now consists of the soul growth direction that leads you to the realizations of why you incarnated at this time.

And it consists of an increasing awareness that Earth’s people have not been free and independent in mind, spirit, or body for thousands of years, though somehow, that is what they are reaching for now.

And so you are among the first to hear the very faint but definite strains of music of those spheres that dance around you in space, and are increasing in vibratory rates and in “voice” you might say, so as to enliven and awaken you to the capabilities you have long had, but forgot long ago.

This is not based on outer Earth realities as you see them now on the nightly news reports, nor are they based on your desire to end those situations and the pain they cause.

This awareness is born from a vibration that flows well above Earth life, yet is now powerfully moving into your planet and human consciousness, to the degree that now no part of Earth life can remain untouched by it.

Already you are not the people you were even one week ago, having come forward in one week or one month to a level of evolvement that in past centuries would have taken many years.

Yet how is that acceleration going to help us now that everything feels to be so out of control? you may ask, and understandably so.

It helps by assisting you—lifting you—into realizing that while you may pray for deliverance from the pains, losses, pressures, and shocks of current Earth life, you will find now that increasingly, though you pray to the heavens, you are the ones you have been waiting for.

It is so, that the old Hopi elder prophecy is not a mere poetic turn of phrase. This is that time that, as many have noted, the ancestors pointed to as the time of reckoning.

The time when those who have held stolen power over others, and worshipped service-to-self, must face an accounting of their deeds, and a loss of that power, for all time.

Yet do not assume that it is that moment that grants you your freedom, for you did not design this particular co-Creation to work that way.

It is your own grasp of your co-Creative powers, your own palpable inner experience of that which outlives and outstretches human endeavor and human circumstance, that pulls you out of the mire, now and always.

You are greater than this, the winds will whisper to you now as you release the effects of the old power structure’s last frantic grab for control.

And as the strains of the music of the higher realms reaches your own high heart, you will recognize aspects of yourself you though never to meet—a calm, an inner quiet, a lack of resistance that makes all fighting irrelevant and all judgment unnecessary.

You cannot overestimate the power of this moment!

This too is an action taken, though the world may judge inner growth, realization, and vibrational shifts as too etheric to be “enough.”

Yet here all of you, standing in your strength, reclaiming that sovereignty from within that you had thought you had to wait for, be assigned by someone else.

That factory is closed. Your high heart and your higher mind are freed!

Rejoice in your re-gathered strength and Inner Knowing, or if you cannot rejoice, give Thanks in whatever quiet way you can.

For this you came. Namaste, dear ones! All is well.

Listen within, and you will realize once again: You are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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