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A Message to Lightworkers – March 5, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are more than pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And so as always, we bow to you. Because what you are, is highly intelligent, highly developed and evolved Light Beings who have chosen an entire path of Earth life experiences which have included hundreds, and for some of you, well over a thousand lives upon the planet.

You didn’t only do this for your own understanding, or perhaps a sense of adventure or a sense of creativity, though all that is fine. You did it because you looked down the timeline that Earth would be evolving into—and you are moving into a new timeline now—and you saw what was coming. Or you have already experienced it, and decided to go back in time to try to revise a bit of what was going to happen, and lift the current evolvement into a higher energy.

You saw all of this, and you said, “Let me add my particular line of harmony to this powerful, beautiful melody.”

There is a video of a group of young men, young high schoolers in a lovely choir, singing this beautiful song, “Come Travel With Me.”

As you listen, you hear different lines of harmony in that song.

It’s based on a beautiful poem by Walt Whitman, “Song of the Open Road” from his wonderful self-published book, Leaves of Grass, which was, at the time it was published, considered interesting, but which is now considered a classic of US literature.

This song was shared recently by a dear one called Penny, who is part of the A Night at the Roundtable show, and chose that song for the closing music one night. She points out that Whitman, in this song, celebrated democracy, but he spoke of it in spiritual terms that were intercultural in meaning. And we would wish for you, as well, to see it in terms of intercultural connection.

Penny quoted a writer from The Atlantic who says, “At a time when Americans hate one another across partisan lines as intensely perhaps as they have since the Civil War, Whitman’s message is that hate is not compatible with true democracy, spiritual democracy.”

He noted that “We may wrangle and fight, squabble and disagree. Up to a certain point, Whitman approved of conflict. But affection and friendliness must always define the relations between us.”

Then he shares that perhaps what Whitman mainly offers, is hope. The hope that this new form of social living can prosper, and give people access to levels of happiness and freedom they have never enjoyed.

Now, what is being presaged there—what is being introduced without anybody saying so—is NESARA itself.

Because there will be nothing more powerfully integrative and intercultural in that moment, in all moments on Earth, than that moment when NESARA is finally fully birthed into Earth life reality!

So that when the lyrics, based on Whitman’s poem, say: Let’s go! Whoever you are, let’s go Come travel with me . . . We’ll go down the open road We’ll go where high winds blow We will go down pathless and wild seas, the world before me . . .

Could there be a more perfect description, dear ones? Certainly for many, where you are now on your planet feels to be pathless!

And this is because the Earth has not gone in this direction before. Earth, like Her people, has not gone this way before now.

So you may feel that that path is only being created as you take each step, one in front of the other.

And this can be difficult, yes. We understand.

Our writer and many others have been saying, “This virus has taken so many lives! And what is this shot they’re giving everyone? There have been adverse reactions to some. What if the shot only makes things worse?”

It’s an interesting question, because this is a time in which you almost can’t be on the Earth if your vibration refuses to flow with the higher vibration. Or you may be in a beautifully high vibration, but realize on a higher level that your work will be more properly shared and expressed now from the higher realms, and that you can help Earth’s Ascension more fully from that place.

So we wouldn’t say, wholesale, “Ah, well—everyone of a lower vibration is leaving!” We would say, allow that this pathless space in front of you doesn’t have to look so blank and unformed, when you understand that each of you is only responsible for his or her own path.

Yes, you can try to awaken people here or there. You can share what you wish people to move into, and what you would like them to realize. Let us make that simple for you, dear ones: Arguments are what people have had for a very long time.

Being convinced, being trained, being persuaded or programmed into something that is not natural, does not spring from deep within you, is where you have already been for many, many thousands of years.

So a new task would be simply, “Here I AM, anchoring the beauty, the power, the unique presence of my soul. “And each day, all I ask, as anyone would, is that that beautiful Presence shine through me, and develop on the Earth its own resonance. “So that my particular line of music is added to all the others, and it blends with all of them in ongoing harmony.”

And as you are doing that, dear ones, you are simply following your path with Joy, loving and accepting everyone you meet. Never mind what they believe; never mind who they voted for. Never mind, dear ones, whom they seem to represent to you.

See the different colors in the astoundingly green tapestry that has always been Earth life. From the beginning, you were a sort of living library of varying ideas, cultures, colors, shapes, and interests.

And that won’t be lost, post-NESARA, by simply living who you are.

Asking every day to be your best, brightest, most beautiful, most loving, unique self.

If that isn’t world-changing, we don’t know what is!

Can you imagine if everyone did that? There would be no injustice allowed anywhere on the Earth, because it wouldn’t even occur to people!

And as you lead the way being this beautiful, bright self—not trying to tell others how to live—certainly if you want to share some information, that’s beautiful—but you don’t, as they say, sweat over the idea that they might not agree with you on everything—

As you plant that beautiful empowering Light into the Earth, you are changing everything. Never doubt that, dear ones!

We understand it’s distressing to some to see what’s happening in government, distressing to see what’s happening with the Earth’s climate.

We understand the economic reality is difficult, and that indeed, this looks to be a “pathless and wild sea” you are on.

Understandably, you’re unhappy many days because of that, and you’re unhappy to see disruptions in your own life. Yet, as Saint Germain pointed out recently on an Abundance Call, “None of this is an accident!”

This is your path, to bring about the true reformation of this planet. And life can be restored. Don’t think that it can’t be, dear ones! Most assuredly, it can. If it can be created into the physical, then prolonged in helpful ways—if rejuvenation can occur—then resurrection can occur!

Do not ever feel that that which appears to be lost is lost irretrievably, in terms of loved ones. And soul connection can remain, in any event.

So right now, dear ones, open your hands and your hearts, to receive. We’re going to call in the Light of each of your individual souls, soul families, and twin flames, requesting that that pour down upon you, so that you receive the gifts of living in the Present Moment as being the only thing you need do. And in fact, the thing that’s going to save you many days from panic or upset, at this turn of events or that.

Notice how quickly things are happening! So it’s almost sort of useless to react as if, “Oh, now everything’s gone this way!”

Because in a moment, it will go another way. Remember that a ship pitches, tosses back and forth. Do not feel you have to emotionally invest in any one of those tossings and turnings!

Just open to receive this Light which we call forth now, dear ones.

This is soul courage coming into every cell of the body, every particle of the etheric, mental, emotional bodies—all of your energy bodies. You can image your seventh chakra at the crown of the head, opening to receive this.

We’re going to move this beautiful Transmuting Violet Flame of Saint Germain into each of you, and into each person now on the planet.

Just image this lovely cool Violet Flame enveloping all.

It’s transmuting everything that is not of each person’s Higher Self, everything that does not lead them onto that which is for their higher good.

Just allow that for a moment, as we bring in a lot of Light.

And feel your beautiful soul family surrounding you now, dear ones, with Love! Standing around you in a beautiful circle.

Accept the energetic download now of their message that you are never alone, dear ones, whatever you may face.

The Divine Mother Herself has you in Her hand, and is lovingly guiding you through this pathless, wild sea.

What’s interesting about this lovely lyric from this song “Come Travel With Me,” is that it’s sung with so much expressive Joy and anticipation.

It goes well beyond feelings of uncertainty as to where the path or pathlessness will lead.

That lyric ends with the phrase—full of excitement at all that is unfolding now!—“the world before me.”

We must not stop here . . .”

There are things more beautiful and divine than words can ever tell There are things that will never, ever die There are things that will not grow old . . .

Let’s go! We must not stop here! Let’s go! And we will not fear

Let’s go! I give you my hand. I give you my heart. I give you my self.”

Truly, a lovely thing! So that the next time you hear someone saying something you don’t agree with, or you see something on social media which strikes you as particularly odious and untrue, or ridiculous, use that phrase:

Let’s go! We must not stop here. Come travel with me!”

For all is a matter of growth and evolvement, dear ones. For this you came.

And so we send our Love and many blessings.

And as always, we are awed by your bravery, your creativity, your courage, and your strength.


Originally channeled for the Ashtar Legacy Family Call on February 9, 2021 Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan, 2021

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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