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A Message to Lightworkers - March 31, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

We see many of you moving out of the fear and stress that the media often wishes to inject into your energies, preferring instead to determine your own realities of a Peaceful and heart-centered life that is not deterred from its path of service to the Light.

This is a very beautiful moment for those of us who are assisting humanity at this time, as you reach for ever higher levels of understanding and consciousness of your own Divinity, your own in-born beauty, power, and presence.

Today we answer a reader who has requested that we offer “our perspective on the Covid pandemic, the variants of it, and thoughts on a possible outcome and completion of it.”

Our perspective is that the plan to create this and other difficult issues for humanity was launched some time ago, along with the accompanying agenda of supposed preventative measures which, like the illness itself, are falsely created, and do not spring from a place of holistic capability, nor a desire for the healing and well-being of the human race.

We do not place great focus on either plan, as they were created in shadow, and deserve no one’s great attention, save those who will deal with the “ringleaders” of those plans, as you may call them, in international and intergalactic courts of Justice.

We do not wish to alarm those who may have thus far flowed with the current plan promised by authority figures to ensure safety and wellness.

Concentrate on your higher path, dear ones, and you will be led to both healing and renewed life on all levels, regardless of choices and circumstances made thus far.

Yet we would call this illness, which is an imbalance more than anything else, and curable by natural means, a decisive moment for Light Bringers of all shapes and colors, all over the planet.

In this moment on Earth, you have been placed where you must decide several things: whether to remain on the Earth for now, to experience this illness yet overcome it, or to experience it from afar, experiencing the losses of your own or others’ loved ones, yet remaining untouched by it physically.

And now you face part 2 of their plan, which is to allow what some are simply calling “the jab,” or to refuse such.

Understand that all of this is of your own choosing, dear ones.

That on a higher level, you have already decided whether you will remain or move on, and what you will experience, and how much of it.

Yes, this can be revised or rewritten, as all matters in your life chart on this free will planet.

Yet for most, you have already decided whether you will accept the mainstream media / mainstream medical interpretation of events, or whether you will mainly weigh matters for yourself, arming yourself with knowledge from those you intuitively trust, and the guidance of your Spirit team, and calling on Divine Wisdom for the wisest course of action and understanding.

This moment you are experiencing now is part of the increased sovereignty you have been claiming for decades—a process which actually began several centuries ago, and in some ways, several millennia ago.

So that far from being broadsided by these pressures, events, and influences—far from seeing life spin out of control—you are now exactly where you realized you would be, upon deciding to incarnate at this moment on your planet’s timeline.

This is a new timeline, so be aware of such.

Be aware that the machinations of those who create illnesses and disorders so as to profit from them and reduce population do not outrun or outreach the quiet power of all those who have helped move Earth and Her people onto this new timeline.

That timeline, which has waited through a very long era to present a particular course of events, is snowballing quickly now, leading to humanity freeing itself from a dark grip it long ago assented to experience.

As they say, “Time’s up” for such experimentation, and regarding, as this one Light Bringer asks, “outcome and completion,” we would say that is far closer than you may be assuming.

Remember that there are astrological influences bringing energies to the planet that are not only very freeing to those who are in the majority, but which are requiring consciousness to open up to where even the darkest of plans are being pushed to one side, then dissolved.

As that occurs, the determinative higher consciousness quality of human thought and emotion is co-Creating an entirely different path than the one you were once intentionally forced onto by those not valuing or honoring your free will, or your life force energies.

They have badly underestimated the power of these, even now, as they receive one warning after another that their rule is ended, yet choose to disregard and scoff at the idea.

Do not stress over “variants” and such—view them as extensions of the original dark plan, which as we say, you have chosen to void and dissolve from your energies and experience.

What the shadow realm wishes for you to believe, and has gone to great trouble to impress upon you, is the idea that “this is the only reality that exists for you—the restrictive, endangering, Earth-wrecking, destructive one we have created for you. Of course it would be nice if life would act otherwise, but you have to deal with what we give you.” And of course, that is an utter lie. You are all of you co-Creating, self-determining agents of Change on this planet, and first and foremost, in your own life, and this entire situation of illness and seclusion has been an elaborate way of showing you that.

And so now you will say, “I prefer not to learn things in the context of so much death and suffering!” To which we will say, Excellent! That determination was needed to turn the tide once and for all in Earth life. Your heart preference and therefore, your vibration, is pulling Earth off an old timeline headed for utter destruction and onto the new one headed for an active co-Creation of Abundance, Peace, Equality, and Freedom in all its highest forms.

Though we are fully engaged in Earth life, and work with all who call upon us to enact healing, progression, and increased Knowing of the higher levels of experience and Divine Love, we cannot do the most important work for you.

That you are committed to now through your own determination to keep your vibration as high as possible throughout the day, and to seek encouragement and stillness in the presence of your own higher self, soul family, and all Divine Beings you most happily draw to as channels of Wisdom, stillness, and Knowing.

You cannot be deterred from your path, dear ones, once you have decided in favor of Joy and positive co-Creation of Earth life in new higher forms!

Make this determination now, in your Earth body, as you once did before incarnating.

You might wish to say aloud now: Yes, I AM here to assist in the Ascension of this planet, and in the freeing of Her peoples. I begin now with the enlightening of my own heart-mind, and the raising of every particle of energy in my vibration. I choose Love. I choose Life. I move forward with whatever courage I can gather. And I sing to the New Earth, full of Joy at the Knowing that All Is Well, and shall ever be well.

And so it is!

We do not doubt you, dear ones—do not doubt your resolve, your inner strength even on the days when weakness rises to the surface to be released. This too is victory, so allow the tears to flow when they must, whether for yourself or another.

You are already that part of the New Earth symphony without which little else would matter. And so as always, dear ones, we thank you for your beautiful service to your Earth at this time, and welcome you into that higher vibrational life you have long desired to experience. Namaste, friends who are family! You are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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