A Message to Lightworkers - March 12, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today [speaking on the Ashtar Legacy Call of March 9]. And so, we chose the song "Ordinary Love" [by U2] for specific reasons. There is a beautiful line very early on in the song. It starts out saying, “The sea wants to kiss the golden shore / The sunlight warms your skin.” Then it says, “All the beauty that’s been lost before wants to find us again.” This, to us, speaks powerfully of NESARA! Even though the songwriters cannot speak of it in very direct terms, they certainly know about it. And it speaks beautifully to this moment that every Light Bearer is in.

Then the next line is, “I can’t fight you anymore / It’s you I’m fighting for.”

Now, this is very powerful.

Because what humankind has come down to, dear ones, and what every Light Bearer has come down to, is a moment where they have been struggling against themselves. Yes, sometimes against this oppressive, unjust system they were born into—yes, that can happen. That’s all right. Understandable.

All of you have resisted the difficulties of life. You don’t want there to be accidents. You don’t want there to be illness.

You don’t want there to be people lying to you who are in positions of power.

You don’t want any of that! You want to live in peace with yourself and others—with all of humanity, and all of the Earth.

And yet here you come to this time in which you face what one could call “a maximum of resistance against the Light,” on the part of those who are “allergic” to the Light, clearly!

And you find that the biggest struggle of all, is fighting yourself.

And what we mean by that, dear ones, is that the Light pouring into the planet now—these photonic rays which are so powerful, and the beautiful Beings visiting the Earth and reminding you Who you really are—tapping you on the shoulder ever so lightly, and speaking to you in your dream state—all of these powerful presences coming in are informing you:

The move from the left brain and the ego-mind into the the high heart, and into the higher self, has to happen now.

There’s no more time for conjecture or theorizing—no more time for writing “lovely little sonnets” as our writer will say—“fluffy” channelings and fluffy ideas about “how nice it will be once we’re finally in 5D and everything is wonderful!”

There’s just no room for it, dear ones.

You, yourselves, with your very presence, are requiring that humankind go beyond that—that all Light Bringers, in the very least, go beyond it.

In your quest to be the Jedi Master, and not the young fledgling, you are asking to put down Resistance.

Resistance to your higher self, resistance to the circumstances of your Earth, resistance to the circumstances of your own life.

And resistance to the process that leads you to release everything now, and everyone, who is not for your higher good.

And the second half of that line, after the songwriters say, “I can’t fight you anymore”—the second half of that is, “It’s you I’m fighting for.”

One could say they are speaking of Life on the planet! They wrote this a number of years ago, but it is perfectly applicable now! Absolutely applicable.

Because human beings are used to living in a constant state of Resistance.

And what happens when you struggle with something that is bigger than you, is that you will feel defeated.

And this is how people feel right now.

They are experiencing, yes—the Divine Chaos of Rebirth, the Divine Chaos of re-Creating—the re-Creation of this Earth, birthing it to a much higher level, which is wonderful.

But you are also resisting your own lives at the minute—you’re resisting not only what is happening on your planet, but what is happening within you.

And this is causing no end of emotional distress for millions of people.

Many are coming to the point where they are saying, “What do you want from me?” from a place of despair. Because the broken health, the broken finances, or the broken relationships, or the broken sense of “Why am I here? Why has my life purpose never been revealed to me? Why am I so depressed? Why am I crying all the time?”

All of that piling up on them like a great heavy burden—a great heavy beast sitting upon them, not letting them breathe.

Of course this journey is very difficult, and our empathy is complete for your situation, dear ones. But rather than pontificate, let’s look at the next line of the song: “The sea throws rocks together, but Time leaves us polished stones.“ Now, in this case, Time is not your favorite friend, because you’re tired of saying, “When is NESARA going to be enacted?”

You’re tired of watching another year go by, and you get another year older, and you are wondering, “Will I make it? Will I live to see NESARA?”

Those who are over 50 will wonder, “Will I see it?” and even those who are under 50 realize that in a time of pandemic—a created one, but a time of pandemic, nevertheless—Life is highly tenuous.

Yes, it is rough going now, for many. Yet you are living in this moment when all the rocks are being thrown together—you’re being tossed about by these powerful waves.

And you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to become a polished stone! I need answers right now!”

We’re going to call forward all the higher selves of everyone listening to or reading this channeling.

We’re calling them forth, as we work out of Time . . .

[To everyone’s higher selves] Namaste, friends!

We’re feeling and receiving from the higher selves this disbelief that people are exuding. They’re saying that people are feeling powerfully, “Why, if this is a time of great shift, do I feel far, far weaker? Why do I feel defeated? “Why, if so much Light is pouring in, do I feel to be mired in darkness?”

Again, we would say that the Light that you are uncovering from within yourself and anchoring, via your higher self, your soul, and the Universe itself, and the Divine Feminine which has now returned to the Earth—that beautiful Light is coming forward in such astounding ways.

But you will not see it while you are in a state of struggle with what you are experiencing right now. You won’t see it at all.

So wherever you are right now, open your hands. Go into Receptive mode. You’re not trying to “fix” anything. You’re not trying to change anything.

You’re not disturbed or angry about the state of the world and all the injustice, all the inequality—put it down.

You’re not enraged or in serious grief about your own life—set that down as well.

Set down all the questions.

Image a beautiful Light pouring down now from the higher realms that completely envelopes your entire being.

See every cell of your being, and every speck of your aura, around your physical body, fill up powerfully with Light.

We would love for you to say, if you’re ready, “I AM Divine Light. I AM Divine Love! This is all I AM, and this is enough.”

Say that a few more times: “I AM Divine Light. I AM Divine Love! This is all I AM, and this is enough—a Co-Creator with this Universe!”

And now a beautiful Light Being comes forward, dear ones, with a sacred instrument. It might be a sword. It might be a golden scepter. It might be something that looks like a ray of Light, like a light saber. It might be a crystal or a beautiful stone—rose quartz, shaped as a heart.

You decide—you can see what it is in your mind’s eye, in your heart-mind.

And let this dear one come forward and place this beautiful sacred object in your hands. Bow to them, and thank them, and then hold out this sacred object, whatever it is—it might be feathers, or just a ray of Light.

Whatever it is, just hold it out in front of you.

All of us in the Collective encircle you now—each of you, as an individual.

We send our Light to this sacred tool, to consecrate it to your higher good, and your beautiful Earth mission.

And we welcome you to allow yourself to be an initiate of the next level of your Light Body journey, and your acceptance of your Divine status.

If you accept this, raise that tool now in your mind’s eye, or you can actually do it physically, with your hands. Then touch it to your third eye. And then to your heart-space.

And now you may wish to bow to all of us, as we bow to you. You see a doorway before you.

It’s an open doorway—there’s no door that could close.

It’s completely open, and there’s only pure beautiful higher Light shining beyond it.