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A Message to Lightworkers - June 25, 2021

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today. Today our writer has a question for us:

COR: My friends, so many are reacting—not responding, but reacting to and wrestling with the extremely high energies coming in now.

This uptick seems to have come in even more powerfully with the recent Solstice, though many feel the higher Light coming to the Earth was powerful enough already! Humanity is undergoing great changes. For some, that means releasing things that will not flow well with the higher vibration they are experiencing now, and acclimating to. As we accept this Light and integrate it with their full being, it feels increasingly uncomfortable to keep situations in our lives that may have felt OK even a month ago, but which now just feel “not right.”

So we might be adopting a new set of ideas about an old issue, or a new interest, or ideas we weren’t expecting.

Many are in crisis from these changes, which strike at the very center of our lives.

Others have already been in crisis — challenges in health, finances, work or relationships, or due to what they see happening around them in the world. Millions have lost their jobs over the past year, and many have also lost their home as a result. Many have questions now about how to handle the lack of sleep, intense or disturbing dreams, emotional ups and downs, eating more or far less, wanting to release the need for words and dependency on left-brain thought.

Would you explain what is happening, and assist us in adjusting to all of this?

THE COLLECTIVE: Indeed, much is occurring that would have anyone confused and uncertain!

And so our empathy is with all of you, for even those of you who take time each day for quiet moments of meditation or other spiritual practices are finding these shifts difficult to navigate at times.

This is made all the more challenging, considering that millions of Light Bearers have felt that by this time, these shifts and changes would have abated a bit if not completely, and that a New Earth form of living would have come forward in ways that felt balanced and “normal.”

Now you find that if anything, the challenges are greater than ever before, and no less so, due to what the world has experienced over the past 18 months.

Most of you have not known consciously how deep a morass Earth life has dwelled in for millennia, and so the cleansing you see now is a bit of a shock.

And so the unusual circumstances you find yourselves in—physically, astrologically, socially, energetically—have to do not with what you have expected or consciously called in, but what you have not fully grasped as necessary, and that is the shift to the New Earth timeline.

And so we would say, You are correct if you are feeling that your old life will not suit you any longer, because it has vanished.

It has fallen well behind you on the scale of evolvement, and in the sense that you have moved from one timeline to another. This is the unavoidable outcome of the new era you now enter.

And the outcome of what you have consciously called in, which is a vibrational shift to a higher dimension.

A 3D timeline can only bring you so much evolvement, friends!

Nearly all of you have lived many lives on this Earth, circling around from one incarnation to the next, working on the same issues, the same connections with others, over and over again, in search of both growth and resolution.

Over those hundreds or even thousands of years, you found that while some progress has been made, the ongoing reincarnating form of life on this planet must end now, and with it, all the density you once required, for purposes of experience and experimentation.

Certainly, those who remain constantly in a high vibration have long viewed your struggle, and do not envy such! Those of us who have lived Earth lives know well the extreme intensity of Earth experience on an emotional level, and the pains and weaknesses of the human body within this very low dimension.

Your experiences, while priceless in many ways, have been taxing in the extreme, and your souls have borne the brunt of that trauma, fracturing at times as you have struggled with lower vibrational experiences.

So that now you have moved onto a new timeline, in which lower density can no longer be sustained (nor are you interested in experiencing such any longer), you feel many things at once.

Similar to the deep sea diver having to come up to the surface slowly to avoid getting the bends, your bodies and subconscious minds, as well as your spirits are adjusting at a rate they can stand, without breaking down.

As with all great changes, you will experience a feeing of loss some days, as the old passes away.

Yes, a feeling of sadness and loss, that the sadness and loss are leaving!

For you have associated lower emotional density with Who you are, though we are able to assure you, that is not your true nature.

Once free of a human body, while in between incarnations, you tend to revert to your true selves, including your higher aspect, and clear communication with your soul.

You are reaching for that again now, in memory of how clear, Light, and beautiful that experience is.

And so your individual forms of emotional, mental, and physical density are coming forward in the higher Light you are integrating now, as you accept as your own that library of Inner Knowing developing in your New Human cells.

All of it is rising to the surface, asking for either healing and resolution, or for complete transformation into a new form.

A form that will reflect and hold this new higher Light in ways that are Joyful and natural to you.

Many of you are seeking higher meaning in everyday life now in new ways that can indeed feel surprising—another sign that you are no longer the third dimensional beings you once were.

It will be harder to be casual and unthinking about what you buy and when, how you eat, how you greet and speak with others, how you view the natural world, how you view Time (which, yes, is disappearing), and your nightly etheric travels. All of this takes on higher meaning now, not via left-brain reasoning as you have been taught, but through the high heart.

We are aware that sleep presents a particularly vexing issue, as your nightly etheric travels broaden and expand to include more multi-locating, and deeper and more resonant connections to loved ones and colleagues within your Earth mission.

So that while you desire complete physical rest, whole parts of your spirit and psyche are ringing with excitement over the changes that Earth life is undergoing now.

You desire very much to be “awake” enough to be consciously aware of and to remember these travels and the work you are doing in the night time, and yet, were you to be awake, they could not offer the kind of sleep-travel that you have engaged in for your entire lives.

And so for now, much of that is kept “under wraps” except for strange dreams that speak to you in images with symbols that try to convey the depth of your multidimensional experience, without alarming you too badly.

These are images that are not too “intergalactic” for those not quite prepared for certain awarenesses, though the vibrational transmission of the message still reaches you.

And so—how to integrate all of this and be supportive of this growing-into-fifth-dimensional-life process, and supportive of your own well-being at the same time?

We would say, particularly for those who have very full work and/or family schedules, and therefore find that more physical rest and/or meditation is not very likely to occur—engage in healing and nurturing habits whenever you can.

Keep sound healing recordings on in the background as you work or do household chores—so long as you are not driving while listening. These can be very calming and supportive.

Listen to guided meditations and sound healing or energy clearings as you are falling asleep at night. Turn the sound down to where you can comfortably fall asleep, while the energies of the recording are still reaching you.

Inform your Spirit team of Angelic guardians, guides, and higher self that you require their assistance in helping you sleep more fully at night, and in orienting your mental/emotional state to one of deep calm.

Tell them that you are open to their suggestions as how best to do that. Take a moment and do this right now!

Then be aware as you either hear them inwardly, or receive Light-filled thoughts or ideas from within that bring a sense of relief; a feeling that this is a solution to what you have been asking about.

You may also receive ideas from outer sources that alert you to one form of assistance or another.

It is important to act on these ideas, and not merely to mentally note them. Do not sweep them aside thinking, “I have no time for that,” for it may not take that much time to integrate 10 minutes of chanting a helpful and empowering mantra each morning, or 20 minutes of meditation or yoga practice, or 30 minutes in Nature most days.

Yet these moments can transform your vibration and make the integration of these shifts and changes far more palatable and easygoing.

You already find time for that which feels completely necessary each day—a shower or bath, getting dressed, eating meals, brushing teeth—and so, consider these actions that you receive direction on to be just as vital, only more so.

If it still feels impossible, take 5 minutes each day to clear your mind of all thoughts, and simply concentrate on your breathing.

You may wish to place yourself in the Transmuting Violet Flame of Saint Germain as you do so, as this can be a cleansing and quieting image to work with.

Allow it to flow through you, releasing tension, upset, stresses, and worries. In any highly individual journey, there is no one cure-all for all persons, to ease the roughness of the transition. Each of you will find your own way to calm yourself and to more peacefully integrate what you are experiencing now, if you will make that a priority in your day, and not only those outer items which require your attention.

This is an outer item (and an inner one) requiring your attention, and it calls to you now, from the depths of your soul!

These are not “normal” times, dear ones.

You hear much about life “going back to normal,” and yet we assure you, that will not occur, nor have you wanted such.

You have desired to leave behind the lies and illusions, the suppression of your Divine Light.

And to release the drastic circumstances, but not to avoid drastic change.

For you have called that to you, and are here to experience such.

So open now, without resistance, to what occurs, and keep a journal of your discoveries—dreams, realizations, changes within and without, reactions to “the world situation,” breakthroughs in remembering how to manifest.

And in coming months, look back at times to see how miraculously far you have come.

We are with you in this process, dear ones.

Daily your loved ones watch over you from the ships, from Inner Earth, and from the higher dimensions, as does Earth Herself.

All send you not only the sustenance of their Love, but a new form of patience that you did not know you could carry.

And so it is—that by which you have typified your humanity has faded from view, and your sovereignty enters the room, and requires that you step fully into that form, and inhabit your true being.

You would not have had it any other way.

Namaste, dear ones!

We send much Love, and as always assure you once again: You are never alone.

German translation, offered with love from our friends at

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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