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A Message to Lightworkers - July 12, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! Today our writer again shares a video, in which we work with you energetically, as she speaks of releasing the false self and reclaiming the true, authentic, and higher self—where your true Abundance lies. This is followed by our own message, below.

COR: I was just speaking with the Collective a few minutes ago, and I asked them, What do you think we most need help with on the Earth at the minute? What do you think people most need to be healed from, or most need to gain? And they asked me, Well, what do you think people most need to gain or release?

So they really do hand it back to us! It’s not like presenting a few symptoms and getting a diagnosis—this is entirely an individual-led process! And I said, “Well, I would love it if we could all release the mental programming, the entity intrusions, the energy interferences. “All the lies, all the illusions. The false self created just to survive.

“The contracts and agreements created just so we wouldn’t feel alone. “The cultural influences that led us not toward our higher selves but way away from our higher selves.”

And of course not all of life is bad or negative or tough. Of course not.­­

But all of us over the centuries, over the hundreds of Earth lives that so many of us have lived—we’ve developed so many strange infrastructures in our thinking, and in our feelings and ideas, in what we felt was an understanding about life, which really wasn’t. It was an escape mechanism or a defense mechanism.

And I’m wondering, could just take a moment—just pretend for a moment that you are your true self. That you have released all those energy interferences, maybe with the help of an energy healer, maybe on your own—I don't know.

That one of these waves has washed it all away, or a lot of waves have washed it all away.

And you’ve come into your true self, your authentic self—increasingly becoming your higher self.

If you’d like to imagine yourself in the higher realms, in a healing temple surrounded by your favorite group of Angels, your favorite Archangel or Ascended Master, or whomever, that is wonderful, do that!

If you feel more at home being your higher self, your fully integrated self, then [image and feel] that.

This doesn’t mean that you lose who you are.

It doesn’t mean that your Earth self is nowhere anymore.

It’s just that you've integrated him or her with your higher aspect, and that you've become that full and complete self who is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Fully a part of the All That Is.

So that every speck of your being is in beautiful resonance with the Divine Love, the Divine Substance that is everywhere in this Universe.

You don’t question that—you don’t revert to personality or whatever old traps and ideas that you gained over the centuries, over the millennia, to stay alive.

You don’t have to worry about any of that. None of that is relevant now; none of that is Who you are.

How would you sit, how would you breathe, as your higher self?

And this self feels no lack; it has no regrets. There’s no holes, no gaps, no trap doors.

This is a complete energy, in a beautiful flow.

So how would you sit or lie as that person? If you’re walking as you're listening to this, how would you walk? Would you be a lot more relaxed? Would you smile at every person you see? Every squirrel, every dog going past you?

Would it seem as if there’s some beautiful music always going on in the background, such as we might imagine it’s like to be in the higher realms.

And you are perfectly in tune with that beautiful music. It’s just flowing. It’s got such perfect harmony, and there’s no separation between you and all that beauty.

Take a moment to do that, [asking] “Who am I, as my true, authentic self?”

If you do this often enough, I promise you, everything will change. How you see other people, how you see yourself.

Your physical body—your health, your weight. How you eat. How much water you drink—that would probably (definitely) increase.

Your posture, your breathing.

Everything would shift, [while you are] resonating with this beautiful memory you have deep inside you of Who you really are.

So I send much love, my friends. And the Collective are likewise flowing energies to you throughout the whole of this process.

And the sea sends its best as well.


THE COLLECTIVE: We add here one aspect of a very great issue, and one that appears to be causing tremendous pain to many people at this time.

And we speak of pain because finally feeling your very old wounds and programming fully and releasing these, is part of the process of releasing all that is false within you, and healing all that has been unhealed for so long.

In this tremendous higher Light flowing to your planet now, much that has lived in your energies, sometimes for hundreds of your Earth lives, is coming to the surface—yes, it will find one way or another to do this!—so as to be healed, finally.

The healing that the vast majority of you are seeking now must be done while in a body.

While things can be joyful in the higher realms, the growth you seek, and the cleansing you seek from the programming and interferences mentioned above, as well as the pains and shocks of Earth life, is done while you are on the Earth.

And in these times when so much is flowing so powerfully, and shifting into new forms as the old fades away, the moment is ripe for the false self to present powerfully, and then to be released just as powerfully.

Now, this can mean many things, friends.

It can mean releasing those you have loved as you release your soul contract with them, realizing that you have gone as far as you could down that particular path of learning.

It can mean releasing or transforming your area of work, your home or location, or your social connections and friendships.

In the current energies, very little that you see around you and experience within you will remain as it has previously.

You wish, most of you, to come into a full claiming of that Abundant life you have dreamt of for so long.

And we would say, Welcome it in, yet ask yourself right now, Is there room for this new life to flow to me?

Have I made room to receive it?

It is so that even as simple an act as cleaning out closets and cabinets, or your vehicle, can signal to the Universe that you are releasing the past (and perhaps something of the present), and have made room to receive the new.

You may feel the need to release a relationship that no longer fits who you have become.

Not an easy thing to do, yet it will be increasingly necessary now to be fully honest with yourself and others. In the current energies, it is becoming harder and harder to delude yourself on any issue.

Ask your higher self and guides right now, What do I need to release, in order to accept the life my higher self desires for me? You may be able to hear them inwardly, or you may have already received indications of what you need to release. If you have no idea of what is best for you to move on from now, tune in throughout the day, and watch for outer signs and indications, as well as inner nudges.

These can speak to you quite clearly, if you are willing to hear.

All is not in such upheaval that you cannot feel a steadiness to life, even in this time of great renewal.

Ground yourself as often as possible with time in Nature and quiet time in meditation, with imaging what you would love to experience, listening to high vibrational music, expressing yourself with creative work, or speaking with your team.

You are doing beautifully, dear ones! Though the path is new, and being created for all who will follow, this does not mean you have lost your way.

All is well! We send our Love, with full appreciation for all you do, and for your beautiful presence, which speaks multitudes as you anchor the higher Light into the planet.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at Video is at

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