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A Message to Lightworkers – January 8, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends—by which we mean, our family, our relatives! We are, as always, very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And so you have seen in the events of the last few days, a great unraveling of what appears to be the order and calm of a country that takes much pride in orderly appearances at certain times and places.

Yet below the surface of that appearance, much upset, chaos, and rage have clearly been brewing, and not only for a few years, but for centuries.

It is not so unusual or unheard of, that images of anger and unrest should meet you at the start of a year of great change.

For the stirring up of the unevenness not only of life in the US, but of life on Earth, is part of the disruption of the old order that has for so long run the outer events on this planet.

They have done so merely for their own sense of power and control, dictating the margins and content of what passes for human “reality.”

It is so that the election processes in the United States, and in many countries, are too often uneven, corrupted, and unfair in many respects, yet not merely in the sense of one person or another being denied a particular place in government. We do not speak so as to defend any one politician or political party, as that is not our role.

We wish to say, that the planet’s false hierarchy of material power has led to the corruption of even those high principles which St Germain himself helped to establish 245 years ago, with the Declaration of Independence.

There was much good intended in that piece of writing, and in much of the constitution created afterwards.

And there is at least some kernel of good—some desire for Truth amidst the ruthless wielding of material power—within some of those demonstrators-turned-rioters in the United States capitol this week.

We do not sanction their methods, their slogans, nor offer support to those who created that event.

Yet we see the upset, the metaphoric overturning of the neatly assembled rituals of that which for so long has passed for decency, for morality, for civilized behavior, which in fact has only covered up the corruption, destruction, threats, and lies of those in power.

And so we while we do not support any form of violence, nor any form of upheaval that harms another, we would only present the idea that that disruption came about in part due to the energies loosed upon the planet now, demanding Truth be told..

Truth, where once only the calm dissemination of lies and hidden agendas passed as acceptable forms of government.

Was the display of January 6 the preferable form of demand? Most assuredly not! And a number of people lost their Earth lives as a result.

You yourselves who read this now have come to bring Peace to the Earth—not reckless violence.

You have come to seed Truth into Earth systems, into human consciousness and human endeavor—into the planet Herself—and to stand up for that which has not yet located the Truth within itself.

And that Truth would be, that you are sovereign beings, and will no longer be fooled into trusting the liars, the charlatans, the false prophets, or the “saviors” you were once convinced you needed in order to survive, to live and live well.

None of that need be your lives or your legacies, nor will it be.

Yes, the Great Turning has come, that Great Change you have prayed for, and you are not denying it, even as you weep at scenes of loss and destruction.

Those high principles in the original United States governmental system, based on the wisdom of the indigenous peoples and their governing through high Wisdom, will not be lost now.

Rather, they will finally found and instilled in their rightful place amongst the true telling of Earth’s own historical timelines.

Your true place in this galaxy and in the Universe will increasingly be known and increasingly honored, accepted, and told with the clarity and understanding that your intuitive inner voices have encouraged you to accept for millennia.

These false gods and their rule of chaos cannot continue—do you understand us, dear ones?

They must leave now, and they are creating no end of fuss to accompany such, the full extent of which you will come to understand in the coming months and years.

Accept for now, that far from your sense of civilized life being lost, the false façade over the true face of democracy is finally being torn off, however harsh that moment may feel at times.

And that those responsible for the lies, the destruction, the losses (and most would never allow a camera to see them, nor would they be involved in public destruction) are even now being taken to face justice on a galactic scale.

Our writer has a favorite lyric of many years ago, from the songwriter Bob Dylan, which she has never forgotten: “But the enemy I see, wears a cloak of decency.”

And indeed many who wear well-cut suits and speak in educated and godly terms represent something far darker and more endangering than they would ever admit to in public.

We would ask that you go beyond this painful moment on your timeline, dear ones.

Beyond even where your outer life is now, no matter how stressful and hard that may be for you at times.

And understand that you witness now not simply an unraveling of the old third dimensional life as you have known it, but the web of lies, the great network of deception and illusion that you chose long ago to live in for what it would teach you, for the learning and depth of understanding it would give you—of yourselves, and of your Universe.

And refuse to react with pain or anger at what others do or do not do.

But clean your own house now—those parts of your consciousness that live in ongoing reaction to outer events, that repeat unhelpful patterns of thought that do not serve your higher good, or that represent a group, belief system, experience, or trauma which you have long identified with, which in fact can never encompass the brilliant Light and Divine Love you actually are.

Yes, those who called these “the Last Days” have a point there, for it is the ending of the au regime.

Yet far more importantly, it is the beginning of that Great Shift you have envisioned for so long.

Remain in the Light, dear ones—more involved in quiet, meditation, high vibrational music, and time in Nature than glued to one electronic device or another.

And remember that if you are to join your galactic families in that perfect time and way that you have long envisioned, the old mantle of dark deception must be thrown off first.

Envelope yourself in the Light of your own soul essence and that of your soul family, in order to find your way home at last. Namaste, dear ones! We send unending Love and support. Please know, you are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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