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A Message to Lightworkers – January 5, 2023

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today our writer has a question or two for us:

COR: My friends, these energies are completely out of hand.

Many are experiencing extreme dizziness, exhaustion, erratic emotions, old anger and trauma rising to the surface, disturbed sleep . . .

I can’t even count all the symptoms people are experiencing. Many will wonder if they're suffering a serious illness of some kind, or re-experiencing old shocks and upsets over issues from their past that they'd thought were resolved.

If you have any insights on this, we'd be happy to hear them!

The news cycle is likewise in a state of confusion: A young pro football player collapsed with a heart attack on the playing field the other day, a former president is probably facing tax fraud charges, which will only increase the extreme divisiveness in the US. And the US House of Representatives in disarray over the House Speaker vote, among other even heavier issues, such as deaths and imprisonment from the human rights demonstrations that women and young people are holding in Iran. The façades that are usually held up in front of the old systems look to be crumbling at a phenomenal rate.

Even if all this symbolizes a time of awakening, many of us barely recognize the world now from what it was even a year ago. Even if that's a good thing, it's still hard to watch. If you have any insights on these issues as well, we're more than happy to hear them!

THE COLLECTIVE: What you are seeing, dear ones, is the end of the old order.

Some of what you mention here has to do with false government structures, and some of it has to do with the brutality of the capitalist system. Other issues have to do with the attempt to silence the Divine Feminine. And much of this has to do with race.

We will speak of race, as you mention a young man nearly dying on the field. This is not to vilify the game of football, but to assist those who are unaware of the exploitation of professional players, who are predominantly persons of color, and mainly African American.

And as well, all contact sports mimic war in intention and strategy.

The professional level of the game in particular, presents its players as avatars on a field of battle. This appeals powerfully to the wounded masculine in the human psyche, and supports the desire for aggression and revenge amongst those who would like to feel vicariously that they are warriors seeking glory. The warrior archetype does have its merits, but in this context, it represents subjugation, not freedom or strength.

Regarding government, the United States is a country that has long presented itself as a democracy, yet is covertly run by a dark experiment of both subtle and overt racism, economic separatism, a sharply divided social hierarchy, and suppression of human rights. Most of those who are offered up as sacrifice in the war game (whether actual war enacted by the military or the simulation of such in sport) are too often nonwhite persons, whether male or female.

You will see a parallel to this in who is chosen to perform slave labor in for-profit prisons around the country.

Many will say, “But professional athletes are paid so well!” to which we would say, Yes and No.

Looking at professional football, we see a cultural fascination with violence and brutality, and a sacrifice of nonwhite lives, that the white supremacist stance in the US and elsewhere have systemically placed upon nonwhite persons. Particularly amongst the white elite, the idea of bringing Black persons from one continent to another to retrain their DNA for intergenerational trauma, slavery, and dehumanization was part of a long-range plan for control of all races and social classes.

To put nonwhites or some other "minority" in an arena to watch them harm or destroy one another for the entertainment of the elite and the masses is a very old idea, friends.

It goes back thousands of years to the Greek and Roman empires, and before.

The prevailing energetics now reaching the planet are such, that it is impossible that the forms of exploitation that one sees in the arenas of professional football and elsewhere would continue without recourse.

It is time to regain the dignity and humanity of those being exploited—and of those in the masses who are being lied to regarding the kinds of life experience that these players maintain.

Severe and long-lasting head injuries are only one aspect of the issues faced by these men.

You will also have heard how few Black men are chosen as coaches and quarterbacks. This is due to the overriding philosophy within the professional league (and the power structure that controls it), which has long been based on the idea that Black men are not hired for their mental capabilities, and should not be put in positions of power and influence.

Though there are there some Black coaches and quarterbacks, they are still comparatively few in number, because of the overarching philosophy that seeks to retain white male control of the sport, due to both social and psychological influence over the populace, and the tremendous financial wealth that flows from the league's many channels of commerce.

It took many years for the league to drop its nonprofit status, or rather, to be persuaded to do so. That is the very definition of white privilege, in ways that would shame any organization.

Moving on, we would say, regarding the House of Representatives, that the United States Congress is also based on white male privilege. It was established as an expression of such, to guard and ensure the protection of group and private commercial interests, independent of "the mother country," an experiment which has failed in many respects. Despite the increasingly powerful presences now of women and nonwhites in that body, many of the Old Earth control measures, including the propagation of a pretend democracy, have nevertheless remained—until now. The presence of the Divine Feminine is now powerfully amongst you.

This beautiful energy flow will only grow stronger now, upending the old structures and revealing their inherent density, as they flow against Divine Law, and all that humanity and Earth are rising to now.

What you see disintegrating in the Old Earth structures now, is the façade of respectability and authority, crumbling before the eyes of the world to reveal service-to-self density beneath the rhetoric and heroic images.

So long as these institutions, built on destructive capitalist structures, social division, and cruelty to Earth and humanity, insist on remaining in place, as if the world had not changed, the cohesion of their general makeup will continue to crumble in the Light of the powerful solar energies now flowing to the Earth.

What is coming to you now, more powerfully than ever as the astrological alignments signal the beginning of the Sat Yuga, are the eye-opening Truths of the Divine presence, both Masculine and Feminine, which cannot now be denied.

Most assuredly, many have obeyed for thousands of years the false structures of a dark world government, false religions that demanded the sacrifice of millions, and exploitation of both humanity and Lady Gaia.

The old powers-that-were prefer to continue to lie to themselves now, however fruitless that may be, thinking that to reap the energies of human misery and to steal human thoughtforms and life energies, is still a viable business.

It is not. Their time is done. The young man who collapsed on the field chose to do so, on a higher level, before incarnating.

His soul and higher self are watching over him as he seeks healing from his injuries, and his life mission continues unabated, as millions awaken to the uselessness of slaughter, whether on a real or simulated field of battle.

We send Light to that young man’s journey now, and we bow to his bravery, as we bow to yours! Know that on a higher level, you fully support the disintegration of the corruption in the US and other governments, as these continue to catapult themselves over the very cliffs they themselves created.

You mention also the Ascension symptoms, or Ascension responses, one might call them, of body, mind, and spirt.

This occurs as the solar flares continue to increase now, causing much upheaval of Earth and human energies, and as the movements of the stars and planets break through with powerful influence that is no longer possible to ignore.

We would call this a breakthrough moment, though we realize that many are indeed feeling ill, dizzy, exhausted, emotionally disrupted, and unsure of what is next.

What is next is your continuing realization that you are remaking your very lives, and all of human life, and consciousness, in this unprecedented moment.

Are you aware of changes lately in how you are feeling about your life, and realizations regarding changes you wish to make inwardly and outwardly?

Are you feeling increased desire to heal and rise above the fray of your past?

To clean out every belonging you no longer need or reap joy from?

To refresh and revise your daily diet so that it contains more live foods—foods that grow and hold Light, rather that than which is food product, and not alive?

To spend more time in Nature and to use spiritual practices such as yoga, qi gong, and tai chi as ways to connect more fully with your own life essence?

Are you feeling some days that you are every bit as powerful as any billionaire, politician, or celebrity—simply, that you express that power in a different way?

Are you increasingly realizing when to use your voice to state your Truth, and when to release the moment and move on without comment?

Are you feeling the need to move to a new location, or to create a new job or business, or change your current one?

All or any of these or similar shifts signal that your very resonance as a powerful Light force is reaching higher at every moment.

One might say that humanity is cleaning house, and the thrill for all of us, is to see it happening en masse.

Ten years ago, as you celebrated December 21, 2012, we saw Light Bearers of every description, all over the planet, calling forth Divine Light and powerful shifts into fifth dimensional living.

Now that it is actually coming forward—amidst the tumult of releasing 3D—would you shrink back from the power of this moment? We see all of you stepping up now, and saying Yes to great changes, despite the discomfort and strangeness of the hour.

We see you accepting the shocks along with the more obviously positive developments in your life, your culture, and the world at large.

We see you allowing others their path, while venerating and accepting your own with new and unprecedented levels of grace and heart-based integration.

So many have disliked the lives they chose before incarnating once more into Earth life, at Her most tenuous and difficult time.

Yet we see you now “forgiving” your own choices for this life, so often burdened by episode of illness, abuse beginning in childhood, and heavy emotional losses.

And so we see your field of battle entailing so much more now than who wins or loses, but who comes to fully Know themselves as rays of Light—the Universe expressing as human, to know itself in new ways, including Ascension.

We cannot pity you, dear ones, despite all you journey through now!

You are so much closer to your highest expression now than you could ever know.

And so, carry on with inner Knowing that though the world is in turmoil on many levels, the Universe is at Peace, and holds this troubled child Earth in Her arms, till She is Rebirthed into the beautiful, miraculous goddess she has dreamt of being.

And you, the midwives to this Rebirth, must carry on!

We say often that you are never alone, and to see the higher beings flowing onto the Earth now, the ship sightings, and the firsthand meetings between humans and Angels, and humans and ETs, we will say again—you have never been less alone!

We bow to the Divinity within you, and we ask that you allow yourselves to see that Divine presence within yourselves. Even the slightest glimpse into your own increasing Creational power will astound you now. So tell your Spirit team, Give me an image of how far I have come, in joyful ways! And know that is on its way to me.

Namaste, dear ones—Light Bringers and Light Warriors, carrying the banner of Truth forward in Time.

And in all of this, we are with you, always.

Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at

Thank you.

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