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A Message to Lightworkers - February 5, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

We would wish for you to understand that nothing is as it was in your world, even one week or one day ago.

You are likewise different at each moment—that is how fast and how powerfully the evolvement is occurring now, though you may not realize it.

This is why you find so many preferring to argue, to feel defensive or getting emotionally entangled in the ideas, ideologies, or responses of others.

You are all transforming at such a rate, that you feel slightly undone by the shock of Change, even if that change brings forms of renewal and rebirth that you have long desired and called forth.

You know well that it is impossible that outer conditions on your planet would evolve to the level that you envision—fifth dimensional levels—without humankind also evolving and shifting powerfully.

This shift is not only confined to your comprehending certain concepts on a mental level, such as learning which Archangels address which issues best, what mantras to repeat each day, how many hours a week one should meditate, and so on.

While these actions and learnings may be part of your journey, they cannot be the full, experiential Knowing that you are coming into as a fifth dimensional, Ascended being.

For that, you must meet the depths and inner workings of your own heart-mind, and deal patiently yet fully with your own humanity—its brokenness, its intuitive realizations, its Loves and losses, its brokenness, its dreams.

This is why so many are rattled and shaken at the moment!

They are being asked by their own higher selves to look deep into those parts of their thoughts, emotions, words, and actions that are run almost entirely by the ego-mind and its survival requirements, and the ego-based personality needs, and realize what must evolve and heal in order for all of you to Ascend.

This can be thoroughly challenging, as most of the human race is finding now.

Just as millions are in very painful situations due to illness, financial loss, political turmoil, war, domestic violence, and other dense situations, they are also raising the vibration by which they live each day, as the very air around all of you rings with a higher frequency now.

Understandably, there are days when none of this seems fair.

Days when the demands of one’s outer life are enough to drive anyone into distraction or despair. Coupled with the Ascension energies flowing onto the planet now, it can all seem to be far too much. Yet those energies, though liberating humankind on one level, are also pulling your hands off of their tight grip on the familiar, so as to free you to move to the next level.

Those energies are asking you to detox and clarify—to release the energetic dependency on the old power structure, to which you have all been intricately corded on many levels for millennia.

Understandably, you may feel resentful some days, as if the changes and all they require are too much, and coming in too quickly, and yet—

You yourselves have called it forth! You yourselves have required that it be so—that your galactic families assist you actively, that NESARA be fully enacted, and that there be Full Disclosure of all that has been hidden. And how are these to occur, unless you evolve to the level where reality on your planet will brook no opposition to the Forces of Light in this Universe?

A vibrational level, in fact, unlike any Earth has ever seen.

For the move from the third to the fifth density has birthed new energy vibrations that in term birth forms of empowerment not seen on the Earth at any time, on any of Her timelines.

And so the new Earth timeline, as you are increasingly aware now, has called you to several very great things at once. It has brought you increasing involvement in and awareness of your Earth mission.

You are intricately, powerfully involved in that mission energetically in your waking hours, and actively busy in, in your etheric body, as you sleep.

It has brought you increasing levels of inner work, as you release all that was programmed into you, whether by design or by the travails of lower dimensional Earth life.

And it has brought you increasingly higher levels of seeing, hearing, sensing—a more empowered inner awareness.

So that the Truth of all situations, all persons, all ideas, all forms of information, conversation, and interaction now make themselves plainer as you allow such.

Increasingly now, you are receiving the true intent and the true message of all that reaches you, and much that does not, except through the “airwaves” of energetic intent and telepathic connection flowing around the planet.

And so, Where does that leave me as a Light Bringer? you may be asking.

Am I caught in the limbo of moving from a very dense vibration to a higher one, till one day the Sun fully shines? Till we all achieve a sort of critical mass on this planet, to where humanity has progressed enough to earn its place in intergalactic society? We would say, Yes, in one sense. And we understand your impatience.

Yet do not assume that you are without help in these processes, or that you will experience them for an indefinite period of time.

Much appears to be at a stalemate on your planet now, regarding whether the au regime or the Forces of Light are making most headway regarding what will reign most powerfully and be most determining in Earth life.

We will assure you now that the Light has indeed won, as you hear it stated so often now.

Yet the question of when that beautiful Presence will be outwardly apparent in all areas of Earth life hangs in the air.

Again—much of this is your own decision.

If you feel to be perpetually at war, perpetually under the thumb of lower frequencies that drag you into density each day, hampering your progress and hammering you with one form of bad news or another, then yes—a stalemate it shall appear to be.

If instead you awaken with the clear intent and dedicated decision each day that Earth has reached fifth dimensional status, that your soul family are here, and that All Is Well, despite certain appearances—then most assuredly, you have declared yourself ready for NESARA and Full Disclosure. And the more of you requiring that as your ongoing reality, the critical mass you envision does most assuredly become Earth life, as the balance of power tips not only astrologically but energetically in the heart-minds of billions of Earth Beings.

Are you ready to do this one simple thing—to release victim status forever?

To stand and say Yes to the rising Sun as he greets you each morning, no matter what clouds seem to get in the way?

Of course you are ready, or you would not be here now. We cannot walk this for you, friends who are family, nor would we take the glory of those final steps from you.

And so, as the poet once said, “And Still I Rise” becomes that song you sing, whatever shadow seems to fall over the land.

It is ephemeral, and a lie, that shadow, whereas you are Truth, and infinite as any Light-filled Creator could be. Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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