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A Message to Lightworkers - February 4, 2022

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today, our writer wishes to speak with Saint Germain, and so that Ascended Master steps forward now . . . COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one. Greetings to all!

How may we assist?

COR: There seem to be several things happening at once on the planet:

A more concentrated focus on the part of the old power elite to restrict humanity’s movements, though that doesn’t seem to be working as well as they had hoped.

An upward lift in people’s vibration, thoughts, and feelings about life, as if the new year had offered some hopefulness and clarity we have been lacking these last few years.

And a more concentrated form of Light coming in from our Sun, Sol.

I know that the Light particles are sentient, and that they speak to us energetically, and carry a tonal vibration as well.

I’m wondering if you would share what the Light particles are saying to us? We could also ask Sol, of course, but it would be wonderful to hear from you on that, and other matters as well.

SAINT GERMAIN: We are more than happy to assist.

The particles are reconnecting your spirit and psyche back to your original intergalactic, Unity consciousness and beingness.

They can also be beautifully healing.

These are not only ideas for the mind to toss about and consider.

They are deeply felt areas of purpose and intent, and each of you has come in at this time to enter into a sacred dance with that which calls you back—not only to your true self, and your soul family, but to your true expression and comprehension of what Universal Light codes mean for humanity at this time.

And that is, that all the divisiveness that has kept you fighting one another and yourselves these last 13 millennia or so must cease now.

The planets turn and evolve; the stars likewise move and evolve.

And so the Universe in its own way must also move, in increasing levels of consciousness.

It too revolves around something greater, and evolves into something greater, though you cannot see it yet.

Your other lives, lived out in parallel timelines and universes—all of that now collides in such a way that you come out of this singular narrowness that holds in one place and time.

Increasingly now you belong to all places and all times, and are nowhere near so constricted in your grasp of what is real and what is not.

Possibilities within the open quantum field of potentials stretch out before you now—and what do you see?

Do you choose to visit the past of this life with regret, or to feel stress or worry regarding possible futures?

Or do you move your focus to where all times are Now, and all you desire is here already? Including the enactment of that NESARA law that will establish not only human sovereignty, but a re-joining of Earth and Her people to the Intergalactic Confederation, and all that portends.

COR: In 5D, the linear timeline of “past – present – future” collapses entirely. Of course I always want to ask you how close we are to all of that—what remains that must be moved or resolved, and what we can do to assist. The Collective gave us a powerful Daily Declaration to say aloud each day, and I find it inspiring to say. More than a plea for assistance, it seems to be a declaration in the sense of, This happens here! Now!

SAINT GERMAIN: It is indeed. The time for polite request for assistance, one might say, has well passed.

Regarding how close, and how much more remains—it is obvious that the time draws near, or you would not see the old “elite” in such a scurry to exert what little influence they have left.

Look at the thousands participating around the world as the trucks line up, and many thousands more cheer them on!

Why would this be happening, except that deep inside the dream state of every child, woman, and man now, there is the increasing feeling of excitement that, We shall not be denied these freedoms which we require now!

On an everyday conscious level, they may not see the full extent of what they are cheering for, yet on a soul level, they are fully aware.

Consider too that the building excitement is having an effect on Earth Herself.

Her resonance grows higher each hour—it is not even fully measured by the most advanced of instruments, because they do not address all forms of frequency that She rings with.

Yet these reach higher, affecting all life on the planet, and sending out a beautiful signal of awareness to all around Her and quietly, to all within Her, that great change is afoot.

So that increasingly, if there were a set number of months or years till NESARA’s enactment, that time would shorten.

Were we to give a particular date and time of day, for example, it would be utterly null and void within a few days.

That is how quickly things are moving, both in terms of outer actions and the building frequencies that humanity and Earth are resonating with.

Nothing can stay the same for long in these frequencies.

So that if you find yourself unhappy with current events, whether within your own life or in general—be assured: This too shall change.

And if you allow, it shall move to a higher level.

COR: As you are unable to give us a timeline for when we shall be able to fully claim our sovereignty, lord—

SAINT GERMAIN: Claim it NOW, dear one! Wait not one minute longer!

COR: Yet as you’re not able to give us a timeline for NESARA’s announcement, would you let us know at least how big an influence all of our envisioning and expectation is?

Our requirement that it all unfold—more quickly, even, than the Ashtar Command might be thinking it will?

SAINT GERMAIN: We will say that you all have entered into a contract with your Earth-based experiences, and with the Earth Herself.

And that the passivity with which you have lived out other Earth lives no more applies now, than a child’s wish to sprout Angel wings and fly into the clouds, away from all dissonance and division.

Indeed, you are very nearly doing that anyway, as you Ascend.

The heaviness, the density of Earth lives—this you are releasing, and ceasing to relate to or define yourselves by.

We see this increasingly, as more and more people move into the Present Moment and release the need to know how the future will unfold for them, and release the need to define themselves by what they have experienced, and where they came from.

How can these apply, when an intergalactic traveler has the entire expanse before them?

How might these apply, when all now look into the Sun in their dream state, and laugh with Joy at the music they hear pouring forth from him?

We will say, it will not occur as you think, and yet—yes, you are nevertheless the Creators of this beautiful moment.

Do not miss the beauty and the immediacy that is the miracle of Ascension, however it occurs.

Your wings are sprouted, and they carry you Home now. Never doubt this! COR: Thank you, Lord Saint Germain, for all you do.

Namaste! SAINT GERMAIN: We are behind you, beside you, ahead of you—on all sides, you have our utter and complete Love and support.

We walk with you now!

Prepare for miracles—expect them, for this is the age, and the moment of such.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post:

Thank you.

Saint Germain: Eine Botschaft an Lichtarbeiter – 4. Februar 2022

von Caroline Oceana Ryan, 04.02.2022 Übersetzung: Gerhard Hübgen

Die wöchentliche Botschaft von Caroline Oceana Ryan vom 4. Feb. 2022 mit Saint Germain. (Hervorhebungen durch die Autorin.) COR: Sei gegrüßt, Lord Saint Germain!

SAINT GERMAIN: Sei gegrüßt, meine Liebe. Ich grüße euch alle! Wie können wir helfen?

COR: Es scheinen mehrere Dinge gleichzeitig auf dem Planeten zu geschehen:

• Ein konzentrierterer Fokus seitens der alten Machtelite, um die Bewegungen der Menschheit einzuschränken, obwohl das nicht so gut zu funktionieren scheint, wie sie gehofft hatten.

• Eine Anhebung der Schwingung, der Gedanken und der Gefühle der Menschen über das Leben, als ob das neue Jahr eine gewisse Hoffnung und Klarheit gebracht hätte, die uns in den letzten Jahren gefehlt hat.

• Und eine konzentriertere Form des Lichts, das von unserer Sonne Sol hereinkommt.

Ich weiß, dass die Lichtpartikel empfindungsfähig sind und dass sie energetisch zu uns sprechen und auch eine Tonschwingung tragen. Ich frage mich, ob du uns mitteilen würdest, was die Lichtteilchen uns sagen? Wir könnten natürlich auch Sol fragen, aber es wäre wunderbar, von Dir etwas darüber und auch über andere Dinge zu hören.

SAINT GERMAIN: Wir sind mehr als glücklich, zu helfen.

Die Partikel verbinden euren Geist und eure Psyche wieder mit eurem ursprünglichen intergalaktischen Einheitsbewusstsein und Sein. Sie können auch wunderbar heilsam sein . . . Lesen Sie mehr unter:

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