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A Message to Lightworkers - February 29, 2024

This week's guidance from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Nations families, Earth elements, Fae elders, Angelic legions, and other Light Beings known as the Collective:


Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.


Our writer has received a few questions from a Light Bringer, and so we offer input on these. This dear one asks:

How do we heal our soul?  How is the soul impacted by being wounded? And how does it get wounded?  I thought it was just our physical beingness that got wounded.  We are being told by everyone that we are to release old trauma, but no one tells us how to go about this. 


We are very glad you have asked this!


This is an issue that has intrigued spiritual seekers, for centuries.


Some will say that the soul is indestructible, and cannot be harmed.


Others will say that though the soul is powerful, it is still a vulnerable presence in the Universe, and that certain forms of trauma can absolutely affect its basic essence and etheric makeup.


We would say, most souls are not created to be impervious to harm.


All is changeable in this Universe.


Even a being as powerful as an Archangel can move from a path of Light to a path of shadow, as you have seen in the case of at least one well-known Archangel, though he has returned now to the Light.


Some souls permit a path in which they will, over time, release themselves into that sea of raw energy from which all is created in your Universe.


They can be harmed, yes.


Many have experienced forms of soul fragmentation, for instance, due to being in situations in which their soul essence was being used—exploited or degraded in some way.


In other cases, a person experiencing an Earth life is traumatized to where they experience a rift in their consciousness and so detach from their soul’s presence.


This can create a loss of soul essence—that particular energetic mass that the soul is comprised of. The person experiencing this during an Earth life may not consciously know what has happened on a soul level.


Yet they will feel lost in some ways, as if some vital part of their life essence were missing or damaged, and indeed this is so.


We do not say these things to trouble or upset anyone. For in this singular, auspicious time on Lady Gaia, many souls are finally receiving the healing and support they have cried out for, for hundreds and even thousands, sometimes millions of years in Earth time.


What you know as energy work can be very helpful in reconstituting and healing fragmentation or lost parts of the soul.


This can be done by an Earth-based practitioner, or by a Light being, an Angel, soul family member (including Star Beings), or a healer in Spirit.


Generally, they must be asked in order to assist, either by the person or someone who knows them, as these beautiful beings do respect your free will choices.


They are happy to assist, assuming that help does not violate the goals and requirements that person chose for that particular Earth life before incarnating.


Angelic guardians and guides often lead their Earth-based charge to someone who can assist that person, whether in the outer world or in the etheric, so that whatever healing is required can be offered, and the person’s Earth life continued as planned.


Soul fragmentation does not always occur due to trauma.


It is possible for someone to unconsciously give away some of their life energy, even on a soul level, to those who they feel are suffering very badly.


So many are highly empathic now, and are natural healers as well, yet not trained in how energy moves, nor how to direct it in positive ways.


These ones will unconsciously hand much of their life energy to others whom they see are in distress in some way, trying to heal the situation or save the person from it.


This sort of action, if determined and concentrated enough, can degrade one’s soul energies.

That essence must then be reclaimed and returned to the soul so that it remains healthy and fully integrated.


Others have experienced some loss of their soul essence, due to pieces or aspects of their soul being stolen or confined in some way. This can also be rectified, and a trained practitioner with sufficient sight into the etheric will be able to find who is holding those pieces of that soul, and return them to the soul, so as to ensure wholeness again.


Extreme trauma can be another cause of fragmentation, as can being interfered with by dark presences that desire to consume or manipulate soul energies for their own uses.


Many have assisted themselves in their own soul healing via meditation and energy work, though often the assistance of a trained energy worker, shaman, energy healer, or other spiritual practitioner is needed, as most do not have the objective insight required to spot where the issues lie in their own soul essence.


Were you to visit the soul realms, you would see collections (known as soul groups or soul families) of souls presenting to your inner eye as large blue flames, flickering and moving in response to what their other expressions, such as their Earth lives, are experiencing at that moment.


Though these are flames to the Earth mind, they do not burn. They are not burning, in essence.


They are cool and pleasant, and most are liberating and empowering to communicate with.


You can experience melding with the power and presence of your own soul in meditation, by going into the soul realms and stepping into that blue flame that is your soul.


You can also experience connecting with your twin flame there, for just as assuredly as you are present there in the soul planes, so is that half of your soul that is your beloved.


You may or may not know them right now in your Earth life, and do not be disappointed or unhappy if you do not know them.


Both of you actively chose and agreed upon this temporary separation before incarnating.

In the case of most people over the age of 20 or so, one flame—either the Feminine or the Masculine aspect—will choose to pursue an Earth mission, and to further soul growth.

The other—the twin flame—chooses to remain behind as a support to the one who became embodied.


Increasingly now, both twins are being born and will connect in this Earth life, yet in general, it takes as they say, a very old soul who has journeyed far in their spiritual path to have come to that point.


Regarding releasing old trauma, increasingly there is assistance for this, as so many have come in now having declared (while still in the higher realms), “This is my very last Earth life in the third dimension!”


You have no doubt heard some people say this, or thought it yourself!


If this is to be, then the trauma of this and all other Earth lives must finally be healed or simply released, with no further ego-mind identification with that or any suffering.


This takes in-depth healing, of course, within the subconscious mind, the conscious mind and heart, and on a soul level.


And so, many are using meditations, energy clearings, and other helps to release the vibrational heaviness that has accompanied Earth life for millennia.


Have you noticed that some situations bring tears to your eyes, though you may think on a logical level, “Why am I crying at seeing this, when I have never experienced it myself?”


And yet, you have, dear ones. In any number of Earth lives you have experienced the pain and losses of that and many other Earth-based experiences.


At other times, you may wonder, “Why can’t I let go of this or that experience? It happened years ago, yet it still feels like it happened last week.”


That is a sign that you carry some trauma from that experience that extends back very far in your Earth experiences.


The reason it comes to mind and heart, and troubles you still, is that your soul is nudging you—knocking at the door, begging you to finally heal and release this energy pattern from its etheric blueprints, and from your Earth-based energies and consciousness.


And so, we encourage you! When those moments of anger come up, let them out! Hit a pillow or the sofa cushion. When the tears come up, let yourself cry. Write out how angry and upset you are, how unjust the situation was.


Write out everything you need to say. Then burn those sheets of paper in a safe place, affirming: “All of these soul contracts related to these and similar experiences are hereby ended and dissolved now, for all time-space, all dimensions, all Universes, all parallels—all realities.


“It is finished. It is done! "My soul is free, and I am free, now and always.”


There is increased information being shared now about healing trauma.

Part of that is recognizing that the trauma exists within you to begin with, and not denying its existence with the effort to override the trauma responses that you see coming up in the course of your day.


Realize that those moments are a gift, and a reminder to let out the emotion that is troubling you, and to process it fully until it no longer persists, begging for your attention.


We will share more on this in the coming weeks.


For now, friends who are family, we send our Love, and our very great blessings, with thanks for all you are, and all you give to Earth life now.

Namaste, friends!

Rejoice as this powerful solar Light pouring from the Sun, renews and rebirths every particle of your being. Remember that we are with you always, and that you are never alone.




Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2024

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting in full, and exactly as you find it here, without edits or excerpts, and including the link to the original post, at

Thank you.

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