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A Message to Lightworkers – February 26, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment with you today.

Today our writer speaks with one of us in the Collective who is known as Saint Germain, an Ascended Master who is integral to the creation and enactment of NESARA Law:

COR: Greetings, Master Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with me today.

SAINT GERMAIN: We are here always to assist.

COR: You and I were speaking a day or two ago, and I was asking you about NESARA’s unfolding, and what stands between Earth / humanity and that law’s full enactment.


COR: And you said that there are stages or phases of progression to have to be gone through, before we hit the highest level, at which point NESARA must be enacted.

I got an image of there being about 8 stages, and you commented that we were somewhere between Stages 3 and 4.

SAINT GERMAIN: Noting as well, that the progressions can occur in a day’s time. So that one might see a progression from stage 3 or 4 to stage 5 in only a day or two. And you are closer to 4 now.

COR: That is reassuring. I felt that you were saying that so that I wouldn’t be discouraged by assuming that each stage would take six months to a year or more.

SAINT GERMAIN: Your emotional vibrational level is of your own making! One could say, “NESARA shall enact fully on this date and time,” naming a time quite near the current date, and some would nevertheless feel disappointment that it did not happen this morning! COR: Yes, I follow.

SAINT GERMAIN: And so—you hold each in one hand, as you will often say: the joyful inevitability of NESARA, and also the great unknown, which for humanity is always, “When?”

COR: Does asking “When” slow things down, I wonder?

There seems to be so much built into the human vibration that has to do with holding us back from our co-Creations, because we are stuck in Waiting mode.

Waiting for the outer world to prove itself to us before we feel something is real. And so many of us quietly (or loudly) carry a cynicism long bred into human life, that says, “I doubt it will ever happen” or “It might happen at some point, but not sure I’ll still be here when it does.” Purely to protect ourselves from any disappointment, or to keep the skeptical left-brain aspect happy.

SAINT GERMAIN: And yet, your skepticism has not won the day, we note! Most of humanity is experiencing an anticipation of a Great Change, even if most are unaware of what the details will be. They have no idea of “what that will look like,” as people say. Yet their own feelings of anticipation and intuition tell them, great change is afoot!

COR: Does that help to create the moment all the more fully, or all the sooner?

SAINT GERMAIN: Both. Any heart anywhere that is open to the next higher level of human existence, the next phase of your evolvement, helps hold open that great heavy door to tremendous shift.

And the heaviness is not in the change itself—it is in the movement from the old lower dimensional ways of enacting change to the newer forms.

This has to do with a growing consciousness and awareness of how Light is functioning on the planet.

COR: And so how is it functioning? It’s waking people up, certainly.

SAINT GERMAIN: It is lifting the entire resonance of human experience! Yes, consciousness. Most assuredly so.

And yet—are you aware that people are more telepathic now as well? So that whole conversations are being held between persons and groups, between persons and aspects of Nature, without anyone being present in the same place together?

COR: I have been experiencing that myself, yes.

SAINT GERMAIN: And so—as you speak to others in the etheric plane, consider that there is no distance between you.

This means no separation of viewpoints, of experience, or even of outer manifestation.

In fact distance and its correlative, Time—these are increasingly irrelevant! People are realizing inwardly, “I need not be held back or defined by these. I can travel via intention and focus. What I envision, I create!”

COR: Most people would have trouble believing that distance and separation between persons are dissolving, when we are currently experiencing in the United States right now, for example, a mind-bending amount of separatism and division. Enough to make your hair stand on end some days.

SAINT GERMAIN: But you have been taught that such things as telepathic conversation cannot exist! You have also been taught that either people agree in ways that bend the will of one person to another, or both shall remain eternally separate!

This is nonsense. We wish now, those of us who speak from both our lives on Earth and from the higher consciousness—we wish for you to understand that there is only a Coming Home now, for all of humanity.

The separations, the divisions—these are but appearances! They are not real, and they are not representative of where you are headed as a race of beings on a fast-evolving planet.

COR: Are you saying we are more connected than not connected to one another?

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly! You cannot help now but to be connected in ways that assist you in realizing that the lies you have been told for millennia hold no water—have no resonance to who and what you are all becoming.

And that is an interconnected form of being. Such as what you have been told about how the trees in the forest are interconnected through their roots underground. They communicate this way, and connect with one another in ongoing community this way—through a sort of neural network—while appearing on the surface to be separate from one another.

As if space and varieties of species mattered! For they do not.

COR: And so how does all this influence NESARA’s unfolding?

SAINT GERMAIN: You stray somewhat from the subject, but I shall tie these two points into one.

COR: All right.

SAINT GERMAIN: There is increasing evidence of the growing Unity consciousness of the human race.

This means that the desire to continue living, and to become sovereign—despite the destructive attempts of a crude, self-appointed elite to derail not only human consciousness but human life—shows that the focus, the intent for reunification.

That and the rebuilding of higher consciousness within humanity have already been established.

The shifts you see around you now would not be so obvious were this not so.

We speak of increased awareness of and concern for the environment, for children’s and young persons’ lives, for the lives of the elderly, those who have hampered abilities, those who have fought in wars and or fled from them, bear the scars of such, and so on.

The increase in compassion—in feeding others and not only oneself, in housing and educating all, in obtaining real and effective medical care for all—none of this would be so obvious had humanity not decided quite emphatically to step into the Light.

COR: And yet our reach does not go so far as that of the old power crowd’s destructiveness, does it?

SAINT GERMAIN: It goes much further.

COR: Because consciousness has outrun their physical methods?


COR: Yet they scheme to implant people with nano-particles that badly restrict consciousness!

SAINT GERMAIN: Much of this is being mitigated to where it will be easily disposed of. In many cases, it is not taking hold in the body, and being rejected by it. And there are those whose inventions are assisting with healing and releasing the body from these influences. Do not give great credence to these schemes, as if they were fated to succeed in most instances. That is their intent, and so you must face the other way, entirely.

But you wished to return us to the issue of NESARA—a beautiful name that holds a particularly high vibration!

COR: Yes, I think people should name their children that! And yes—how does that tie in with all of this?

SAINT GERMAIN: It ties in with the events of 1776. The vision that drove such, and now finally, the establishment of a New Atlantis.

That original endeavor got derailed to the point where it was delayed by several centuries—for those who travel amidst the stars, not a long time. But for those in an Earth body, a long time indeed.

COR: A very long time! Are you saying, Sir, that the unfolding of the original vision of what the United States, and eventually the world, could be—that that is occurring now, finally?

SAINT GERMAIN: This is something that, despite many diversions to the road, you have been moving forward to for those two and a half centuries of Earth time. And you have reached a point now where you will not permit it to be delayed any further.

COR: So instead of asking “When” NESARA will be enacted, we need to celebrate within ourselves the very fact of its existence—I want to say “HER” existence, as it is the Divine Mother, assisted by Lady Justice, Lady Liberty, and all goddesses of higher resonance, who are anchoring these energies into our very day-to-day existence.

SAINT GERMAIN: Ah—now you have left the Earthbound details, and risen higher, to take in the greater picture.

COR: Understandably, you have lifted us vibrationally to see the horizon where NESARA is even now being birthed. Yet some will say, “There are still millions dying, millions homeless or mired in debt, millions ill or imprisoned, or experiencing desperation in other ways.”

SAINT GERMAIN: And we would say, Stand up, humanity! Will you allow this to be the outpicturing of your inner life?

Or will you remember who you are—gods and goddesses, Angelics, devas, and Crystal Beings in human form, among other great personages—and reclaim your planet with your vibration first and foremost? For that is where the war, and not only the battle, is won.

COR: I think I understand better now. Thank you, Lord Saint Germain. We are all honored to speak with you, as always.

SAINT GERMAIN: Always, you are guided and assisted, dear ones! Never doubt such. You have not been abandoned. All is well.

COR: And “all manner of things shall be well”!

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly so! May you pass every test you have set out for your Earth journey! For there is great evolvement here.

COR: Namaste, friend! Thank you for your assistance.

[Saint Germain bows to us all.]

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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