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A Message to Lightworkers - February 18, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we answer a question from a Light Bringer who asks how they can keep their vibration high at this time:

“I have no TV. I got rid of it five years ago. Sometimes I turn on my radio. I don't listen extensively. Details are depressing.

However, I heard about the riot at the Capitol, the soldiers shooting at crowds in Yemen, how Egyptian prisoners are treated.

If NESARA is close, what are the signs? Where do I look to find small signs that the scales are tipping?

The Collective sees the whole world. My vision is so limited, especially in these times of restricted contact with other humans. A little bit of hope goes a long way.

How we are best able to stay the course amid the explosion of violence and unrest in our world?

Can you give us something, anything, we can look for that would be a sign that Lightworkers are going towards their goals? Sometimes it feels so darn discouraging.”

This is indeed a beautifully stated question, an evocative comment on the state of the world.

And a courageous call for the kind of encouragement that will keep one’s Light burning bright, despite influences that would seek to dampen and discourage.

And we would say, that though things appear very dark at the moment, most (in fact, nearly all) of the good being done to assist humanity at this time does not reach your eyes and ears, though your higher selves and spirits are deeply involved in that same work.

Know also that whole aspects of your spirit and psyche, though they do not speak via the conscious mind, are utterly aware of what is occurring now.

Your understanding of what is actually happening exists beyond your Earth consciousness, and there are good reasons for that.

Yet your intuitive feeling and inner Knowing are nevertheless able to tap into much that is encouraging and empowering and yes, even reassuring now.

One way to open to this inner Knowing, is to sit quietly and ask to know what help and assistance is flowing to Earth and humanity at this time.

Sit with hands open, palms facing up, and image an antenna or a line of Light—a receiver going up from your crown chakra at the top of your head, up into the space around the Earth—both the physical space, and the etheric, as well as connecting you to the crystalline energy grid.

Call out to those in the etheric, to those benevolent beings who have for many thousands of years, sought to assist Earth since Her fall to the third dimension.

Say to them, “We require and call forth all forms of Divine assistance and intervention! We call forth full enactment of NESARA law now!”

Then ask, “How are we being assisted at this time?”

Image the antenna or line of Light lighting up all the more, as it receives information only from that which is aligned with and actively supporting the Light forces.

These presences, whether from Earth or elsewhere, in the physical or purely in the etheric, are assisting the planet in all She is experiencing now, and utterly support your journey toward complete sovereignty and the full enactment of NESARA law.

Do not be discouraged or feel that your request has been ignored, if you do not receive direct words or images.

As with intuitive receiving of any higher guidance, you will want to be open to receiving the information energetically, as not everyone is guided to receive words or images.

Be aware that information can also come in from interfering entities, so listen only to that which feels expansive and positive.

Get quiet first—enter a calm, meditative state with the help of peaceful-sounding music or a guided meditation—before asking for more clarity on this or any issue.

Specify that only that which is based in Divine Love and Divine Truth may enter your awareness.

Then be open, and trust what comes to you that brings you more Peace of heart-mind (not less)—that which comes from your own Spirit team and soul family, and those whom you work with in your sleep state each night, as well as energetically throughout the day.

It is not possible for you to see all occurring behind the scenes now—you would not be well served by carrying in your mind and vibration information that is beyond what your role currently requires, and which would not be safe for you to be holding or sharing with others.

There are indeed persons who are privy to information of a galactic and etheric level well beyond what the average Lightworker receives.

These persons are highly protected by forms of security, capabilities, and assistance that, unless you are yourself a White Knight or closely allied with such, you would not be receiving, though yes, you are capable of calling in forms of higher protection at any time.

Yet all have their specific role to play.

We will tell you that once you begin to tap into what is happening energetically, you will see several things at once.

You will see an astounding new level of empowerment for humanity being augmented energetically by highly evolved beings who are assisting humankind in moving into ever-increasing vibrational levels.

This in turn assists you powerfully in co-Creating an entirely higher experience on the planet.

One that opens the way for NESARA, via making it a requirement within the very cells and energetic frequency of your being.

Keep your eyes and ears open, dear ones, and you will note health advocates of all kinds speaking up now in favor of holistic healing and a powerful trend away from toxic forms of so-called treatment.

You will see also individuals in government who, though they may not be able to stop all wars at the moment, are nevertheless opening up and establishing the vibration of Peace not only for this country or that, but for the entire planet.

You will suddenly begin to hear of new inventions that heal, or that tap into the free energy that is everywhere in the Universe, or that convey information in ways once only dreamt of or seen in your sci-fi films.

And you will see the increasing collaboration of human beings with what you term galactic beings, who are in fact your friends, shipmates, family members, and beloveds.

What you will not see, is the old regime still operating as if nothing could stop them, for they know quite well that they are being stopped now on every level.

You will see that those corporations that have been manipulating governments into employing fascist control measures, are no longer succeeding in their plan to own and control the human race.

Your galactic family members are also deactivating much that is being installed now into the human genome and into your Earth and Her atmosphere.

So that while you may feel unsettled by the installing of 5G towers and satellites, by incessant intrusions into personal choices, and excessive monitoring of individual movements, it is not so that these behaviors are carried out without mitigation and intervention by those who are intervening more than ever in human life.

They do this not only to protect your rights as sentient beings, but to assist you in your raising your vibration to where you will not allow the removal of those rights.

Be aware as well that the energies on the planet have not been this high since you were last happily living a fifth dimensional existence.

This cannot be underestimated or ignored by anyone looking to the horizon for signs that NESARA is unfolding.

You are not here purely to suffer, to feel defeated, nor to invest positive thought in that which never comes to pass.

You are here to pave the way for that very thing—for the enactment of what you have long dreamt of, even before incarnating once more on the Earth plane.

Knowing this—what a difference this makes in how you view world events as they apparently unfold around you!

That your victory is already present within, well before it becomes evident without.

Understand that just as you are never alone, you are also never without agency—the ability to take positive action, and not merely to wait for someone else to act on your behalf.

Though you have been taught a great deal of passivity and helplessness, you are all, as a race of beings, stepping into ever-increasing activity and grabbing the reins of your own life decisions and planetary presence.

No one can take this from you now, whatever may occur, and whatever may seem to be occurring.

Yes, most assuredly there is an effort abroad now to push humanity into feelings of helplessness and despair.

Many have allowed those influences, both etheric and technological, to interfere with their feelings of how much say and control they have over their own lives.

As the third dimension ekes out its final gasp before fifth dimensional life takes complete root upon the planet, there are times when it feels that a deep shadow has stretched over the land.

Hence the phrase, “It is always darkest before the dawn,” and the realization that even in this time of Divine chaotic Rebirth, your Light is more powerful than ever.

And so you are very wise to have No television, and to only listen to the basics of what is occurring that your news media feel is important enough to report on.

This can never be the full telling of what is actually occurring on the Earth, a planet in which there has always been more positive occurrences than negative.

Even now, the Light dawns on your planet, because you will not give up Who you are, regardless of what appears to be happening outwardly that seems to affirm human helplessness.

You who dwell in the Light have claimed your sovereignty as individuals, and that has tipped the scales, dear ones, in favor of Earth’s freedom and autonomy.

Be of good cheer! For on the most basic and deepest levels, all is well.

Find whatever you can to heal that which is in your own hearts—and do not despair or feel you are alone in this journey. Accept now in your heart-mind that you are already an intergalactic society, and that none can question or remove you from such.

Rejoice in that, and take up the title of intergalactic citizen, and know how well you are Loved, now and always.

Namaste, friends who are family! You are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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