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A Message to Lightworkers – December 14, 2020

Today’s Message is an excerpt from the new book Lennon Speaks: Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon. The Collective add their beautiful energies to this and all chapters in the book.

Now available for preorder Lennon Speaks releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

Excerpt from Lennon Speaks From Chapter 11 – “Earth Life Complications”

COR: Are you sorry that you’re no longer here with us? I was watching the video for “Mind Games” the other day, and again was sad that you are no longer on the Earth. Your presence was much needed, then and now. LENNON: I was bothered for some time after leaving the Earth, that I left the way I did, and when I did. And so suddenly.

It threw off a lot of people’s energy, and not just the loved ones who knew me personally. I somewhat said good-bye inwardly to those I loved before I left, but they couldn’t hear that, of course.

I have whispered it to them in their sleep, so they have received it, subconsciously at least. They know it’s there. What was most disturbing was leaving two children behind. Particularly as one was still quite small, and I knew he still needed me. The soul will make decisions sometimes on our behalf, and what’s called an untimely death can be one of those decisions.

Sometimes our work is best done in energy form, with us out of the body, not in it. So I was pulled out of that Earth life, despite my objections. I haven’t always agreed with my soul’s decisions, and have told it as much. Nearly everyone’s soul has done things they don’t like or approve of.

The higher self can also be outvoted—people do that all the time—and clearly, so can the Earth self. There are various ways to ensure that that kind of sudden disruption doesn’t happen again, but much soul healing and reintegration must take place first. Otherwise, we’re on a track that travels down the road and takes us along, with or without our agreement.

COR: Are our lives that out of control—out of synch with our spirit and our essence? LENNON: Yes and no. Much depends on your history and your current path. It depends on your soul history, your soul path and mission, and your higher self’s strength and determination not to be overridden.

And how much power you ascribe to this or that aspect of your consciousness. Or to your Divine aspect. You have to understand that we’ve all experienced more fracturing, more trauma, and more interferences energetically than we’d like to think.

Few people face that fully while in a body, and many refuse to see it even once they rejoin the etheric. It’s not an easy path, because if you spend time on the Earth, you’re subject to so many interferences, so much chaos and violence, so many juxtaposing intentions (many of them your own), that confusion can result.

A confusion of identity, of resources, of ability, of soul path. Not easy to explain in ways people will grasp, as your conditioning goes straight against it.

Religion has a lot riding on your not seeing the complications of Earth life.

Not seeing how past lives control whole aspects of your psyche, because of buried trauma. Not seeing how your ancestors hover around you and can protect you or impede your progress many days, according to what they think is best. Not seeing how some Spirit guides are not always up to certain tasks. And not seeing how many darker beings or lost spirits are floating through the atmosphere, looking for an empty vessel—someone who has a body but whose consciousness is “rarely at home”—so they can move in and influence or control that Earth life like it was their own. Religions would prefer you follow the old “Do as we say and you’ll be OK” idea. Which has never worked.

There is no one set of beliefs that ensures everything will be OK, on Earth or after it. Except maybe, “I know that if I remain as honest and conscious as possible with myself about what requires integration, healing, and evolvement, I can create that for myself, if I’m willing to walk the path.

If I’m willing to keep moving into higher levels of Light.”

And that’s more an inner Knowing, not a belief program.

That probably comes the closest of any of it, yet even that doesn’t quite cover it. There’s always more to learn! You don’t suddenly arrive on the Other Side one day, and suddenly all is forgotten and forgiven.

Of a sudden, you’re a joyful little Angel floating around humming happily. You’ve got questions. You’ve got healing that needs to happen. And you’ve still got plenty to learn, which anyone can figure out after viewing their life events.

That’s a sort of fast-moving flow of images of the Earth life you just left. You view it after being in the etheric long enough to have rebalanced your energies, and are ready to review the life you’ve just experienced. And it’s enlightening!

You see the results of everything you did, thought, felt, and spoke.

The results on your own life, and on those around you. You feel what they felt, as well as what you felt at the time. COR: From what I understand from shamanic friends and energy workers, if someone expects to end up in a beautiful place where everyone is joyful and fulfilled and “singing God’s praises” as they say, they will find themselves experiencing just that. If they expect to end up in a purgatory or a hell, or a blank nothingness, then that will happen, because the Other Side is all about projected thought.

If you believe it and expect it, it appears before you. That seems to be what people see in near death experiences.

Their personal beliefs are demonstrated, played out right in front of them. Have you found that that’s so? It really is a holographic Universe, in that case. LENNON: Well, it’s even more intense than that! Not in a bad way, just in a very real way. You do project outwardly your own expectations, to a good degree.

You must also face the outcome of your Earthly creations. And that includes your belief systems, which in general can be very confining. Belief systems try to tell you who you are. They describe who their particular god is, and who you and that god are to each other.

They use only so many words and culturally directed meanings to do that. Yet things are plenty bigger than that. Bigger than any one philosophy or religion. Bigger than any one spiritual teacher or artist could ever explain. So whatever “they” told you, I can tell you, that’s way, way too small. Too small to do justice to this Universe and your own consciousness . . .

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