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A Message to Lightworkers - August 20, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective: Greetings, dear ones!

We are very happy to have this time to speak with you today, and to address this excellent question from a Light Bringer:

There are relentless personal bombardments of dense energy coming at me almost nonstop, especially during my sleep time.

I am keeping centered, grounded, and my Sun shields all around me, yet if you have any insight here, it would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

THE COLLECTIVE: We would say that for most people upon the Earth at this time, very little appears to have changed in the past month or so regarding the energetic flow upon the planet.

This is mainly due to the fact that humanity tends to process life in terms of outer appearances—how you and your loved ones feel physically, what you see on your many screens each day, how your work day flows (those who are working now), and how your outer world appears.

So that for some, very little appears changed.

And yet, everything has changed.

The bombardments of dense energy are the release of the old matrix, by which we mean, a disturbance in the Earth’s overall vibration in which millions of lower energies and entities are being pushed out of Earth’s atmosphere, surface, and Inner Earth.

It is so that there has been a cleansing happening for some time, in which these denser energies have been leaving Earth, partly due to Earth beings’ own soul intention, and the intent of the Earth Herself.

Enough Earth beings have been raising in vibration, that their higher frequencies have been chasing out the lower vibrations, energies, and entities for some time now.

This is one reason why you see so much desperate action on the part of the old power structure.

They are losing their minions, for one, which were long counted on to anchor the vibrations of discord, fear, confusion, helplessness, and strife into certain parts of the Earth, as much as possible.

They are also themselves feeling increasingly uncomfortable and ill at ease with the rising consciousness of humanity and the rising vibration of the Earth Herself.

You have heard that the Schumann Resonance, by which scientists measure the vibration of the planet, is ever-rising to new higher frequencies, as Earth’s vibration continues to climb.

Many of you speak often of your Sun, and the damages done by the warming of the Earth’s surface.

And we would say, there is a great cleansing occurring now of that which the Earth can no longer sustain or tolerate, and that the energies brought in by the higher temperatures, though difficult for many, are a part of that cleansing, and not to be feared.

We will not, and your own souls and soul families will not allow Earth to be destroyed, whether by the machinations of the old structure or by the unremitting strength of your Sun. Sol is assisting all of you now in moving to the next level of Earth life, and that is the level needed in order for NESARA to be birthed into full enactment, yet it does not come without some cost to your Earth selves, as you have known them.

There are ways in which the Earth can be protected from the more difficult effects of the solar rays that are reaching you, and ways in which the Earth can be climate-stabilized—ways that have been blocked until now.

Likewise, there are ways in which you all can be protected from the intensity of the energies occurring now, though we will say that most of your higher selves are allowing the "onslaught" of energies to further your evolvement on all levels—mind, body, and spirit.

Most of you work powerfully in the etheric in your sleep state, and are working as your higher selves at all times via your own vibration, to protect Earth and Her beings in this precarious time. Understand that in these last days of the old regime, you face great opposition to that work which you came in to do, and that this will not lessen until the task is done completely—or those anchoring the opposition are removed from their place of influence, a process that already began some years ago.

In addition, your energy bodies’ strengths often well outweigh your physical body’s strengths, and while the greatest “cure” for the current discomfort is moving into a fifth dimensional form, you are still able to assist yourself in moving into levels of insight and vibration that mitigate the effects of the bombardment of dense energies.

Humanity has requested, as a soul group or an amalgamation of soul groups, that we not take this path from you due to difficulty or any other reason, but that you be free to express your evolvement and Ascending path in ways that are natural to that process, for your planet.

Now, there is an inherent problem with that request, because the kind of evolvement that Earth and Her people are experiencing is extreme and highly difficult to navigate.

You have seen how not everyone has decided to remain on the Earth for the whole of the process, and this is understandable.

You are never fully defined by your physical selves, and often now the physical body and sometimes also the emotions are saying, “I have had enough,” and will find whatever out is required in order to release the spirit and let go of physical Earth life.

These dear ones will return, if that is their decision once they return to the higher realms. Much of that is yet unwritten.

But you speak of how to mitigate the immensity of the dense energies as they reach you, and we will perhaps surprise you by saying, though much of this experience was not created by you, some of it was, on a higher level.

It is your own experience uniquely, because you are feeling the difference between where you increasingly are in your own vibration and where the Earth is, and where you have been vibrationally in other Earth lives.

So that suddenly Earth feels to carry antagonistic energies that work against you, making it a denser, more difficult energy to move through, similar to wading through deep water rather than water that only reaches your ankles.

In part, humanity's own density it is facing now.

Yet for your particular Earth mission (and that of many others), much of the bombardment of density you are feeling now is due to the broadcast of dark energies being transmitted, to set people into dense emotional vibrations and feelings of fear, helplessness, and loss.

Due to your particular Earth work, you tend to increasingly meet that head-on in your waking hours, as you do in your sleep state.

This is part of why you are here, and we find increasing levels of overlap happening now as people begin to enact that work they have been doing in their sleep state, unbeknownst to their conscious waking self, but in a round-the-clock, ongoing way.

We would say to this dear one, it is wonderful that you remain centered and grounded—excellent work!

You do best now to simply observe the density without involving yourself in a struggle with it.

Struggle is what it wishes to elicit from you, so that if you are at a disadvantage, as a person who is embodied and dealing with dense energies or entities, that is indeed a very vulnerable place to be.

Consider that you are far more powerful than anything that would try to joust with you etherically. When you laugh or smile at a dense energy, rather than feeling attacked or annoyed by it, you have already won.

Remember the writing of Sir Thomas More, “The devil . . . that proud spirit . . . cannot endure to be mocked.”

We do not suggest applying any religion’s theology to this situation, yet that bit of advice offers an interesting viewpoint, and one that reveals what you have always known—that anyone who must use fear or oppressive presence to assert their superiority, power, or authority, has already lost.

Particularly in these energies now, as the old power structure issues one fear-based clarion call after another, it is obvious that they are scraping the bottom of a barrel of very old tricks that no longer work as they once did.

Some of these energies will come to you for assistance, and so, tell them, “I hold you in the Light of all that is Calm, Peaceful, and of Divine Love,” and release the need to push against them or even to react.

Reacting to that which feels oppositional only brings in more of it—you have seen this in the schoolyard, with bullies who push for a reaction and have far less fun when they find none.

Before you sleep each night, call upon Archangel Michael, not in the manner of one who is lost or frightened, but with all the authority your Light Bringer status affords you, and say: “Lord Michael, I request and require that you and your Legions of Light gather round me to protect and assist me as I do my work etherically each night. “Spread Angelic wings around me, so that I am free to do my work, untouched by opposition, while gaining increasing strength, resilience, and Joy. I give thanks!” Then expect that help to arrive with no delay, and to be there for you consistently.

In the morning, likewise, call in all the help you require: “Lord Michael, I request and require that you and your Legions gather round me to protect and assist me today and every day. “Spread Angelic wings around me so that I am free to do my work, and to grow, heal, and learn, untouched by opposition, while gaining increasing strength, resilience, and Joy. I give thanks!”

You may still be aware of the density flowing around you, but do not feel it is your job to fix, heal, or even react to that which is being released upon the planet now, dear ones.

Part of why you came in at this time was to absolve yourself of the need to rescue, to be a savior, or to be saved, even in the most dire of times and places.

Release judgment of this time you are in, as you release the need to have all you experience make sense to you at this time.

Celebrate each person’s path, including your own, and do not feel that the density you may experience now is yours to dissolve.

Do not engage with such, and release the feeling that you must push against it, that something must be done.

Something is being done, and that is your very presence on the planet at this time! Along with that of millions of others who likewise have come in from all over the galaxy, and the Universe, to assist Earth at this time. Somehow, we are able to assure you, that is enough. Namaste, friends! You are never alone.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at

Thank you.

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