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A Message to Lightworkers – August 13, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective: [From the Collective's live channeling on the August 10, 2021 Ashtar Legacy Call] Greetings, dear ones! We are very happy to have this time to speak with you today.

And so we welcome everyone to stand with us now in this beautiful Circle of Light. This is something we do on the Abundance Calls; we ask everyone to come in to this Circle.

And just open up every pore of your being to absorb Light, such as will heal some places, will inspire other places, will dissolve blockages, and will show you your higher aspect.

Now, that lovely song you heard, which is called “Hammond Song,” was recorded more than 40 years ago.

And it was recorded by a lovely group; three sisters whose surname is Roche. They just called themselves The Roches.

We invite you to look at this beautiful song, which has inspired so many for two generations now—to see their life not as a fait accompli, not as a moment of, “Yes, I understand what I’m doing now, and I’m on the right track, and I’m joyfully fulfilling everything I came here to do, and everything’s fine!”

Not at all!

In that song, they are describing for you a sort of post-adolescent cry for freedom. And the voice, the stern voice that keeps coming forward, is that of a parent. It warns them—it warns the young woman, “If you go down to Hammond”—if you go down to this town, or that part of town—“you’ll never come back!” Meaning, “you won’t be the same girl who our left our house. You’ll have forgotten all our good training. You’ll have forgotten exactly who you ought to be. And you will have left behind the best part of yourself.”

And what they mean by that, is “the part of you that we trained to behave and to think and to speak in a particular way." At one lovely point, the youngest of the three sings, “Well I went down to Hammond / I did as I pleased / I ain't the only one / Who’s got this disease.”

Meaning, the need for self-expression. A need for living one’s own life.

And if you want to carry it to a higher level, friends—a need for sovereignty.

And what we see, as we look out over all of you and all over the Earth now, is human beings crying out for their sovereignty, and yet fearing a loss of the parental Love and protection and security.

So that is to say, in other words, that people are going to look at the current financial system and say, “Well, this is fraudulent, and corrupt, and horrible!”

But then they get fearful. Sort of like when one has a job that one doesn’t like, but is afraid to leave it. “What if there’s nothing else? What if the next job is worse! What if there is no next job?!”

So that that umbrella, as oppressive and awful as it is, and running entirely adverse, entirely as an anathema, to one’s life energies—that umbrella begins to look more attractive, the more it starts to fall apart.

And in this transition state, when you see people around you taking ill, or there’s word of this many people dying, or this many people getting this illness or that, or reacting to this jab or that, etc.—you begin to panic. At least in a part of you. Because you have been trained to do so.

What we would Love for you to understand, is that none of you came here to feel secure in the old Earth way of feeling “secure.”

You came in to be that brash adolescent, or that brash young person in their early twenties, who decides, “I’m not going to do it this way. I was trained to live this way. But I’m not going to do it that way.” Now, all of you no doubt are saying, “Yes, no kidding! I made that decision a long time ago. I don’t belong to the old Earth! I belong to the New Earth. That’s not very interesting, Collective. Can you come up with something else, please?”

And we would say, the interesting thing is that all of you, just like all of the people who would not call themselves Awakened, or who would not feel very Awakened—all of you also have your times of feeling a bit nervous and unsure and insecure. And the term that comes to mind, is Attachment. This isn’t because you are weak and narrow-minded, or lack any sort of imagination for what life might be like once NESARA is fully enacted.

Nothing like it!

It’s not that you don’t have a vision. It’s that you have been carefully mentally programmed to think along extremely narrow lines.

And to literally fear for your survival if you don’t do as you are told. What you are being told right now, is “Act fearful! And follow directions everywhere! Don’t think for yourself. And don’t worry, this overarching authority structure has your best interests in mind!” That sort of scaling down of your own independent ability to think for yourselves—that refusal to admit that you’re individuals, and that insistence that you join the hive mind— This is the last line to cross, dear ones!

So if you want a bit of inspiration now, again we would say, go to YouTube or go where you can buy this first album that The Roches put out, and look up “Hammond Song.” And our point is not [for you to] just say, “Well, yes—I came here to be the rebellious type!”

Listen to the Joy, the breakthrough Joy and the self-Knowing that is in those three women’s voices, and in their energies, and in their presence!

Can you think of anything more subversive to do with your time and your life energies right now, than being Joyful? Because we cannot! Doesn’t that go entirely against plan? Entirely against the agenda, and entirely against the grain of the old order!

And is that a sort of “also ran”—is that a secondary or third or fourth or fifth-level idea you came in with?

No! We can hear a lot of you saying right now, “It was the first idea!”

Because in that Joy, in that revelry, and in these astounding energies pouring in now—and they are very powerful, as you’re still in the Lion’s Gate portal timeframe—in that burst of Light, you are increasingly remembering Who you are.

And not just in the way that one reads about on the internet—“Yes yes, I’m a Starseed! Yes, all right—I’m a Lightworkers or Light Bringer. All right, whatever . . . “ It’s not quite that. It’s the individual pinpoint of Light that is your soul in this Universe that marks out an expression of Divinity in some way that has never yet been seen or heard.

So what you’re doing is, you’re bringing your soul power into your body at this time, at a level that you haven’t before.

And we will say that Yes, these energies can be exhausting.

And yes, they are pressuring you to make big changes. We see one channeling session after another where people are leaving their spouse or partner, or job or home, and moving on.

Absolutely, it’s spurring on huge changes. And that is very, very beautiful.

And yet, the Joy of the moment is still what you came in for! Not the shock of it. Not the endangerment. Not a political statement.

Not even a spiritual statement in the sense that you’ve been taught, which is akin to religion—which isn’t actually that spiritual. Every now and again it will be, but that’s not always what’s at the root.

So what we are doing right now is blazing the Violet Flame throughout this beautiful Circle of Beings that all of us are, and blazing this beautiful presence of each person’s soul power—anchoring that into the Earth all the further. All the way down into the Center, and then all the way up into the higher realms.

It’s flowing powerfully through every ship gathered around the Earth. There are countless ships—billions of them, even trillions.

It’s pouring up, well up through all of them, through every conceivable planet and star that it meets, and further on. And that [energetic] pathway is the thing that you fly in on!

The reason it reaches deep into the Earth, even though people have been taught that the Earth is dense and dark and difficult, is because of course as you know, She too is returning to being her Higher Self. She too is Ascending.

Saint Germain wishes to step forward, and so he is going to speak with you now: “Greetings, friends!

This is a beautiful assembly. And we see tinged in each of your auras an expression of gold.

And do you understand that you are setting into the Earth, planting the seed, of true Abundance, and the flow of perfect Divine energy through your Earth.

This can only mean beautiful provision for every child, every woman, every man, every beast!

We wish you to release this fear-based economy. And when we say 'economy,' we mean, 'a way of seeing the world.'

We wish for you to release the old currency, and when we say that, we don’t mean these bits of paper and metal. We mean the old thoughts that taught you that sickness was the norm, and sadness was the norm, and discord and disagreement, and rage and loss.

And the sooner you stop associating with even that which you see around you, and associating yourself with that which you see in the news, as if that was your reality, the sooner you step into the New Atlantis.

And this you have come for, dear ones!

(I am bringing in more Light now, down through the crown chakra [of everyone].) It’s pure golden Light. It lights up every cell of your being, every particle of your thought, your emotion. And your spirit does indeed take a leap for Joy!

I am working diligently with many others to ensure NESARA’s breakthrough moment. And if you ever doubt that, sit down quietly and ask the Universe or your higher self, How do I birth NESARA in my own way? And that way you don’t have to ask, “How close are we?” Or “When shall it happen?” Because you will know it is already happening within you. And in that moment, dear ones, you walk with Masters. You walk with the White Knights. You walk with all students and initiates of the Higher Way, the mystery schools. All of it now blending beautifully—all of these eras of thought and study and understanding, and inner experience—quite visceral experience, and not merely academic notions—all of those centuries now rolled into the Present Moment, as Time on your planet disappears—just folds. Past into present and present into future—it doesn’t matter anymore!

Stop counting the days! Stop counting the minutes or the months or the years! Let it go! Stop stressing that you are getting older. You’re not! You’re just detoxing from all of the density of these other lives you’ve lived, and the preamble to what you are coming into now, which has been this life experience, before this year.

And you are aware that the desperation of ‘the old power structure,’ as the writer calls it, would not be so great, were your moment of sovereignty and true liberty not at hand, for it is!

We declare it to be so! Now, will you declare it to be so? Say it aloud right now! ‘And so it is! I AM! I AM that I AM!’


There is no day that goes by, that we do not think of those hopeful, if sometimes contentious, summer days spent in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. And for me, it was but a few hours ago, and I am joined now by some [the spirits of George Washington, John Adams, and other Founders] who were there with me.

And do not doubt dear ones, but that they stand with you in all that you reach for, and all that you build now.

And so, all of us in the Collective, and we include all of you in that!—we bow to you. We bow to one another, as we tip the scales on this planet to return to Service to Others, releasing Service to Self for all Time-Space. It is dissolved! And so we give thanks! Namaste!”

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Thank you.

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