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A Message to Lightworkers – April 16, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you today.

Today our writer would again like to speak with Saint Germain (who is one of our number) regarding events occurring upon the Earth at this time, including the unfolding of NESARA Law:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain!

Saint Germain: Greetings, dear one.

COR: I have a few questions to ask, as life on this planet feels increasingly tenuous at times, and at other times, increasingly full of Light and positive vibration.

The mix of the two would be confusing for the best of us, I think.

Unless one were a master at holding a consistent focus only upon the positive aspects of the present moment.

Saint Germain: Indeed, you have come for nothing less than that journey.

COR: Yes, so I see! I am wondering about the current agenda of the old ruling elite, and their love of bureaucratic messes, such as the particular kind of passports they’re talking about creating now, which would bifurcate whole cultures, including here in the US.

I feel that the energies pouring in now are consistently supporting our sovereignty. There seems to be a growing refusal to carry on being the hapless minions of the old power crowd, a growing desire to see through their machinations and no longer be impressed by them. A desire to be so involved in our own positive co-Creations that the dire media reports—the manipulations—don’t affect us as they once did.

I say that, knowing that millions have been lining up to follow the bad advice of one official or another appointed by the old power structure, ignoring the plentiful expert advice out there and their own intuition, which points in another direction.

This applies to many areas of life, in addition to health.

I am wondering if Earth’s future hangs in the balance according to how many of us are willing to wake up now, or how many are even capable of it, before things get any darker?

I’m wondering if the energies coming to the Earth and our own soul growth are sufficient to carry us forward.

So I guess what I am asking is, Is the balance tipping in favor of the Light Forces and humanity’s Awakening?

Saint Germain: It is unlikely you would ask such a question, if you felt it could be otherwise.

What you and many others of the Light seek now is reassurance that the rapid changes occurring now—the good that is not reported on in your evening news broadcasts—are not of your imagining.

You wish for assurances that the brilliant Light taking increasing precedence in Earth life, that the many millions awakening to a sense of higher purpose and mission, and humans’ growing ability to discern between Truth and lies—that none of this is a dream. You seek assurances that yes, your soul families are indeed landing their craft upon your planet in the many thousands. And that the machinations of the old elite are failing very nearly as quickly as they can launch each aspect of their agenda.

I would not say otherwise, and you would have trouble believing me if I were to assert that the old order is winning the day.

How could they, when millions on the planet find nothing strange, for example, with reading a conversation such as this?

COR: They might consider it philosophically interesting. Or pure fiction.

Saint Germain: And yet, their increasingly developed sense of the “realness” of spiritual life does not allow for such.

Increasingly, in fact, many millions are gathering that all of Life is “spiritual” in nature—the physical no less than the unseen.

And so, conversations such as this will appeal, because they too see the desperation with which the old crowd, as you call them, launch one appeal to instill fear and desperation after another, only to find that each effort launches an even stronger effort on the part of the Light Forces to defend the rights of humanity.

And to create an even smoother road between where you stand now and NESARA’s full unfolding.

COR: So that in the current energies, the more the dark exerts its old tricks, the more likely they are to be found out by anyone who is halfway awake and aware.

Saint Germain: They are exerting a great deal, and yes, it is rebounding on them and forcing them further into corners not of their liking.

COR: When we spoke here last, Comte, you spoke of eight stages of NESARA’s unfolding.

You indicated where we were at the time, which seemed to be about at Stage 4 or 5. Will you allow us to know what stage we are at now?

Saint Germain: Entering Stage 7. That is all I can say on that matter.

COR: With the usual proviso that you can give no actual dates for enactment, and that each stage may take a day or a month, or a number of months . . .

Saint Germain: Indeed! Each is unique.

COR: Is humanity doing anything to hold back the process, other than the fact that most people have no idea that NESARA Law exists, let alone what its full enactment will mean for the planet?

Saint Germain: What you are doing differs on different planes.

Many are working assiduously in their sleep state to assist with NESARA’s enactment, without conscious memory of such upon awakening. You yourself travel numerous dimensions, timelines, and galaxies in your etheric body as you sleep at night, with little or no memory of such in the morning.

How much more so then, would the memories be hidden from those who do not know how to quiet themselves and align with the higher frequencies, who do not ask to know their own Divinity, do not commune with Nature—how much more so would they be utterly without conscious connection to that work?

COR: That is hard to grasp! How can they be doing highly conscious work in the etheric, yet have no connection to the worlds they truly belong to in their waking hours?

Saint Germain: It has been such for millennia.

Humanity chose to sleep when waking, to wake while sleeping.

Apparently an odd conundrum, yet this is how the human has traveled for a very long time.

COR: When do the two aspects meet?

Saint Germain: When you are ready!

When humanity grasps that the higher self is one’s true self, and though constantly evolving, never hides its own truths from itself, unlike the waking day-to-day human consciousness.

COR: Which lives in the fear and scarcity concepts of the ego-mind.

Saint Germain: Of course. But this is fading now.

COR: Because of the energies coming to Earth?

Saint Germain: In part. It is also a response of the Earth to her astrological turnings and alignments, as you begin this new era. That carries its own energetic resolution, its own form of Creating that which has not been a part of Earth life for millennia. And that is the self-determining aspect of manifesting free will as a conscious decision.

You see it now, in the global consciousness rising that is the release of the overlord.

And it is in response to humanity choosing to release the duality of “good and bad,” Light and dark.

COR: I’m just a little nervous at times, that NESARA’s unfoldment depends on many more of us waking up than have so far. That could take many years yet. I ask myself some days, “Will I see it?”

Saint Germain: How could you not see it?

COR: While I’m still on the Earth, I mean.

Saint Germain: Your preoccupation now is the Light body, and all it portends. That is the only body needed. The body of Spirit; the Merkaba.

COR: Well, you were right when you said you would give us no dates!

Saint Germain: You need none. You carry the spirit and the empowering beauty of NESARA within you.

Yet I will drop this slight hint, if you wish, though I have spoken of it before:

That insurrection that occurred in the United States capitol in January of this year, in which your police were ordered to stand down and allow the rioting and mayhem—

COR: Yes, that was dreadful.

Saint Germain: That, and other disorder occurring within your police forces, have been a signal; a signpost that the old order has imploded upon itself.

It is an outpicturing of their chaotic ruin. The January 6 event does not presage the “return” of any one politician or another, for the majority of them belong to an order now crumbling into dust.

Yet it indicates that despite their most strenuous objections and most desperate plea bargaining, plans, and last-minute desperate trapdoor attempts at escape, they have lost.

COR: So we are very close!

Saint Germain: Yes, dear one. And we will say no more for now.

COR: Thank you, Lord Saint Germain.

As you would say, May we pass every test we have chosen for ourselves for this Earth life!

Saint Germain: Indeed! You have all done more than you could know, and the tide has turned.

COR: Namaste, lord!

Saint Germain: Namaste, dear ones! [Bows] We remain most humbly in your service.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

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