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A Message to Light Bringers – May 19, 2023

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today, as always.

Today we answer a question sent in by a Light Bringer who asks:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) is made up of ‘unelected’ members, and yet, it is growing in power. “Lately, it has altered its mandate and is poised to become a power greater than our own elected governments. “How can this be allowed to happen, if we have galactic 'protectors'?

“This is equivalent to a nuclear explosion in its destructiveness. “I don't give in to fear, but I am seeing this develop in sneaky ways, and I cannot help but think that we are going to wake up one morning and it will be here, established and ruling. “Is that to be the fate of our world? I thought it was NESARA!”

THE COLLECTIVE: This is an excellent question, and we are glad you have asked it. Many are uncertain or unhappy about what appear to be further movements to restrict group and individual freedoms, free choice, and free will, whether from the organization you name, or other organizations presumed to be in authority.

We will say, that while these developments can appear very concerning, they are nowhere near so far-reaching in scope as those drafting these proposals or “treaties” intend them to be.

They are not taking into account several things which powerfully influence the outcome of this issue. The most important of those being the powerful awakening occurring now throughout the Earth, and the New Earth vibrational environment. The energies that all experience daily have spurred on a powerful and unprecedented rise in human consciousness, in addition to Mother Earth’s own awakening and claiming of 5D Earth life.

Efforts to contain or negate these developments are utterly failing, from the ground up.

The old power structure, with its various methods of social control, mental programming, and A I interferences, feels it is concocting exactly the solution needed to slow or end this extreme acceleration in higher awareness.

They are playing a very old game, yet the rules have changed drastically from the eras in which their plans would have worked well.

Whereas once there were a few in every culture who refused to be taken in by lies and mental training, even when sufficient threats and endangerments were created to induce cooperation—now there are millions.

That small group of “dissenters” who stood up so bravely over the centuries has grown to millions of Light Bringers and Starseed, and their soul families.

These ones stand not so much in opposition to the old tricks and games of the old power structure, but well above them. They call to them vibrationally an entirely new and far higher reality than what the old web-spinners have propounded for thousands of years.

You literally do walk to the beat of an entirely different drum, increasingly hearing only that, and not the many distractions thrown onto the path, and that has made all the difference.

Rather than viewing life and Divinity through the eyes of those sanctioned as power structure representatives, who have spun deceptions to keep the masses entrained to so many mythic constructs, you are choosing to stand on your own, and create your own reality. You have chosen to look to the Light particles offered by your Sun, that beautiful arbiter of fifth dimensional life energies, to see what is actually happening now for your planet, solar system, and galaxy.

In opening to the empowering energies flowing to you via your Sun Sol, you are choosing your own sovereignty over and above all the old Earth structures.

Those structures, based on fast-fading concepts, are small and ineffective compared to the increasing galactic connections and soul presence you all hold.

We understand your concern. Many feel at times, as they read of these dark interests, that perhaps your Star Nations families have somewhat left you behind, leaving you to a dark fate.

We wish to say that “fate” is itself another lie, another false construct.

You are yourselves the determinative points of Light creating the New Earth.

Your star families are assisting as much as they can (and in increasingly visible ways) without usurping your free will, as your current, fast-fading power structure has done for eons.

We are aware that it does appear at times that no one is helping. It may not appear as such, yet Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light are on the ground now, often in physical form, letting Earth-based governments and their corporate adjuncts know their time is highly limited, and that if they wish to avoid severe judgment, they need to cease their operations and come into the Light.

Lord Michael and his high Angelic forces are most assuredly on the ground now, doing all they can to assist humanity, yet always within the Universal directive to not interfere with a society’s development except in cases of psychic or nuclear holocaust.

Of course, both of these have been experienced upon the Earth. And so, the interventions have been powerful and dramatic some days, though your “news” sources have been ordered to never report them.

Yet the work is there nonetheless. The increasing refusal of so many to accept the authoritarian pronouncements handed down to the masses is a beautiful expression of both a growing Earth consciousness and the fading of the old matrix.

What we are most joyful about at this time, is that as we noted earlier, human responses now reach well above anger or resistance.

Releasing duality, they are far more engaged in, “We are building a much better Earth life than this!” The inner sight of many millions now goes beyond the falsely constructed levels of non-life. It insists, via your own creational ability and heart-based desire, that a New Earth is not only possible, but already being birthed.

We use the feminine metaphor of birthing, rather than the masculine metaphor of building, because this is a living, breathing presence you are all assisting in now, and not only a left-brain concept carried out via the wounded masculine.

And as you know, the Divine Feminine is increasingly being expressed in Earth life now, and being felt around the world—in the workplace, in commerce, in medicine, in education. In all sectors of human life, Her face shines brightly, without feelings of shock or pain at the fact that some still suffer.

For this too is ending, though of course, for all of you on the ground now, in Earth bodies birthed in 3D, you may feel that the pace is not fast enough. We share here a Message from your Star Nations families: "Family members, we have not forgotten you, any more than you could be forgotten by the whole of the Angelic realms.

"We are hovering ever closer, and landing more often and more visibly than in the past, as you are calling us in, in increasing numbers.

"You may feel isolated at times, yet the old barriers between us are fading so quickly now.

"Ask to see us and speak with us in your dream state, as well as in your meditations, and to remember those conversations. For we are so close—often, in the room with you, though you do not yet see us with your outer eyes.

"We are nevertheless here and can be seen with inner eyes, and felt in the heart-space. "For all our purported technological capability, we too live within the heart-mind, and have vulnerabilities as a result, though they may be different from yours. "Yet you are never forgotten. These supposed dark plans will never dampen the horizon that now appears in such brilliant colors. "You are one of us, and we could never leave you behind. Your many brief forays upon the Earth in physical Earth lives have been adventures you could not be dissuaded from.

"And this is fine—there was an especially hard press, as so many pushed forth to be on the Earth at this time! "We are working with you on many levels, so that your neurological capabilities will permit you to see us more fully, and to take in Light spectrums, colors, and images not visible to you while you lived in the third dimension.

"You are awakening and regaining your galactic capabilities on many levels.

"Do not be afraid of the inner journeys, for that is where all your outer journeys are birthed.

"We are with you; never doubt this. You are one of us, and precious to us in all ways. "Namaste!"

THE COLLECTIVE: Regarding concerns over what you see currently in the media, understand that you have been programmed to judge circumstances by their outer appearance.

And so as you see destruction, scenes of war, human rights violations, you will, going by the old forms of outer appearance, judge that there is more danger and conflict now, not less.

Yet we assure you, in those times when you sit quietly in your home or in Nature, quiet your thoughts and emotions, and ask to see or feel what is actually happening on the Earth—you will be astounded to see or feel great movement in human evolvement and liberation that are greatly overcoming all opposition. And this will not be because any of us have swooped down to rescue you!

It will be due to the natural out-picturing of your own growing consciousness, and your expectation of Peace, and Abundance for all life. All fed, all safe and healed, all honored and respected. All free. And yes, in the midst of all that, NESARA’s unfolding.

You are assisting in this, in this very moment that you anchor higher Light into the Earth, as you fulfill your Earth mission, friends! You are not a spectator in this grand passion play. You are most assuredly the movers and shakers who are making all happen now, on a grand scale!

No need to wait and wonder, “Who will help us?” Or “What is the old crowd planning next?”

The story is already written by all of you, and it only leads on to greater Joy.

And so, as you read of the desperate machinations of the old order, as they grasp whatever power plays they can create now to retain their old positions, know that you are still in charge. You are still Creators.

Pull your eyes from the false representations of False Evidence Appearing Real, and hold in your heart-space that definite reassurance that All Is Well. As many enjoy saying now, affirm inwardly about New Earth life, “We’ve already created it! And so you have—we daily see the energy building that holds safely and comfortably your Renewal, Rebirth, and Transformation. The stars have spoken, in their turning to the energies of revolution. This time, a revolution from within the high heart. Likewise, all of you have spoken words of new Creation. We celebrate with you!

Namaste, dear ones!

In this, as in all things, we are with you, always.

Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at

Thank you.

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