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A Message to Light Bringers – May 12, 2023

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today our writer has some questions regarding handling the Ascension symptoms that affect one’s emotions, and especially the emotional upheaval so many are feeling now. Know that the energies embedded here extend to each of you, and will calibrate to your individual life path, to support your higher good.

COR: My friends, so much is coming up now to be healed. I and many others have had realizations and deeper aspects of old issues come up recently, and they’ve revealed a whole other layer of wounding or old programming that needs to be sent into the Light. We can’t carry any of that with us into the fifth dimension! We’re done with it now. THE COLLECTIVE: We would say, that though these moments can feel unpleasant and hard to take, they are in a sense pure gold.

These are the gifts of these new Light codes pouring in now. We can assist those experiencing this now in seeing these moments when old trauma arises, in ways that support your paths. And the beauty of them is undeniable.

Wormhole opening to a parallel universe - Photo from Ashtar Command White Knight Rama Berkowitz

COR: For those in physical form, those feelings and memories are very dark, and hard to face at times.

I have been receiving new realizations about the sexual abuse I experienced as a child, for example, and I can’t be the only one getting a clearer understanding of the effects of that. Those energy patterns are buried deep in the psyche, but with these energies, all is revealed. For most people, it's fine to think about the crooks in government and other "authority" structures getting the handcuffs clapped onto them. That part of 5D coming in is gratifying. But no one wants to see yet another layer of their personal loss and anguish. I’ve dealt with the abuse memories since they first came up in 1995. This new layer seems to fit into the dark programming that children receive from the old matrix, in which the abuser is connected to something far darker than they know. They live in unconsciousness, and are also programmed, and driven by that.

Particularly when the abuse comes from a member of the clergy, as my situation did, though other situations also apply. THE COLLECTIVE: And so you are seeing the last, or nearly last part of the riddle—that the freeing of the soul from the many traps laid for it in Earth life is often a matter of walking that darkest path.

One last time, in many cases. That is something that your own curiosity led you to.

And your own karma, some might say.

COR: Which makes it all worse, somehow! THE COLLECTIVE: And yet, it also provides insight into not only what you came to end and release, but what you came to help dissolve in Earth life. You and millions of others abused as babies, children, or teenaged young people. And millions abused as adults.

You came to anchor Light into one of the darkest aspects of the old Earth, while it has been under the control of what are termed dark Satonians*—those who invaded the planet, and crowned themselves rulers, and made contract with some of the lowest forces in this Universe.

If you are some days in a quandary or an uncomfortable spot, dear one—and you have faced far worse, as you have traversed these seas before—can you imagine what they are going through?!

COR: Well, they’ve laid their own path, and must now walk it. That was their free will decision.

They’ve allowed themselves far more free will than they ever allowed we humans. They’ve had us programmed for so long—for millennia, probably. And in the modern world, it’s only gotten worse, with so many forms of armed destruction, plus media hypnosis.

And now they wish to impose A.I. on us. THE COLLECTIVE: That last is another discussion, for another day.

You had asked first about handling the deeper realizations occurring now—the layers coming forward from one form of trauma or another, suffered in this and other Earth lives. And that includes sexual and physical abuse, which few have escaped completely, as nearly all have been both male and female. Some, while in pre-incarnation and writing their blueprint for their next Earth life, will choose to allow themselves to be abused many Earth lives—over and over again—for what they will learn from it on a higher level.

Cloud ships over Mt Shasta Photo: Victoria von Gorski - 2023 - Used by Permission

COR: Which astounds me, because once we arrive here on Earth, we find it’s not so simple an equation!

Up in the rarified air of the higher realms, we'll sketch out another foray into Earth life, as if it were all an exciting experiment.

Then we arrive here, and bam—reality hits, in a dense and unforgiving environment that many feel only the insane would step into willingly. THE COLLECTIVE: As so many have, you have been one who has chosen this harder road. You are not a young soul. Many, many old souls upon the Earth now. COR: That just proves I’m nuts. THE COLLECTIVE: You have not yet asked what the beauty is, which we spoke of moments ago—the beauty that lies within these terrible experiences perpetrated against the most innocent among you.

COR: Part of me wants to say, “Because there is none.” You are aware that so many have experienced great soul fragmentation and loss of soul essence, in the process of being abused this way. Millions of survivors have felt all the more triggered lately, as we have been seeing the media images of a famous perpetrator, and his victim—now a triumphant survivor and thriver. We've hearing the details of how this woman was abused. It happened years ago, but the memories are always present with us. The psyche and the spirit have no “past.” THE COLLECTIVE: And so then the path becomes one of determination to meet that higher aspect that is not fragmented, but lives beyond the events of any Earth life, however terrible they may be.

COR: I know that many have suffered far worse than I did—I’ve had a couple of very direct perpetrators in my life, and many indirect ones. And children who are trafficked in pedophile rings have no end of perpetrators. They often don’t live very long once in captivity. THE COLLECTIVE: Would you take away the path of the one who was laughing, in joy, in thankfulness, in complete appreciation and creative expression, because you were afraid that was too much for them, all that happiness?

COR: No. And I know what you will say next. THE COLLECTIVE: Yes, indeed! You would not distract them from that Joy, and you would not try to redirect their steps. You stand in favor of the triumphant moments for all, and that is fine.

Yet also, the dark—the moments given to shadow and loss of connection to the higher path, because of trauma—this is also sacred to the path. Because you chose it.

COR: All of this comes down to free will?

The Imagine Peace Tower, at Kollafjörður Bay near Reykjavík, Iceland

THE COLLECTIVE: It comes down to evolvement. It is equally free will and the right to grow and to experience as the soul and higher self see fit.

They are not the same, the soul and hifher self, yet they work in tandem. Your soul and higher self, and that of the woman you speak of, who indeed has chosen to thrive in this life, chose to know the heights that come after great lows.

This is not being denied you, whatever realizations visit you now, or ever shall.

COR: Yet while we’re in the higher realms, deciding what to experience, we never know how bad it will be! THE COLLECTIVE: Recall for one, that while in the higher realms, you are above the good/bad dualism that has troubled Earth life for millennia. It does not occur to you that what is called dark or bad on the Earth plane is of no use to you in terms of soul growth. Quite the opposite.

COR: Nevertheless, dear ones—we have had enough! There has been too much shadow on this planet, for too long. I don’t speak of my own Earth lives. I speak of all the many children sold daily, as objects, so many of whom will never survive the torment. THE COLLECTIVE: Allow them their path. You cannot know the power of their Light, anchored into so many aspects of the fast-dissolving matrix, so as to end that etheric structure for all time-space.

Nor can you know their true soul origin, or soul intent, or soul group contracts, and the assistance they are (from many different places in this Universe) bringing forth now onto the planet.

This too is your Ascension. Never doubt that, though you may weep for them some days. We are all of us—within the Ashtar Command, and beyond it—assisting Earth’s people in dissolving what is left of the old order.

Yet humanity required of us that this be humanity's job, in the main, not ours.

This has been the harder path to tread for all of you, yet it is a sacred one, and we respect such. Know that we weep with you many days, yet never doubt that all of you in the Light have won this great struggle.

COR: Thank you, my friends. Your Love makes possible this journey of ours. THE COLLECTIVE: And your presences here, all of you, make possible not only much of our own journey, but the liberation of an entire low-dimensional planet.

Such a task has never been ventured in your Universe, and we bow to you with deep Thanks for all you do, our friends who are family! And as always, you are never alone.


*For more information on this, see

Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023

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