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A Message to Light Bringers – March 23, 2023

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

[This Message was originally offered on the March 14th Ashtar Family Legacy Call]

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today. As always, Archangel Michael is here with his Sword of Truth—we call him forth each time to ask, Let there be only that information, energy, and upliftment here which is for everyone’s higher good. We call him forward, dear ones, because of this time of powerful transition and powerful change. Some of it leaving people in extreme uncertainty, as a sort of nervous unsureness, in the Light of the powerful energies coming in that are rewriting even your DNA. Even the most basic aspects of your cellular life are being rewritten, as well as your mental/emotional life, and your etheric life! In these times, it can be difficult to know what is best for one. And so, you are always calling this up in your heart-mind—as you are in your sleep state, when you’re with your Soul family, as you’re doing your beautiful work, fulfilling your beautiful role in your Earth mission. That mission can be many, many things: Dissolving one old matrix or another. Or connecting intergalactic civilizations. Or awakening the grids of energy that were long ago put to sleep, and are now reactivated on this planet. Or working with Angelic realms. Or working with the Fae, the Elven elders, etc. As you’re doing all that, dear ones, you never doubt Who you are! You never doubt what you’ve come in for. Because in that moment when you’re pure Spirit, you’re pure awareness. You’re beautifully awake.

You’re beautifully conscious as to why you’re here, what it is you’re meant to do. You never have to worry about anything! You don’t have to sit around and wonder, “Well, who am I? What in the world am I on this planet for?” Because you are in a state in the etheric, in your energy bodies, where everything is made plain. It’s not quite as joyous as regaining that beautiful presence of the higher realms, being purely present there, and not on Earth. You’re still connected to the Earth. You still feel some density and heaviness there. And yet, you remember so clearly Who you are, that you’re not troubled by that density! So in your spirit body at night, you are, perhaps, as some people we have spoken with lately, assisting those who are recovering from an earthquake. You are maybe assisting those recovering from a flood. Or you may be assisting those recovering from a terrible, toxic environmental spill. Or offering one of many other beautiful forms of assistance, around the world! All of this work is incredibly invaluable. We would just remind you, as you go about your day feeling, frankly, quite weakened by the power of these energies coming in—and they are exhausting! We are not going to say otherwise; they are extreme— Remember that they are awakening you to remember not only Who you are and Why you’re here, but who you’ve been in the past, going on that linear timeline of Earth. Who you were in Lemuria or Atlantis, or the high time of Sumeria or Egypt. Who you are as you visit Inner Earth etherically. They’re here to remind you of all that. But the switchover, and the release of toxicity, particularly on the mental / emotional level—the release of the old trauma you have suffered in your many hundreds of lives, here and elsewhere—this is very taxing! You’re also going to go through your day where you see these headlines, which are disastrous and disaster-describing, to say the least. And you’re going to look at your own life situation, and your own life energy, feeling very reduced, feeling very small, and feeling that the Earth is changing, and maybe in ways that are just too big for you to bear some days. This is absolutely understandable! And of course, we’re here to be desperately annoying, and to assure you of how powerful you are!

And that you, having come into this journey, have everything that is required to finish it. Now, let’s just look for a moment at these lovely Angel Therapy cards that our writer [Caroline] has pulled before the Call. You know, she was thinking of all of you, and we were thinking of all of you, as these cards were being chosen. So it’s the presence of all your energies and what you’re going through, that has brought this up. And so, the first card is “Manifestation Power.” And so, “Manifestation Power – Use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcome.” This has come up before, when we were doing The Abundant Living Podcast a few weeks ago. “Use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcome.” So how in the world do you do that? People speak of manifestation in terms of, “Well, I could really use a new car!” Or “Well, I’ve got a big medical bill to take care of.” Or “I really want to move to a much nicer place, and maybe even own my own home.” Or just earn better and bring in more money. And that’s completely understandable. You want better health. You want a better quality of life. You desire to bless and give to your loved ones, as well as others in this world community! Completely understandable. But in this case, we’re thinking of manifestation power, dear ones! It’s more having to do with how you feel within yourself in terms of, “What kind of choices do I have in life?” “Am I still the decision-maker in my life? "Or am I what I feel to be some days, which is to be a bit of driftwood on huge ocean waves, and if I’m really lucky, the right dolphin will nudge me in the right direction?” And in fact, you are the ocean waves, dear ones!

You are the ones pounding rock into lovely smooth surfaces over millions of years. And you are the ones releasing into the atmosphere the beautiful humidity that will create powerful storms, to help keep the balance of life in the sea. You are the ones who are buoying up even the greatest of whales! And you are the ones who challenge even the greatest of ships at times. And so, you think of yourself in the daily goings on as not having too many choices. Trying to eke out a living, and hold yourself together in the midst of all these Earth changes. And all of these disaster moments that you read about, or personally experience, as well as the challenges of your own life. That can involve many factors, having to do with your income or relationships. Or searching for your beautiful life journey—your true purpose. Which, as we say, is already in place. It’s already there. So now this manifestation power that we’re talking about—this is about manifesting the inner sense that All Is Well. Manifesting this beautiful strong core, which you are fully aware is full of life. So that any time something rattles you, you go into a beautiful quiet place, and you remember who you are, and you connect with any higher Being you call upon. It could be any Ascended Master or Angel. Or Healing Presence, or Teaching Presence. It could be a great Goddess. It could be anyone whom you really feel connected to. It could be your own Higher Self or your Spirit Team—this is fine! And you can say to them, “I know that the core of me is powerfully on fire to hold Light, and to anchor it onto this Earth. "But I’m feeling, frankly, very weak today, really exhausted. Kind of ill. Kind of fed up. “Kind of amazed at all of the things going on in the world, which do signal change, but which are also a little bit scary. "And I would like some direction, and some explanation as to what’s going on!” Now, some people will hear within what that Wisdom is. It is never withheld from you, but it can come in different forms. And absolutely, not surprisingly, dear ones, you need to be open to it. You need to be expecting it. Some people cannot hear inwardly, in their heart-mind. So as we say many times, tell your Spirit team, or whoever you are speaking with, “Look, I don’t hear you. I can’t hear things inwardly.” Or “I can’t image inwardly. It’s just not my gift. "Can you please feed your wisdom to my conscious mind! And I know those thoughts will pop up in my mind in the perfect time or way. “I’ll know it’s you, because those thoughts will hold beautiful higher reasoning, with all the higher wisdom that I was not previously aware of or using in my day-to-day life!" And they will hold a beautiful presence, this beautiful all-accepting unconditional love that one rarely finds.

So encourage them. Tell them, “Please do speak! Please do assist me in hearing you, so my ear is attuned to you. And likewise, my outer sight. “If you want to send me a bit of wisdom—say my eye falls on a paragraph with a bit of information, and then an article, or a book, or something someone says, even a sign as I’m driving past—that’s fine! “But just speak to me, and let it be clear to me, and give me the courage to know that it’s you!”

This is difficult at times, dear ones, because many will hear a bit of inner direction, and loving assurance and support, and sweep it aside because they’re very busy. Or they’re not really sure. They don’t really trust that they can pick up on these beautiful messages—which all of you can, by the way, each in his or her own special way—and they don’t really trust that that was a beautiful higher Being speaking. They think it may be some interfering entity, or just their own thoughts. And so, ask for several forms of support, and several messages of support: “Make it plain to me!” And say to them, “If this is you, really—if this is higher Love, higher Wisdom speaking, show me inwardly what it is I need to realize, and give me the strength and the courage to trust that.” Then you start out in little ways, dear ones. You start out perhaps, using the muscle testing, or whatever method you prefer to ask very simple things. “Should I have an apple?” or “Should I have a salad for lunch?” And then you use the muscle testing to get a Yes or a No. After you’ve built up some confidence over time, then you move on to the bigger questions. This is imperative, dear ones, because we don’t want to say that "you’re not going to make it without a compass." You will make it to the fifth dimension. But with that inner compass, dear ones, you’re going to build assurance. And then this isn’t going to feel like such an impossible and exhausting trek most days. This is so, even when you’re tired out from releasing the toxicity of so many lives, and shifting your DNA to a higher level—shifting your whole consciousness to a higher level. Even when you’re exhausted and fed up, and your emotion is pouring out, and you’re not sure when it’s going to end, that you almost feel ill at times. And many of you are doing physical cleanses, which is wonderful!

That’s a beautiful metaphor, and a beautiful aid to you, to releasing all the toxicity and density that you’ve picked up in this and many other lives. But there are going to be moments when it’s almost not feasible for you to feel good about life, unless you do that inward check-in. Again, we don’t say it to frighten anyone! We just say it to remind you, you’re shifting into a fifth dimensional being, and they are always in touch with the higher realms. Unless they’ve chosen a shadowy path, and none of you have. You are always in touch with higher Wisdom on one level or another. And this is why the fifth dimensional beings can see these beautiful Light Beings. Or Angels, or the Fae. The Nature Spirits—the Water Spirits. This is why it becomes obvious to those who have moved up to that level. It’s because they have welcomed the intangible and the etheric into their lives as the only real thing in it. Everything around you—reach out your hand and touch something in the physical right now, dear ones—in truth, it doesn’t exist. It’s pure energy, and it’s in the process of transmuting, transfiguring into something entirely different. It’s just energy, and energy molds and remolds itself all the time. Yes, you are in a huge hologram. And what you choose to bring into that hologram is up to you. Now we’re going to look at the other card, and it’s called “Integrity.” As with all these cards, it has a lovely Angel on top. It’s saying, “Align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what’s right for you.” How perfect! Align your actions in everyday life so that they beautifully match not only your inner values, but your inner Knowingness of what’s right for you. So you may decide, dear ones! People are getting very frightened right now about finances, and whether their money is safe in the bank or credit union, or what have you. Or they’re very upset about the weather being so extreme. They’re upset about the cost of living. And in any of these moments, we would suggest, just get quiet for a moment, and ask yourself, “Is it right for me to be stressed about any of these things? Is that Who I am? Is that what I prefer to be actively choosing?” Ask yourself right now. Think of one stress in your life. Bring that forward, that big “What If” about some issue. What about your inner Knowingness about what’s right for you?

From - News Updates

We’re going to bet that any of you are willing to reach out inwardly into the Light, and say, “You know, it’s really not for me to stress over this. "It’s not aligned with my values, not aligned with my inner Knowledge, self-Knowing, my inner Wisdom, to stress over this issue. “I would feel left behind or locked out, or walking on a tightrope. That’s not really me! “Maybe I was trained to go that route. "Maybe my ancestors stressed for me that it’s in my lineage to stress about this issue, but it’s not really me. “How about if I just stay calm? "How about if I just hold in one hand that issue, and then in the other hand hold a great sparkling ball of Light, which is the most perfect, wonderful bit of Wisdom! “Not just the solution, but Wisdom, as far as how to look at this issue from now on. “And then I put the two hands together so that the ball of Light absorbs the issue!”

Do that right now. Hold the issue in one hand, and the ball of Light, sparkling Light, which is pure Love and Wisdom, in the other hand. And then bring them together. Wonderful! It’s all higher Wisdom now, dear ones! And now gather that, and pull both hands to the heart-space, your high-heart area. We’re willing to bet that every single one of you is not only interested in realizing your manifestation power, but next to that, walking in integrity with Who You Really Are. This goes beyond lessons of the “honesty and truthfulness." This has to do with admitting Who you are in your higher levels, and not being afraid of that. So that even if you have to ignore and brush off this incessant drive in the mass media, and in your government, to feel stressed and anxious and upset—even if you have to just sweep that aside, along with all the training you’ve received in other lives to feel stressed and uncertain about life— Even if you have to do that, and you feel that you’re just abandoning your training, your culture, your parents—that's fine! This is all right, because on their higher levels, they also are not stressed or worried. Let’s just bring in a lot of Light down through the crown chakra—just sit with palms facing up, if you wish to receive this. It’s falling like a beautiful, gentle rain, to which the Bard [Shakespeare] would say, “The quality of mercy is not strained”! It falls from the heavens as a gentle rain . . . And so the quality of this Light, dear ones, is to assist you in a far more easeful acceptance and integration of these powerful energies. You’ve seen them before, and you’ve experienced them before, just not too often while in a third dimensional body that is morphing and evolving into a fifth dimensional one. Wonderful, dear ones! You are none of you, absolutely none of you, failing. You are all on the path, and you’re all doing beautifully. As you listen to that beautiful tune called, “Soundscape 1,” a beautiful piano piece composed and performed by a lovely Canadian composer, James Fellows—there’s a lovely point in that piece where there’s a shift, like a shift in the landscape or narrative. And you can find it on YouTube if you wish, under James Fellows’s YouTube channel. [“Soundscape 1”]

But in that shift, dear ones—and this is why we chose that piece—the shift in that piece describes the moment when you are moving up to that higher level of admitting Who you really are! And that is a beautiful Light Being, and for many of you, Starseed as well. In truth, everyone is Starseed, but some a little more emphatically than others in this particular life! And so we send much Love, dear ones, and many blessings. As always, we are honored to assist. Just allow that lovely gentle rain of higher Light to assist you, and to ease your path at this time. Many blessings! Namaste!

Channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan for the Ashtar Legacy Family Call - March 14, 2023 Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023. All Rights Reserved If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at

Thank you.

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