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A Message to Light Bringers - January 28, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we again offer a Message from a slightly different Source, as our writer speaks with that powerful creator deity who is Mother Sekhmet . . . COR: Greetings, Mother Sekhmet! I'm honored to speak with you today. I recently read an amazing piece of writing that is a powerful description of you, by an author/researcher who is an ancient Egyptian mystery school teacher, author, and tour leader of sacred Egyptian sites, Next Anyextee. The piece is titled “Sekhmet,” and in it he calls you an “almighty and powerful neter [Egyptian word for a god] . . . the untamed fire principle, a feminine aspect and consort of Ptah.”

He notes that you are usually depicted “with a lotus flower (symbolising Upper Egypt, the sun, creation, and rebirth)” in your right hand, and “an ankh (also known as the key of life, which symbolises eternal life)” in your left—use of the left hand being “symbolic of receptive or passive energy” and use of right hand symbolic of active, giving energy.

Anyextee speaks of a small “chapel of Sekhmet inside the Temple of Ptah at Karnak,” where there are sculptures of your form.

He calls it “the most powerful place in all of Egypt, in my opinion.”

Figure of Mother Sekhmet, Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt - Photo by Anyextee

He notes that you are “kept locked up in this chapel and unavailable to the casual tourist”:

It is often said that she is locked up because of local legends. Villagers share stories claiming to have seen her running wild at night.

Words can’t begin to describe the experience inside, or what happens here. Sometimes nothing at all. Other times supernatural.

I’ve watched grown men and nonbelievers come to tears in this room.

Personally speaking, I’ve experienced a deeply profound, miraculous physical healing event. [Author and Egyptologist] John Anthony West was the witness to my healing.

There can be no doubt that this statue is active and she is charged on a daily basis, imbued by the Solar rays of the Sun, which come through the small aperture in the ceiling at sunrise.

She can heal, but she can also destroy. She represents the feminine aspect of the initiating principle of fire.

Play with fire and you may get burned. But fire also clears the way to make things anew.

If you see this Sekhmet, it is wise to humble yourself and bring her an offering. [Used by permission - from January 20, 2022 Facebook post, by Anyextee - Author, Esoteric Researcher, Filmmaker & Expedition Tour Leader for, and Founder of]

COR: So I would like to ask, Mother—how does your power to heal and your power to destroy play out at present, given the world situation?

Many are calling out for Divine Justice, and wondering when it will finally arrive.

MOTHER SEKHMET: [Loud growl] Enough is enough! We are done with this wandering of dark intent, and the excuses of the so-called powerful! They are cowards. I have seen them quake in my presence. They have little knowledge yet of what awaits them.

Though I have shown great patience, that is exhausted now.

COR: Arrests are taking place, from what I understand.

MOTHER SEKHMET: This is yet the beginning! Much to come. All shall play out for these ones who wandered far from the intent of this creation.

She is a powerfully fine creation! Why have they sought to rack and ruin all I have given them? All created for their own joy! Their ego-hearted intent has led them down the dark way. This cannot continue now. Their so-called reign, at an end.

An image of Mother Sekhmet from an Egyptian temple [Source:]

COR: Many are wondering when we will actually be shown proof of the arrests, in a mainstream, public way.

Your White Knights of the Ashtar Command are involved in the “rounding up” of the intergalactic criminals who have run this planet for millennia.

Yet few are aware of this, even those with a strong conscience.

MOTHER SEKHMET: Yet you have awareness, that we speak with many millions in their dream time at night!

We assure them that though the road appears long before them, and the Light feels dim certain days, the darkness is lifting.

How could it be otherwise, when the very configurations of the planets themselves announce it!

Your role now not being patient in the sense of passive waiting, but in inner Knowing. This, we mean: “Yes, this is so. I l know that the way of Divine Truth shines stronger and more brilliantly, each day that passes! “I wait not with impatience, yet with Joy, as the clouds part, and the ships appear above us.

“I am in Knowing of all that my higher self grasps as Truth! “I will not be swallowed whole now by those images that reach humanity from the many screens—the lies that all is dark, and getting darker.

“I will not be misled! I am more powerful than this. “My heart-mind relates only to the deeper Truths—that we are Loved beyond all forms of measuring, and that our Path is sacred, and much-blessed by elements, waves of Light, and higher Beings who reach us now in ever-increasing levels! “We will not be denied! “There is no end to the reach of Divine Justice in this Universe! We stand with the Light in Her many forms and facets!

“All is well, and shall be most well! “This I carry with me, as the very blood in my veins, and the very air of my breath.

“Divine Justice is afoot, and she races powerfully forward now! “We shall not be denied, nor turned away, nor forgotten by that great Central Source from which we came. “She comes forward now, calling Her children to Her!”

Hear her, my children—and release all else! This is the One Truth of this moment in Earth’s forward movement—you call this “Timeline,” though in Truth there is no Time as you know it.

This occurs now, and evermore! Do not be downtrodden. This is not a time of fearful reaction, but of rising up to ever-higher Knowing—a heart-based Knowing—that all things revert to their rightful order now!

COR: As you say all this Mother, I feel the Truth of it. The reality of it, as we like to say on Earth. Though this is all illusion, this physical world.

MOTHER SEKHMET: Yet this is the sacred way, to live in the world of form as a place of learning—not as punishment, such as your world has dwelt in for so long, yet as joyful exploration and greater higher Knowing.

These ones—they shall be dealt with!

COR: It is the female lion who hunts! MOTHER SEKHMET: You have yet to see how well, young ones!

Mother Sekhmet - Chapel in Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt - Photo by Anyextee

COR: Thank you for speaking with us today , Mother. All your children send their Love and Thanks to you now! You Light our days, and your fire catches powerfully in all our hearts now. Thank you for that, and all else! MOTHER SEKHMET: Namaste, Light Beings! You are in the Light, whatever your programmed minds may say. Allow yourselves to release those old ways, for the Ancient of Days is present now! All is well! Divine Justice birthed upon your planet now, in increasing levels, till all is birthed anew! And so it is, and so it shall be. Namaste!

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post:

Thank you.

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