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A Message to Light Bringers - January 20, 2023

Today's Message is an excerpt from the new book channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan, Messages from the Spirits of Abundance.

This excerpt is from Chapter 5 - "On Being an Artist, and Creating Multiple Money Channels."

A Light Bringer asks:​

How can I create a consistent flow of abundance from multiple sources?

I have been a pet groomer for 39 years, and have been stumbling over an old belief that I can only make money by being a groomer.

I also want to make money as an artist, but through connecting with my Spirit team, I realize that I have blocked that income stream.

My dad had the belief that artists can’t make money, and that being an artist isn’t a worthwhile profession. I absorbed that belief, and have carried it with me throughout my adulthood.

As part of my New Earth paradigm, I would love to let that whole issue go. Any help would be appreciated.

The Lord of Gold, representing the Spirit and Essence of Gold, answers:

Ah, a wonderful question!

Many face this issue, and ponder it often. And just as you were taught, many come to the conclusion that it is either difficult or impossible to create multiple channels of income, including channels of passive income that flow easily to one.

Note that we say “channels,” not “sources” of income.

No one job, business, prize, inheritance, or gift is your true source. That is always Source itself.

Source Energy does not simply offer endless energetic flow. It is endless energetic flow.

It is the positive flow of Life essence, which flows to all, regardless of anyone’s stance in life, profession, family or marital status, location, or personal beliefs about what is true or not true.

It is so that many will feel that one can only “make money” through payment from certain professions.

Your father, in speaking his belief that “artists can’t make money” (a common belief in many cultures) was seeking to protect you from any future financial lack, should you decide that being an artist would become your main area of work.

He was also disdainful of the real value and importance of art, also a common belief for many.

And he was disdainful of his own creative impulse, which many are taught to denigrate and devalue early on in life.

You ask to know how to release the internal block of resistance—that cold voice that says, “That won’t work!” whenever you think of creating money through selling or teaching art.

Yet you could be thinking of nearly any profession that is not revered as “a way to make good money.”

And so our answer extends to all who wonder why there aren’t more active channels of money and other forms of wealth flowing to them.

Particularly from doing what they would most love to do.

We speak at least in part to those whom many societies have labeled as “dreamers.” Those who would love to receive large amounts, or even subsistence amounts of money while writing poetry, or traveling the world, or helping those whom society devalues, such as those with no home or those with disabilities, and engaging in other pursuits that many will warn “won’t pay you anything.”

Those dreams must be funded in order to materialize, and often, one channel of income is to small or too restrictive in nature to be of help.

And yet, not having multiple channels of income, including ones that make you joyful, will often create a desire to do just that.

That desire then opens up a beautiful path to increased inner growth and realization, and greater service to others.

Now a horizon appears that once was hidden. You have now an outstanding opportunity to awaken in a whole new way, and to co-Create in even more joyful ways than you have thus far.

And it all began by allowing yourself to envision spending your day doing what you love!

So we welcome you to this path of Light. On this path, you will link the experience of receiving money with offering and receiving Joy.

This path may seem to wend its way through a dark forest where one could easily get lost, and question one’s original vision. Setting foot upon this path, you may hear the loud echoes of many who are assuring you that “Money only comes through hard work,” and “Be glad you have one form of income, at least,” and “There’s no free lunch!” and so on.

Yet we assure you, the beauty and the magic that await you are very great indeed, and not only because you are an artist, or because you have chosen to earn money from that work.

You are aware that over thousands of years, human beings were regressed from higher dimensional awareness of their co-Creator abilities, to feeling that they must slave away or beg for their livelihood.

Even in this increasingly Light-filled era, most do not see life as an energetic flow.

Still caught in the older paradigm, they mainly see stagnation. They do not see in-come, so much as the inevitable out-go. They feel caught in responsibilities and duties that are not always Joyful, and they have allowed these—the bill-paying, the job, the child-raising—to push them into roles that require them to hide or deny their true selves.

In short, they put on a kind of mask, or set their faces in a grim expression, put their hand to the plow, and trudge forward, rarely allowing themselves to ask why they cannot do what they love each day. And filling their “off hours” away from work with one heart-numbing distraction after another, including over-consuming food, drink, or material goods, staring at screens that have no heart or soul.

Now, let us look at this from another angle altogether.

Using your beautiful life path as our example, we will say, What if you were to suddenly start saying, thinking, writing down where you can see it everyday, “I love ALL the work I do, and ALL my work prospers me now, especially my artwork!”

It is not a question of whether you or anyone finds that a likely idea. You have claimed your experience with your words. You have pictured it in your heart-mind. You have taken Joy in it. You have drawn it upon that blank and open canvas that is your quantum reality, in other words—placed the possibility, then the probability, then the inner reality of it, into the expanse. And so the flow of energy that moves constantly through and all around you, directed by your expectations and emotions into outer experiences, cannot help but take notice.

So that now, the Universe must find a way to “make it so,” as you, the captain of your ship in this great sea of energy, have commanded . . .

Copyright 2023, Caroline Oceana Ryan ​​

from Messages from the Spirits of Abundance: Channeled Guidance from the Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth ​​ Ascension Times Publishing – All rights reserved.

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at

Thank you.

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