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A Message to Light Bringers - December 9, 2022 (with German translation)

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

COR: Hi, everyone. It’s Caroline, looking at this incredibly blue Santa Fe sky!

I have found these past few weeks to be really stressful in terms of world events, though it’s wonderful news that the WNBA player Brittney Griner is on her way home, as I’m speaking—very beautiful news indeed!

She never deserved to be held by any group anywhere. World politics are a complex situation.

And we think of NESARA, and we think of all the Joy and Peacefulness it will bring, and like everyone, we wonder, When? When? When [will it be announced]??

What I’ve been talking to people about, and what’s been coming out in channeling sessions lately, is how we create our own higher vibrational timeline, and how we can begin to appreciate and Love and even feel the reality of NESARA and world Peace and Abundance and prosperity, and Peace and calm for everyone.

We can begin to feel that right now, even before it's [NESARA's] officially happened. Which is kind of crazy, because you and I have been trained so carefully, over years and years, and centuries and millennia, to think in terms of outer events and to react to them, and maybe calmly respond if we have the strength for that, but otherwise we’re just reacting, and calling up trauma from other lives, and playing out programs we’ve been stuffed into by one institution or another.

And it can feel like, “The odds are so against us! Why even try?” It can feel like that. It really can.

It can feel like, “I’m still in this 3D body! I’ve got an increasing vibration, but that’s in my spirit. I still feel very vulnerable many days. I feel a bit down at times.”

Maybe you feel underpaid. Or if you’ve got a business, it may or may not be doing very well at the minute.

You may be wondering, “What’s going to become of me in 10 or 20 or 30, 40, 50 years from now, when I’m older?

"What if NESARA still hasn’t happened? What if this planet is still run by criminals?”

And I think we all know intuitively that we’re headed toward Peace.

But in the meantime, it still seems to be on our plate.

It still seems to be a genuine point of responsibility to ourself, to our own quality of life, to our loved ones, our communities, and it seems to be a requirement as well, that we establish Peace within ourselves.

And if necessary, cut away from the news cycle—get the heck away from it!

Fill yourself up with things that are nurturing.

I know that the huge temptation this time of year is to fill ourselves up with sweets, and have more special coffee drinks, or more alcohol, or whatever we kind of [unconsciously] depend upon to get through the rough spots.

This is absolutely understandable.

And I really encourage people, just like I encourage myself—use Tapping [Emotional Freedom Technique] for comfort and security, and feeling more calm!

Because that goes directly to the subconscious, and it’s the subconscious we’re dealing with right now.

It’s the subconscious that is feeling afraid, because it’s seen other times similar to this, and it’s feeling like, “Uh-oh! Bad things happened then. There was the rise of this political group or that,” or “There was more war, or natural disasters . . . “ Your subconscious will go on and on—anybody’s will.

And it’s our job to breathe out, and understand that the opposition is tremendous at the minute.

Yes, the Light is powerful. So is the opposition, unfortunately, [though it has still lost].

And when the Light comes in, what can happen is that anything of course that’s in shadow also starts to rev up, and that comes forward, and says, “Well, if there’s this much Light, then I can heal! So I’d like you to deal with this old pain, please!” And your heart-mind will present that to you.

So I’ll bring the Collective in, and they’ll speak to us. They’re already flowing energies to you, straight from the start of this.

It’s just very important to nurture your inner self right now. The world is not going to nurture us right now.

The sameness—the old situations we’ve been used to, that we’ve been hoping we returned to, now that lockdown finished a while ago—really, there’s no guarantees there.

The only guarantee is the strength and the courage and the calm you’re able to find inside yourself, and the good news is, you only need to find that in the Present Moment.

Just stay in the Present Moment, stay in your body, and affirm that All Is Well, even if it looks a bit iffy. That’s all right—you’re not basing how you feel about life on the news cycle, or what seems to be happening for you outwardly.

So let’s practice coming out of reaction.

Right now, think of something that’s been really hard for you over the past week, or the past month, and we’re going to work on flowing healing energies, just like this water is flowing.

So I’ll bring in the Collective, and they’ll speak next. One moment . . .

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased of course to have this moment to speak with you again.

And so if you can, just concentrate on this beautiful water flowing.

Or maybe close your eyes, and put your hand on your heart. Let your inner self know, “I know you’ve been stressed. I know you’re going through a lot. I know you have a lot of questions. That’s all right! You’re doing beautifully.”

Give yourself that moment, dear ones, where you’re just being calm and quiet.

And we’re going to be flowing energies to you of reassurance, and to help you remember your natural levels of empowerment, co-Creation, Transmutation, even Transformation.

Just breathe in pure Light . . .

And if you wish, send your inner self, your inner awareness up this beautiful pillar of sparkling Light.

It fills you, all the space around you. It goes deep into the Earth—you’re still connected to the Earth . . .

And now you’re going up that pillar of Light into the higher realms, and you’re experiencing this Light firsthand.

Just breathe it in . . . Image all of us in the Collective surrounding you all now, and sending you Light, and sending Light to anyone else you invite in.

Just call them in to be present on the spirit or soul level. This is fine—they will receive it as if they were actually hearing us.

There’s nothing but pure Light around you, and if you look down, you’ll see that you’re made of Light as well.

Now choose one beautiful being to step forward and to touch your heart-space lightly with his or her fingertips.

It might just be an Angel. Or they might not be really very discernible—they might be just full of Light.

But they touch that beautiful heart-space.

And what they’re doing right now, and we’re all assisting, is they’re drawing out the stress, the density, the old trauma that’s been coming out. They’re just drawing that out.

It’s just old, dense, cloudy, dark energy. It’s not serving you anymore. Not really.

And you’re breathing in pure Light as they’re working with you. Pure Light . . .

Just breathe that in . . . and breathe out all the stresses of the past week, the past month, the past year or two.

Let it go! Just breathe that out, with the open mouth. This isn’t you, dear ones!

You are so much more than any stress you could ever experience. So much bigger than any loss.

So much more powerful than any process that you have been conditioned to live inside of.

That isn’t really you. That’s someone you had to become in order to survive.

As you see the Sunlight playing with the brook, and the water playing with the bubbles, and rushing against the rocks, you notice the water isn’t afraid of the rocks.

The water will always flow, just as your spirit does. It will always find a way around the obstacle, or it will just dissolve it.

You can see the water has not been deterred!

As you’re breathing out the density of what you have been through, dear one, now do it with the consciousness that you’re breathing out the density that humanity has experienced over these past four or five years, or maybe the whole century so far, maybe the previous one or two—that’s up to you.

Just breathe it out . . .

Breathing in through the nose, slowly, fully . . . and again breathing out [through the open mouth].

This is where yoga postures are incredibly important, dear ones, and chi gong, and other beautiful forms of spiritual practice that are movement exercises.

They not only improve your health and circulation, and keep you calmer, regardless of stresses that you go through, but they move the density out of your etheric body as well.

So you don’t sort of own it as if it’s yours—it isn’t yours, don’t worry!

Don’t feel as if you’ve failed because you don’t like all the heaviness. You’re not meant to carry it anymore!

You feel bad about world events? Breathe it out! You’re not meant to carry that.

You feel bad about young people dying here or there, through one form of incident or another?

Breathe it out! Don’t carry it. Send their souls Light! Perhaps they chose that for their moment of transition, for very good reasons.

Do you have a right to interfere in their path, or do we? No.

No. Even when it seems cruel and unbelievable, their path is sacred.

Honor that! Honor the path of your loved ones. Honor your own path.

You have come in with certain situations that are difficult.

But we would love for you to make the determination, the clear decision right now, that you’re not going to carry the troubles of the world, or carry your own troubles, as if that’s what your life is made of—you’re not going to carry this ridiculous old belief of “Well, that’s how I grow.”

Those times are over, dear one!

In the fifth dimension, people don’t need struggle and hardship in order to grow. Not spiritually or otherwise.

And just make the determination right now, “I can grow in Joy!

We’ve spoken to you about this before. Our writer asked us to speak on it again, because of the pressures so many are experiencing now, and the “What Ifs” and the uncertainty of life, which is everywhere, and has always been. But it looks as if certain [old Earth] safeguards have been removed now—all of that can weigh very heavily on one.

So breathe that out!

You’re still in this beautiful Circle of Light, and this beautiful being, who has just lightly touched your heart-space, now touches the third eye.

And you’re waking up to some beautiful realization you didn’t have before, but which has come home to you now.

And it may not occur to you immediately. It may come to you later today or in a week or a month, but it will come through. And it will be an answer to something that has troubled you.