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A Message to Light Bringers - December 8, 2021

Today's message is an excerpt from the Collective's new book, New Earth Journeys: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Personal and Global Crises, which releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, and is now available for preorder. As with all their books, each chapter begins with a question or two from Light Bringers around the world. This excerpt is from Chapter 9 - "On Collective Consciousness and Assisting Others on Their Path." QUESTIONS: How can we, as individuals, help change the collective consciousness in order to effect positive changes in the world? I feel that until the collective consciousness is aligned, positive change will not happen.

* * * * *

As a Light Being doing my best each day to bring in more Love and Light for myself, what are the best ways I can assist others on their individual paths? THE COLLECTIVE: We shall speak to these issues together, as they interweave. Know that every form of assistance you bring to others begins with the support you offer yourself. Others look to you, a bright Light in this Universe, for guidance not only via your words, actions, life choices, but mainly by the feeling of your presence and overall energies. And so the first step on the journey to changing the world, as we note elsewhere, is not so much engaging in demonstrations, emailing government representatives, signing petitions, or stating clearly on what you do or do not support, though certainly these can be positive at times. For increasingly now, any real life change, and any form of assisting others, always begins within. Begin with asking yourself how positively you feel about life. Especially during these challenging times of transformation, ask what your overall emotional set point seems to be. These will clue you in to how brightly your Light is shining—how much ease and Joy there seems to be in the Universe, according to your life energies. From there, the question will be how to begin to raise that frequency to where your feelings about life flow at a higher level. There are many ways to raise your vibration and general feelings about life. Daily practices that assist in this way can be a great help, if they are the right ones for you . . . How can you tell? Almost right from the start, the right practice will give you a feeling of relief or Lightness in your heart-space. Then as you continue with it over time, you will gain a feeling of calm or Joy, perhaps inspiration. We would begin each day in quiet, welcoming the morning with Thanks in your heart.

Going into Thanks and Appreciation not only for all you have and all you have come through thus far, but for all the good that is to come.

Appreciation for the morning itself. For the Earth Herself. For your own life! Your own body and breath. Your senses. Your chosen time upon the planet. Or all of that, however you wish to phrase it. After you have gotten dressed and had something healthy to eat or drink, starting with plenty of pure water, you might then go into a space of quiet in which you meditate in whatever way most appeals to you. You might wish to follow a guided meditation, or to go into deep silence, or to visualize. Or most beautifully, image that you are drawing the Light of the higher realms into every cell and particle of your being. Then request direction for your day from your higher self. You might ask, “What do I need to know right now?” This helps you create your day from a place of higher Light and inner balance, rather than simply following the left-brain’s dictates on what you must get done today. Of course you will have responsibilities. Yet before you fully begin the day, close your eyes and image the day going beautifully—everything done with more than enough time to spare. Fun moments for you and others, full of humor and connection to Nature, as well as demonstrations of Abundance, Love, encouragement given and received.

You can also offer the tone of “Om,” or of any mantra that speaks to you now. Recall that Sanskrit is a language of tonality and pure vibration. The syllables spoken don’t simply “mean” one idea or another. They are the vibrational expression of it. “Om” being the tonal vibration of the All That Is, or the Universe.

So that as you chant, you align with the vibration of the particular reality that that mantra resonates with. This is powerful! Choose a mantra that most suits what you wish to affirm, create, or offer Appreciation for. As you continue to calmly resonate with the vibration of that mantra, its inner Joy, reassurances, and outer fulfillment will flow to you in perfect time and way, as assuredly as you breathe.

After this, we would find a way to stretch the body for a bit—some cannot go without their steady yoga practice. Others prefer a morning walk, or some other exercise that affirms health and movement. This offers the body a chance to meet the start of the day with something positive. In this way, you return to conscious movement.

You reassure the body that you will be joined in this day, not moving thoughtlessly through it, issuing unconscious demands and feeling separate from your body, as if it were only a material tool, and not a sacred gift.

You chose to be here in the physical! However you can, honor all your aspects.

Your own life flowing beautifully, smoothly, with Joy and fulfillment, is one of the greatest things you can offer your planet.

If something is troubling you, take time to write out how you are feeling in a journal, or in some other way express what is troubling you.

Allow those emotions to come out, rather than denying them until you feel they have dulled sufficiently that they are no longer grabbing your attention.

When that happens, the body and your already very full subconscious must carry the weight of yet another life experience that is unfulfilled, unresolved, and heavy to bear.

Worse yet, that sadness, anger, or shock will find ways to express itself in ways you do not like, yet do not immediately connect to the unresolved emotion.

For many, this means an addiction of some kind that masks the unhappiness, or is a distraction from it. That might mean addiction to work, internet, or television.

It might mean addiction to drink or drugs or food, or to serial connections that are not solid relationships, and which can leave one feeling even more empty and restless.

For others, it means a life of dulled emotion that blanks out so much that occurs around them, as they prefer to not know the real truth of any one situation—the deeper truth, and the inner result of that in their own and others’ lives.

This compulsion that human beings show to hide and deny their emotional reality, and their true inner needs, is something that has been used to control your thoughts, words, and behaviors for thousands of years. It is a misdirected masculine trait—what some call a “wounded masculinity.” It has been pushed upon children of both sexes—”Don’t cry! Are you a baby?” A young boy showing emotion is still often accused of “acting like a girl,” meant as an insult.

This kind of masculine dominance is then further escalated in the lives of young people. While growing up, and as they go out into the world, they are told that winning, action, and accomplishment are all that matter.

Those cultures that are more heart-based, where emotion is allowed to be expressed, are often mocked by the cultures that are more mind-based. Those in the latter tend to pride themselves on never “letting their emotions get the better of them.”

Yet suppressing emotion and ignoring old, unresolved trauma does not create control over them. They will find their way to the surface, one way or another, sometimes in behavior and moments of triggered emotions that anyone would find difficult to process or control.

Many men prefer to be angry, rather than to allow their grief to flow as it naturally must, in order for them to process that feeling. We would challenge men of the current generations to realize how completely this cultural expectation has failed their fathers and grandfathers over many generations. And to see that, in these times of powerful Light flowing onto the Earth, awakening so much in each person, now is the time to allow healing. Even if that means rewriting or ignoring the conventional rules.

We would likewise challenge men to not leave the issue of their own spiritual growth to the women in their life, to take care of for them.

This is a tendency we see often, whereas a balanced masculinity will lead a man to want to know his life purpose and the state of his spirit, and how moving further into Light consciousness can assist every part of his life.

We know that as you realize your own wounded inner life, you will move to heal your inner child, your past life selves, your ancestral lineage.

A man on an honest spiritual quest will seek to fully embrace both his masculine and his feminine aspect in mind, emotions, and spirit. He will have come to realize the wounded masculinity of the men who were there (or not there) for him as he was growing up. And he will have consciously moved to heal that aspect of his spirit and psyche, along with other aspects of his life.

You may be thinking, “Healing just myself? Is that the way to assist humanity’s consciousness now? Is that the best way to help others?”

And we would say, healing yourself may appear to be outside the realm of helping others.

You may feel that logically, encouraging another’s spiritual growth, or just listening as they pour out their troubles, is much more important than attending to your own life journey.

“Surely I can do both!” you may think. And we agree.

Yet we will say that for your own life to flow beautifully, smoothly, with Joy and fulfillment, is one of the greatest things you can offer your planet, and everyone you meet. Your own celebration of life will lead you to fully see and appreciate all around you in ways that cannot occur until you begin to uncover your true self.

That is particularly so now, as the sentient Light particles flowing onto your planet are assisting so many in finally resolving issues they have carried with them, lifetime after lifetime . . .

New Earth Journeys is now available for preorder on Amazon. For information on how to claim your Preorder Bonus Gifts, just go HERE

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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